Pacific unemployment still highest in the country


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Headline: Pacific unemployment still highest in the country

The Minister of Pacific Island Affairs can boast all he wants about changes to employment statistics for Pacific people but the reality for many Pacific people is nowhere close to National’s promised brighter future, Labour’s Pacific Affairs spokesperson Su’a William Sio says. 

“While everyone welcomes the slight improvements in unemployment figures, the fact is that at 11.4% Pacific unemployment is still higher than for Pakeha, Women, Maori and Asian groups. 

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“Unemployment is even worse for Pacific youth aged 15-24 years at 23.8%.

“The work by the Auckland Action Against Poverty in the last 3 days in Mangere has highlighted just how out of touch National is with the plight of many local unemployed and working Kiwis.  Not only are families struggling to put food on the table doing part-time casual work, but they are also been penalised by WINZ imposed sanctions.  

“This is terrible treatment for people who are desperate through no fault of their own other than they are not getting their fair share of the economic improvements this government is talking up. 

“The HLFS shows almost 100,000 kiwis are underemployed, people in work that require more hours, and more than 236,000 are jobless. 

“The evidence is clear from our communities that when National says they are working for all New Zealanders, the people of Mangere know that they are really only working for their rich mates. 

“We know that only 177 individuals and families on the NZ Rich list collectively increased their wealth by $3.3 billion to a combined total of $ 51.2 billion dollars. That’s more than 20% of the NZ gross domestic product. 

”The reality for many Kiwis is despite their hard work life is just plain tough. That’s why Labour is focussed on providing better working opportunities and higher wages. We will support families with young children and make sure all our children get the best start in life.”

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  1. The 3 day impact needed to extend to at least 5 days. There were a lot of people not even be seen on those 3 days.

    Most of the people that came to the impact had benefit problems and work and income don’t fully disclose what people could apply or ask for when they are granted a benefit. Some income case managers are good and most of them think that their job is to save money for the government they are forgetting or have no idea that they are their to make sure that the people are all receiving what they should for government assistance, or also known as state welfare to those that need this assistance. Lets face it one way or another we all do need a helping hand one stage of our lives,

    I worked the impact for 2 half days as I also have a full time job but wanted to assist those less fortunate than myself. Some of the people that I assisted when pensioners and have never ask for anything from work and income but were struggling. They had food grants that they have never tried to access or the advance payment that could be borrowed to pay for the power bill that has gone sky rocketed because of winter cold nights and prices that we all can’t afford now. Parents of children that needed clothing because their family tax credits have been used to pay rent or put food on the table.

    National government says there is no poverty but when you can’t afford to clothe, feed and give your children a warm home and that you are forced to go and borrow from a Finance company or payday lenders to have those things then I have to say we do need a new government one that cares for the well being of its people.

    I do hope that who ever comes into government will do the right thing. Work and Income and also Housing New Zealand need to understand that it is the people that are paying for their wages. Without the people there would have been no work.

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