Duncan Garner’s ‘sugar daddy’ comment reminds us all how much Radio Live hates women


Duncan Garner Asshole

You would think would you not, that for a radio talkback station that was so destroyed by their own sexism over the Roastbuster case that they would decide to be more educated in their discussion of women.

You would think.

But Duncan Garner’s support of Key using the word ‘Sugar Daddy’ to describe the relationship between Internet Party leader Laila Harre and Party founder Kim Dotcom reminds us all just how much Radio Live genuinely hates women.

‘Sugar Daddy’ insinuates a sexual relationship akin to prostitution, what Duncan Garner and John Key and all those who use the term to describe the relationship between Laila and Kim are really trying to say (if they could get away with it), is that Laila Harre is a ‘whore’.

That’s why it is just so degrading and disgusting. Women have put up with that kind of sexual policing and labels for thousands of years, hewing Garner and Key roll it out now reminds us of the knuckle dragging misogyny so engrained amongst some white men over 40.

For a radio station that has damaged itself over sexism as badly as Radio Live has, one would think their puppets would have been forced to take some type of education class, Duncan Garner’s comments show that hasn’t been the case.

Very ugly Duncan. You are better than this.

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  1. I disagree Martyn, I don’t think he is better than this. I think this is him at his most honest. Misogynist, self important asshole.

    • Heh Trots, who brought us…
      “little progress has been made because we predicted little progress would be made”…

      After this election the bourgeois parliament and capitalist class power will be largely undisturbed, but the benefit of marxists working with Mana members is two way and the beginnings of enduring supra parliamentary left action will continue.

      Radio good ’ol boys Live sucks!

  2. Is Garner better than that? I doubt it!

    He worships the ground Key levitates above and by many of his comments he’s just part of the National Party culture anyway.

    Yet another talkback drone in the mould of Hosking, Smith and Williams, even has Larry’s snaring tone down pat but vaguely more interesting than Plunkett. Then again watching petrol evaporate is more exciting than 10 seconds of Plunkett.

    Having said that not a bad show last night on Radio Live with Karyn Hay and Andrew Fagan looking at policy.

  3. Dunnycan Garner is just another insignificant, blowhard gobshite, along with Spike Hosking, promoting John Key and the Natsies!

  4. I learned that Garner was the mentor of Paddy Gower, that tells us enough, does it not?

    Garner is a ratings driven psychopath, just listen to his endless motor-talk on his show, he hardly stops talking to breathe some air through his nostrils or mouth. At times I wonder whether he is on speed all the time.

    Yes, he got it very wrong AGAIN with referring to Laila Harre’s relationship to Dotcom as a “sugar daddy” one.

    Garner is though all over the place, he goes with the flow and mood all the time. One day he praises the government for something, at times he does praise Labour (albeit less so). He is a man of the mob, and a mob follower, as he goes with the “mainstream”, or say, as how he perceives the “mainstream” to go.

    His topics are those that he thinks are the ones that are of concern and interest to the middle class. So he feeds into that, which of course leaves him firmly aligned with the forces that be, and with most of what the government does, and what the right wing of Labour stand for.

    He is just another one of the “new breed” of journalists or “media personalities”, who love sensation, attention, hype and work well with private, commercial players.

  5. I’m not comfortable with all these anti Duncan Garner comments. He is a good man on the whole and I always enjoy his radio spot. I may disagree with his viewpoint on this matter but John Key is the one who made the sickening and infuriating SugarDaddyGate comment alleging a seedy relationship between Laila Harre and Kim Dot Com, not Duncan Garner. Frankly, most men just don’t seem to get it that such an allegation is a terrible insult to a woman but would make a man seem even more of a successful bloke because Laila sure ain’t ugly. Duncan certainly isn’t alone there.

  6. The male right have a real problem with women that disagree with them, don’t they? In their opinion, it is even worse than men disagreeing with them. Their fragile little egos can’t cope with mere women voicing opinions that don’t line up with their own. That’s why they respond with the usual sexual innuendo and comments about power trips. Helen Clarke had to put up with years of this s…t from these w……s. and now it is Laila Harre that is copping it from these wannabe John Key bootlickers masquerading as journalists. I would love it if she kicked him fair in the nuts.

  7. Well then John Key must be the sugar daddy to all the rich-listers, and all his croney and ministerial mates, The Ombudsman, the GCSB, the Governor General, the Commissioner of IRD, the Minister of Justice and ACC, the Human Right Commission, the Health and Disability Commission, Rape Cultuaralists, Chinese businessmen, the Business round table, Banking corps, Insurance companies, Goldman Sacs – all of them; and Obama must be Keys sugar-daddy too!
    He is sugar daddy to a awful lot of influential people is John Key! F**k John Key! How did he get to be allowed to own some usa property!

  8. Imagine a second if Laila, in talking about John Key and the fact that the defining characteristic of the National Party is that it accepts big donations from rich white men and makes policy that suits them, referred to John Key as the “rent boy” of those donors.

    What would be the media reaction, I wonder? (No, I don’t really wonder…)

    (She has not said this, as far as I know, but maybe she should?)

  9. Key has “cream caked” many of the media in NZ. This term was derived from the tactic of George W Bush in plying the journalists at the back of his campaign plane with doughnuts and birthday cake and heaps of flattery. The pack was turned.
    The worst example I have seen here,was Gower in a hot tub with Key.
    Key has showered grace and favour on many in the media,wine,trips,inner circle access.
    Of course Garner will defend Key’s language,he is a living example of someone who has benefitted from this largesse.
    Also,never forget Key is also “the smiling assassin”. This is not some kind of joke. Journalists know this.

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