Auckland University embarrasses itself by insinuating Internet MANA gig a Nazi rally


Auckland University academic  Jennifer Lees-Marshment has deeply embarrassed the Auckland University by claiming the Internet Mana gig was like a ‘Nazi chant’, this follows fellow Massey University academic and National Party wannabe Claire Robinson’s criticism yesterday that it was a ‘new low’.

All these two very, very, very, very old female academics have shown by describing a pretty normal night out at a gig as a nazi rally, is that the last time they were out past 9pm was maybe at a Christian Youth Rally sock hop in the early 1970s.

This smear by right wing academics echoes the smears by the satanic jester Matthew Hooton and Bore of Babylon David Farrar, what’s important here is the way those under 30 will be perceiving all this media manipulation. I’ve been swamped by punters who were at the gig incandescent with rage at the manner Duncan Garner and Sean Plunkett have spun this into a neo-Nazi rally, and that’s good. Because people only appreciate the level of bias via the media when they witness an event first hand, and then see how the media spin that event. The anger at the way this has been purposely manipulated into a Nazi rally has sparked a backlash with a large tract of the under 30 demographic. It’s good for the young to see how blatantly manipulative a media organisation like Radio Live and the NZ Herald are. The video has now been seen by over 20 000 people in less than a day – the majority of them are cheering it on, not seeing it as evidence of a Nazi rally. The fact the right wing are stooping to such levels to insinuate Nazi shows how terrified they are.

The day the mainstream media claim chanting ‘fuck John Key’ is Nazism is surely final proof we live in a post irony world. 

Personally I can’t see what all the fuss is about, after September 15th, most NZers will be chanting ‘Fuck John Key’.

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  1. Indeed ..its either a case of spoilt brat condescending grown -ups who were too young to fight in WW2 (thank goodness they wont have to be the ones who are called up to fight a fascist regime- their poor ears couldn’t handle the naughty words)….

    Or its a clear case of political exploitation….demonstrating they care less about youth and the future concerns of our country than they do about scoring political points.

    Which , frankly , it is obviously the latter.

    These worn out neo liberals will do anything , stand all over anyone to retain power….as amply demonstrated over the last 30 years wev’e unfortunately had them in parliament.

  2. I was belly laughing and falling off my chair watching this on the news last night, but once I got myself under control I did wonder how long it would take before the old cronies flipped a lid and freaked out. So thanks Martyn for posting this I just had another good laugh, cheers* so true WILD KATIPO. Fantastic!

  3. Interesting! but getting them worked up is the easy part. The hard part is getting them to actually register and turn up to vote on the day. Many have tried, most have failed. Whatever his faults, KDC certainly seems to have livened up the campaign.

  4. If you want to draw comparisons with the Nazis’ and Hitler then have a good look at SHONKEY. He is taking this country down a dark road. Sucking up to Obama and giving our sovereignty away and kowtowing to the corporates, engaging on an assault of working conditions and job security. If he isn’t stopped next month, God help us in three years time. The brighter future he promised was only for his mates. He will piss off to Hawaii when his rort is complete.

    • Oh come on, see it is that kind of response that continues to fuel this sort of nonsense. There is simply no comparison between NZ politics and Nazi Germany. Period.
      All NZ politicians have sucked up to & will continue to suck up to America. It is just how things work when you are part of a global economy & trying to weasel our way into the American market is no different than trying to weasel our way into Australia, Thailand, Malaysia & China.
      When it comes to stuff like this there is very little difference between Labour & National & unfortunately they are still the majority parties.
      Frankly I think we would be far better off with the Greens, Mana Party (excluding the Internet Party – I detest anyone who downloads outside the official channels, especially when it comes to NZ music & films) & Act as at least they are decisive in their views instead of selling out in order to procure votes.

        • David Lange maybe, his cabinet no way – you do realise most of them were right wingers?! 😉
          Helen – one of my favourite all time pollys, but sadly equally as guilty when it comes to doing what is politically expedient.

          According to MFAT the following free trade agreements & closer or strategic economic partnerships came into effect before the Nats took office in 2008:

          Australia – 1983
          Singapore – 2001
          Thailand – 2005
          Trans-Pacific – 2005
          and my favourite lets ignore human rights travesties for the sake of a few dollars…..China – 2008 (and no you can’t blame this particularly major case of sucking up on the Nats… all pollys they don’t work very quickly!)

      • Any govt that overides the democratic opinion of the citizens of its own country is guilty to a minor of greater degree of a form of fascism.

        In the case of selling off our land, our state owned assets without a clear mandate to do so is giulty of the same.

        No country practises the selling off of its land to foriegn interests…and if it does.. it is within a strict regulatory framework.

        Even the people who voted National this time round opposed the selling off of our assets.

        There has never been in this country a mandate for any govt to do as such…it is no wonder they have all consistently shied away from a Binding Citizens Referenda …..for this is the new form of fascism.

        It is called GLOBALISM. It recognises no National boundaries, no trade barriers, no protection of a countries workers or small businesses , and minimal influence of a nations govt barring irrelevant peripheral non -issues.

