Abbott’s dangerous new “anti-terror” laws



The new “anti-terror” laws proposed by Tony Abbott should alarm New Zealanders.

Freedom of travel is under attack. Travelling to a designated “terrorist” area is to be criminalised, unless you can prove a “legitimate” purpose. Of course, officials will be choosing which territories are off limits according to their own “Western-biased” political criteria.

You can be sure that the Abbott government won’t designate Israel a terrorist territory, even though, after slaughtering well over 1000 civilians in Gaza Israel should surely qualify it ahead of any Palestinian territory.

The Australian National Imam’s Council has pointed out that the proposed laws are in practice an attack on Islam.

Freedom of speech is certainly under attack, when even a Facebook post favourable to an alleged terrorist will contravene the law.

Journalists can be incarcerated for exposing an Australian Special Intelligence Operation (SIO) even if there is something dodgy going on. Agents engaged in SIOs will now be permitted to circumvent the normal laws without sanction.

There are plans to require all telecom providers to keep all communications metadata for two years. This will enable intelligence operatives to gain a detailed picture of any Australian they happen to target, including anyone they believe is communicating with a “bad” person.

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The powers of intelligence operatives to arrest people without a warrant and then detain and search them, will also be expanded. And it will be easier to take passports off Australians they suspect of some link to “terrorism”.

We will have to be alert to any similar moves on this side of the Tasman. Our anti-terror legislation is bad enough already. At least our SIS is different from Ausdtralia’s spy agency ASIO in that it doesn’t have arrest powers. Let’s keep it that way.


    • Freedom of speech is for idiots. If you want to incite hate against women, or various races living amongst us, I think you ought to receive a public whipping.

      Loving one’s neighbour is something you idolaters don’t understand.


      25:17 Let not a man oppress his neighbour, and thou shalt fear the Lord thy God: I am the Lord thy God.

  1. That’s what the Brits did, and do, to the Irish.

    Of course NZ will follow suit. It’s a part of the grand plan to shut up any dissension in the ranks.

    Australians hate Tony Abbot like NZers hate John Key!

    They are from the same breed of lizard.


  2. Ah yes , but abbot , like jonky can no longer hide . No matter how they try , they have to brave public scorn . Thank God for the Internet , that’s all I can say . Remember the days of TV , Radio and the printed media ? Remember how they were bullied , coerced , threatened , black mailed or bought off ? Those days are gone . Evil Clowns like abbot have nowhere to hide .

    • “Thank God for the Internet”

      Yes – but they’re taking that off us, too, bit by bit (no pun intended).

      The last thing those in power want is a free and frank exchange of views and ideas. Control of the population depends on control of the narrative, and that requires control of the communication channels and the messages we see. The Internet has not been built with an ability to control the content, which is why we now see a desperate push by ignorant politicians to “reign in” the freedom the Internet provides.

      We must not let it happen.

    • Yes, but, it will not be long before they make it “illegal” to even have a discussion about this kind of thing. That is where this is heading, both in Oz, and here also. THe GCSB and SIS will be monitoring this discussion right now, and carefully noting the details of all these comments, for future use against us.

  3. The power to define the situation is the ultimate power. -Jerry Rubin, activist and author (1938-1994)

  4. @ politikiwi . Yes , I agree but see how we’re on high alert for that ? Not that long ago , we’d be none the wiser . Hence , here we are today . On high alert . Like Meerkats cats on P . The likes of Jonky and abbott are on the run . I just hope they don’t run to a hoard of guns , bullets and money , like all good tyrants . The cornered rat scenario .

    @ Mistery . I agree . Oddly . And what is that about ??? The Irish united the tribes of Europe , The Dark Ages . Prince Charlemagne and the Irish monks ? The Irish were here 4500 years ago according to Auckland University research . I mean ? WTF ? What a mind bending concept ? I’m Irish ! That means you can g’wain fuck yerselves ya fecken boat people ! ( I’m joking xx )

  5. The only terrorists to be really concerned about here are Abbott, and his all encompassing racist & fascist Government. Civil liberties and freedom of speech are being attacked and eroded at an alarming rate on both sides of the ditch.

    Moreover, the unconditional support given to the Israeli & United States Governments, by Abbott et al., in their campaigns of terror and crimes against humanity is appalling.

    Shame on us for continuing to support such rogue criminals. . . Fuck Tony Abbott! Fuck John Key!

  6. Further more .
    I woke up this morning to remember this quote . ” The price of freedom is eternal vigilance ”

    The more we see things and hear things that freak the shit out of us , the more we should realise that ‘they’ are being outed . We , as the people of NZ , are becoming ever more aware of the threat ‘ they ‘ pose to our very lives and life styles . We’re becoming ever more vigilant !
    Were we vigilant when the Banks conned us into believing our humble Kiwi homes were ‘ worth ‘ outrageous money so that they could lend ( Read indebt ) us money we can never repay ? Now , we’re free to writhe in our bunks like wretches ? Were we vigilant when that stump arsed , beady eyed , moustached cunt roger douglas stole away with our , all paid for , infrastructures to sell to foreigners for the profits of him and his mates ? Now , It’s our farm lands , oceans and national parks .

    ” This quote is often attributed to Thomas Jefferson, but even his estate, Monticello, denies any evidence that the Founding Father ever used these words.”

    Even if he had, Jefferson would not have been the originator. The phrase was, in fact, a simplified variant of a line from a 1790 speech by Irish orator John Philpot Curran: The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt. The phrase was shortened to “eternal vigilance is the price of freedom” and similar sayings used throughout the 18th and 19th centuries by a variety of speakers and authors, including:

    Ida B. Wells, in her 1970 autobiography, Crusade for Justice
    Andrew Jackson, in his 1837 Farewell Address
    Abraham Lincoln
    abolitionist Wendell Phillips
    Leonard Courtney
    George Marshall

  7. Given that 90% of terrorism throughout the world is perpetrated by Islamists your arguments against Abbotts proposed new laws are nonsense. Bring it on here. As for NZers hating John Key the 20th September will prove that to be nonsense as well.

    • So state sponsored terrorism don’t count, Mike.
      Perhaps you should brush up on the history of US interventions in South America and the Middle East, Europe’s colonial past, or, to make it really simple for you, just take a closer look at Israel’s current actions in Gaza.

  8. Total police state. The Statsi and the Gestapo would be very envious. And, a VERY good reason to not live in Australia, nor to even travel there, unless aboslutely essential.

    And, if Shonkey’s regime is by some mischance reelected, we can be CERTAIN that he will do much the same here.

  9. I am surprised that in all this discussion no-one yet has mentioned George Orwell. The more the situation evolves the better he looks. I am beginning to think that he is one of the great thinkers of the last hundred years

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