Connor Morris – Police reputation vs Head Hunter reputation



As The Daily Blog noted on the day, the killer of Connor Morris will be the most frightened person in NZ right now…

To the fool who has killed Connor, it seems this could be one of the few times that handing themselves into the Police is the safest thing for the killer to do

…the cost of pumped up aggro young men who unthinkingly pull weapons into fights with no control of the outcomes has been paid by Connor Morris and his whanau, and I suspect the killer can’t be in a much better head space as the enormity of who they have killed starts to settle upon them. The added guilt of taking another’s life will be now combined with the worst imaginable fears for personal safety.

I think the very public show of grief and solidarity exhibited by the Head Hunters in Auckland for the funeral of Connor Morris last week would have had many North Shore Aucklanders spluttering into their lattes. People tend to forget that Gangs are very large and very powerful and their attraction  combines many aspects of failed communities and their solution is far more complex than more Police powers. Try telling those hundreds of angry men that they are all going to be arrested for wearing their patch in public and I’ll show you the beginnings of a riot. Unless NZers want the military to be on every street corner, gangs won’t be eroded by tougher laws.

Addressing complex social issues that never get addressed to one side, the issue now will be what happens to the accused. There is little doubt the Police already have the suspect, once the suspect realised who they had killed, a fact the Police would have made known to every single one of the witnesses, they would have either attempted a run to the airport or if fleeing was blocked, hand themselves over to the Police immediately for protection.

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The safety  of the accused now becomes an issue of reputation between the Police and the Head Hunters.  The Head Hunters have the entire Underworld Fraternity looking on asking ‘what price for one of your own’. If they don’t make an example they lose face. The Police have the exact opposite issue to worry about. If they can’t guarantee the safety of someone under their protection their protection is worthless.

The only silver lining in this is that it might just maybe force other men who find themselves in a similar situation to walk away rather than exacerbate the conflict. If the intrinsic value of not striking others won’t temper male aggression, perhaps the cautionary tale of not knowing who you are hitting might force self preservation ahead of senseless violence.


  1. What makes you so sure that the killer was unaware of whom he was killing?
    The Godfather movies, come to mind…

  2. To the fool who has killed Connor, it seems this could be one of the few times that handing themselves into the Police is the safest thing for the killer to do …… as if that’s going to help them they are as good as dead either way.

  3. What I cannot comprehend is the fascination of the grieving media over one of the most notorious criminal organization, the close relationship between that organisation and prominent National party
    historical leaders, and that everyone failed to notice that. No wonder
    \NZ cannot get rid of the meth illness which is enshrined now deeply in its people.
    Someone in government and in the State Apparatus must be accumulating lost of dollars by this sick relationship

  4. All very interesting but I don’t know why you are paying such a high degree of interest in this case over the thousands of other violent criminal events and other recent homicides. Care to enlighten us?

  5. Yep it seems people are forgetting that he willingly went to a fight, and ironically was a member of a gang whose leader was convicted of murder after beating another man to death in a brawl.

    They are a criminal gang who profit off and from the misery of others, this media glorification of them and eulogizing serves only as a recruitment call.

  6. Jus because thy wear a patch or r in a gang don’t make them all criminals, at the end of the day thy are still humans that not only have their blood whanau but also their extended whanau that support them in gud an bad situations, if u wanna go round saying Connor went to the fight then everyone is jus as bad as the killer as he done wot any mate would have done gone and helped out the bros so all the haters out there stop judging gangs an look at the situation a young man who changed his life around for the better and was murdered for wot helping out his mates it’s sad for milli an the Morris family an I hope the guy that done this gets wot he deserves. If it was one of ur family members wouldn’t u all want him caught an punished think about it. I’m over everyone saying the HH r bad people I know a few an thy are laid bac family men

  7. I’m with Andres the fact that no News organisation questioned why Don McKinnon was at this funeral was bizarre. No wonder the war on drugs has been lost if the Government and the purveyors are that cosy.

    • It was well reported that Don McKinnon was there to support Millie (daughter of the late Paul Holmes), of whom he was a family friend.

      It is incredulous to suggest he was there to support a bunch of thugs.

      Seek before you speak.

  8. Live by the sword Die by the sword
    Who really cares about this guy???
    He was a nothing and didnt contribute to New Zealand in any way
    When I see the people attending his funeral with their patches on and acting like they are the business it makes me ashamed to be a New Zealander
    I thought “Once were Warriors was gone and forgotten but seeing the poor excuse for humanity with their tatts and bikes makes me sick
    I have no respect for any of them
    What do they contribute to society ?? NOTHING

  9. Sound like the killers were on the fries (quote: they were always up throughout the night for days on end) that they probably got from the gangsters – how ironic.

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