        This is fascism in the 21rst century. The improved , standardised version.

        And one of the main tools it uses is the neo liberal economic ideaology to ensnare populations into an ever decreasing power base through impoverishment.

        Hence TPPA , TSA .

        So until then …the catch cry for this election and indeed against ALL neo liberalism and its supporters should and shall be….

        FUCK JOHN KEY !!!

    • The brighter future FJK really meant was when he loses and pisses off to his mansion in Hawaii ( remember when like a spoilt brat he said he would not stand if he lost an election ? ) what a pathetic little stooge he really is….

      Lets get outselves a REAL representative for PM who fully intends to work for the people of our country…..but in the meantime lets all…..

      FJK !! FJK !! FJK !!

  5. Bomber, do you already have insider info on the details of what Kim will be announcing on September 15th? Is it really so damning, that it actually sticks to Teflon? You realise that almost nothing sticks to Teflon.

  6. On the other hand, I’m a fairly middle class boring Labour voter and Kim Dotcom makes me very weirded out. I suspect I’m not alone and the moderate Labour voter may flee to the safety of the status quo unless Labour can distance themselves from this type of stuff.

    • I agree with heather. inter /mana wont of lost votes but it could drive voters away from the left block. Remember most people don’t get past the headlines.

    • Hi Heather G,

      You really raise a very valid point. I agree this is how many may respond.

      Did you see Cunliffe on the Paul Henry Show last night? (Thursday night). If The Daily Blog tolerates a link to that interview here it is:—David-Cunliffe/tabid/1837/articleID/355953/Default.aspx

      Whilst I fully acknowledge that the IMP (Internet Mana Party) clip is easily viewed with fear. Let us face it, we have been encouraged to see that scene in the worst possible light. When I view that clip, I see a man encouraging the youth to drop political apathy and VOTE! He is providing them a good time and linking that experience to a very strong message to vote. This is not what the Nazis were doing.

      Those supporting the status quo need to realise that the status quo is the thing to fear – not people being encouraged to be politically active. The status quo needs to shift.

      If the status quo continues to enable the increasing wealth gap, double-standards toward those who are comfortable vs those who are struggling, the increasing poverty, the increasing ripping away of educational opportunities, the increasing channeling of money into speculation rather than productivity/jobs and the increasing compromised information the public are being subjected to -amongst other things – then what you see and fear in that video which is actually only a mirage (note the kids are largely ‘middle class’ – note their clothes, they are not those that are really struggling, note the word is ‘fuck’ not ‘kill’, note the message Kim Dotcom is saying at the end is ‘vote’ not ‘kill’ nor is he saying ‘down with democratic principles’ he is encouraging democratic engagement), it is only if systemic problems are ignored, then what you fear – messy violent, unhinged, hysteria, chaos and upheaval – is guaranteed to become a reality at some stage.

      You don’t dismantle peoples’ opportunities and expect them to work for less than covers living costs, and expect there is one rule for the wealthy and another for those who are struggling, and continue to support sweet lies over level-headed analysis over what is really going on in order to address it, and get to keep the benefits of the society you live in. Our society is built on cooperation and fair play – when these things get systematically dismantled and that dismantling gets ignored – societies collapse. This is very much substantiated by history.

      If you wish for a stable society, vote for fair play – not ‘sweet’ lies – vote for the principles that ensure that increasing wealth disparity and the increasing removal of opportunities for social mobility are addressed. In short don’t support the people who promote the denial and the ensuing ignoring of these issues.

      Keep voting for the ‘status quo’ and you are likely to be very let down over the levels of security such a choice truly provides.

      The current status quo is extremely polarising and will lead exactly toward what it is the ‘middle class’ fear.

      The middle class need to have a good hard think and stop supporting principles that will, without doubt, lead toward their demise. Check out the state of the health of other countries’ ‘middle classes’ if you don’t believe me.

      I think you are going to vote left anyway – this is simply my response to the type of concerns and ensuing political response that you think is a possible consequence of this IMP clip.

      • Of course I’ll still be voting left personally but I’m the most left wing in my social circle so just trying to point out an alternative view.
        Kim Dotcom weirded me out long before this latest issue.

    • Surely Labour need to support this revolution style attitude – not distance themselves from it – become a part of it. Get some of their own going! It’s 2014! The political revolution is begun!

  7. For me, it was being a midst a bunch of students at the Old Arts/Finance Registry occupation at UoA in 97 or 98, as we paraphrased his own catch phrase and told John Campbell to “tell it like it is” as he wandered through the mass of students. He didnt though, did he, and scales fell away from my eyes, anyway.

    • Yes…so in the words of that old Bob Dylan song…”AAHH…BUT I WAS SO MUCH OLDER THEN…IM, YOUNGER , THAN THAT , NOW…”

      So..the moral is simply..there are those who cannot control their either seek personal pecunairy advantage through theft , or abusing their positions of power in public office…

      The latter is even more the rephrehensible because it has all been cunningly drafted and put into legislation and into law in this country….

