Peace Like Mine – take action to support peace in Palestine and Israel.


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Headline: Peace Like Mine – take action to support peace in Palestine and Israel.


Dear Union Member

Workers and their families in Gaza need our support right now to stop the war that is killing them and their kids and destroying their homes and jobs.

The Palestinian people are just like all of us. They want to live in peace on their homeland. The United Nations and Palestine has agreed to a two state solution for Israel and Palestine which designates specific land to the Palestinian State, but ever since this agreement, this land has been constantly taken by Israel and occupied by Israeli settlers. The UN has called for Israel to withdraw from this land in two separate resolutions of the Security Council but the confiscation of land has continued.

Now the people of Gaza (part of Palestine) have been ‘ringed in’ by Israel including by a massive wall built by Israel called “the separation wall” and for more than four years Israel has controlled who goes in and out and banned many essentials from entering the area (like concrete for example, leaving the homes in complete disrepair). Gaza has been described as the biggest outdoor prison in the world with 1.8 million people living on 360km of land. And now it is being bombed including its hospitals, its only power station, and even UN safe areas. Fifty percent of the population is under 17 years old and these kids are in a living hell. We have a relationship with the workers and unions of Palestine and we want to help them.

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The International Union Movement (ITUC) is today launching the “Peace Like Mine” campaign. This campaign asked you to create a postcard using this link

Take a photo of you, your family and friends doing something normal as part of your daily life and turn it into a postcard using the website, to send to the UN calling for the people of Gaza to enjoy the same sort of peace. Maybe it is you having a family outing, walking the dog, having a meal with friends, the kids riding their bikes, going to school. All these normal day things are not possible for these thousands of kids and they deserve the right to enjoy them too. We are sending the postcards to Ban Ki Moon at the United Nations. The ITUC has paid for the first 5000 of them so send yours soon. Once you have done your card, nominate two of your friends or workmates to also create a “Peace Like Mine” postcard and share your picture on Facebook.

This is a simple activity but it will send a strong message that working people around the world want the bombing to stop and for the families and children of Gaza to enjoy a peaceful future. It takes many stones to build an arch and your solidarity will count.

Other things you can do include:

Don’t buy things made in Israel until it acts peacefully. This link tells you what products come from that country

Attend the peace rallies in your towns – see the CTU website for details

Write to your MP urging them to close the Israel Embassy in Wellington until Israel acts peacefully.

Yours sincerely

Helen Kelly


New Zealand Council of Trade Unions – Te Kauae Kaimahi

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