Bullet holes in Hone’s electorate office vs bonfires and drunk chants



Is it just me, or are the mainstream media’s unbelievable bias towards John Key showing once again?

Fake $100k wines, mythical $15k books, false claims of $150k donations, Hosking as debate moderator, nazi rally smears & lies about effigy burning – but the mainstream media isn’t biased against the Left!

Now it’s been established that Breakfast on TVNZ lied today about the Internet MANA Party having anything to do with the burning of a Key effigy, when will TVNZ apologise to Laila and Hone?

Funny isn’t it – bullet holes in Hone’s electorate office and barely a whimper from the mainstream media.

Drunk chants and bonfires – apparently it’s a fucking Nazi takeover and end of western democracy as we know it.

Isn’t it amazing at the selective outrage of our mainstream media.

I get the genuine feeling that most of the Press Gallery will need to go onto some type of self harm watch if National lose the election.

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  1. The mainstream media bias and corruption in this country is not merely an incidental irritant. As your graphic suggests, it has the power to destroy democracy in this country and has made significant inroads already – and is rapidly getting worse. This problem needs to be seriously addressed.

  2. U are backing the wrong horse Martyn.

    Dot Com is toxic and doesn’t care about the long term prosperity of New Zealand

    He will cost the left the 2014 election with his sideshows and vainglorious love of self

    • Lovely Tory phrase, “prosperity”. I doubt if you know what it means, seeing you missed the point of the post. I’ll give you a hint. It’s about media bias. Get an adult to explain to you what that is.

  3. That is a great quote by Malcolm X and so true. Looking forward to I-M’s meeting when it hits our town on their road trip.These media ploys only reinforce I-M are on the right track and reaching the people …. the media need change tactic or get a new PR dude, b/c all its doing is rarking up Nat supporters and pushing more people I-Ms way, b/c they are starting to see how media are twisting everything around. lol. Sharpen up MSM.

  4. Agreed. The lamestream media has somehow worked themselves up into a frenzy about virtually nothing, while deliberatley ignoring many of the important issues.

  5. Good post Martin, Media do need to be Keel hauled!

    TV one have been caught lying again? Nat’s Effigy Burned by MANA.

    We thought that was normal behaviour as TV one like Joyce/Goebbels controlled TV one trade in stretching the truth every day.

    “Now it’s been established that Breakfast on TVNZ lied today about the Internet MANA Party having anything to do with the burning of a Key effigy, when will TVNZ apologise to Laila and Hone?”

    TV1 apologise? In a nutshell, about as much chance as Mike Hosking’s
    offensive remarks about Labour David Cunliffe thanks Martin.

  6. Yes I read that was a .22 slug fired into Hones office window….it is not rather ‘strange’ that happened but actually bloody serious….

    And as people are saying…barely a whisper from MSM..bad enough if it was directed at a rank and file member of the public, here we have an MP ‘s office targeted…this shows how ruthless and cutthroat media is.

    In other words-reverse selectivity ‘we dont like Hone so we’ll downplay the whole thing as a prank’ so to speak.

    A very ,very potentially lethal one.

    There must be some very evil little people in this country.. collectively …from the person who did it…to the powers that be in media head office who chose to minimize it.

    Lest we forget…with the slaying of Archduke Ferdinand, WW1 started.

  7. National party policy: don’t bother about the truth, just make the innuendo, plant the seed of lies, let the media do the rest

  8. I am surprised that Laila is upset. I would have thought she would be pleased at the nation’s youth expressing their dislike of Key.

  9. TVNZ is a joke when it comes to newsworthiness and balance, they have been taken over by the Nats. Radio New Zealand is on the same road to oblivion, why change a well functioning bastion of New Zealand democracy? Because the Nats hate that it has liberal lefty overtones. As soon as Geoff Robinson went I knew that was the beginning of the end. Seven Sharp makes me want to vomit, why has TVONE stooped to talk back radio cringe. Hosking as leaders debate moderator, how can he be a moderator when he espouses his right wing opinion every weekday on NewstalkZB. I thought so-called journalists are supposed to be seen as neutral. Look, I hate ZB, I must say the best thing Hosking has done is to provide material for Jeremy Wells to satirise.
    Actually, Bring Back Geoff (Robinson) he should be the moderator!

  10. In 1912 we had Massey’s Cossacks, a hundred years later we have Key’s Cossacks. The latter may not be as openly violent but their aims are much the same – harass and intimidate their political opponents. If you don’t know about Massey’s Cossacks look it up in Wikipedia or ask Chris Trotter.

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