      So dont be amazed or alarmed..its only a matter of time before people get sick of this crap…and its happening NOW!.

  8. Oh the irony that right wing blogs are so quick to declare ‘godwin’s law’ any time someone dares to inference Nazi Germany yet here they are doing it time & time again just because someone they don’t like happens to be German & happens to collect WW2 memorabilia from ALL aspects of the war. Whoopdy bloody doo.

    KDC is young in terms of political party leadership & it is natural he will try & appeal to young voters – after all, despite being a reasonably sized pool of voters, they are least likely to go out & vote on election day so it makes sense he would want to try & get them onside. In fact this is what ALL parties should be doing yet by being so institutionalised, so engrained in traditional politicking & therefore traditional BS, they keep missing the mark & young people continue to remain disenfranchised & disconnected with what is going on in the Beehive.

    Chanting KDC & fuck John Key has no more resemblance to Hitler rallies than Simon Lusk & Cameron Slater’s training camp….where Cameron apparently offered expert advice on “hostile Q & A”…!

    Unlike Hitler neither side – left or right – is planning a mass genocide of Jews, Christians & anyone who doesn’t fit within their political ideology so to call this a neo Nazi rally is just churlish & insulting to all those who were actually affected by Hitler’s brutality.

    There is just no comparison.

    Sure, there are some on all sides that would no doubt want to go down that path…..especially ones like the little arsehole that graffitied John Key’s Billboard with “Jew cocksucker” & all the other little arseholes that say equally offensive stuff about left-wingers – including Louisa Wall just because she dared to put her name on the Marriage Equality Bill, but thankfully in a democratic & relatively civilised & humane society such people are the absolute minority.

    But as for most NZer’s chanting fuck John Key after September the 15th? Labour has yet to offer a plausible alternative government so it is unlikely they will be doing so then or after the 20th…..the day of the election! 🙂

    • KDC is an Internet tycoon – and one who has also been mercilessly picked on by the current government.
      Our young ones are exceptionally conversant with the Internet, and struggle.
      They will love KDC for this.

  9. Shouldn’t the title “academic” be in quotation marks? I mean, the National Party are the closest thing we have to the Nazi party in New Zealand. To call the people trying to overthrow them Nazi’s is completely intellectually disingenuous. They would be more comparable to the French or Dutch Resistance. What a bunch of fascists we have in our country. This is officially an Idiocracy.

    • Totally agree. In fact the very name National is a lie. The word national is defined as “of or for a nation AS A WHOLE, which this party is not and never has been. I have suggested many times that they should change their name to something more honest and appropriate like “The lying, thieving, greedy, selfish, crony party” but Nazional Party would do just as well. Whuk John Key !!!

  10. The truth of the matter is this. The expletive the students were chanting is what John Key has been doing to NZ since he and his rabid mob came to office!

    Comparing this issue to a ‘Nazi rally’, is the right’s way of conjuring up fear, when all that the students were doing was enjoying democratic freedom of thought and expression!

  11. What a disgrace. If a public figure had made such offensive and slanderous statements about any other party in parliament, they’d be forced to resign.

    You would hope such ridiculous “analysis” would immediately be dismissed and condemned by the public. After all, has there ever been a political rally in history that didn’t involve chanting slogans? Could you visit any pub in the nation and not hear someone declare “That [insert politician’s name] is f***ing useless!”

    Today’s Right will do anything to smear mass movements of the people to protect the interests of the rich and powerful. The bourgeois myth-makers continue the well-worn tactic of linking socialism with fascism, despite the obvious flaw that it was the Left who fought against Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and virtually any other fascist you might name.

  12. Perhaps the real “nazis” are sitting behind too many microphones in mainstream media studios funded by enterprises and “sponsors” that have a very vested interest in the way the media present “information”? Perhaps the real “nazis” sit in editorial offices of some major news corporations, and print media enterprises, who expect their underling journalists to only write “soft” stories, and only allow them to reveal the odd bit of “sensational news”, and otherwise enforce internal censorship?

    Perhaps the real “nazis” are the ones that keep a tight grip on the financial status quo in this country, that is a large part of the bigger and also medium size business communities, i. e. their OWNERS? Perhaps the real “nazis” are the ones that run a government that does not allow much in the way of true, balanced information being presented even via publicly owned and controlled media these days? Perhaps the real “nazis” are the ones making deals behind the scenes, the ones that do not want transparency, and the ones who change the law to make virtual mass surveillance measures by spy agencies legal, which were formerly considered illegal?

    When we consider what has happened to this country since the mid to late 1980s, where we now have media (like other businesses) controlled by private vested interests, that want to make as much profit as they can, by earning as much advertising revenue as they can earn, we can see who the real “masters” really are. They are the ones that seem to dictate to the rest of us what we are allowed and not allowed to say, think and do.

    The mainstream media – and their owners – I am talking about are the ones that will be extra mindful to not “upset” the ones paying them their revenues. They will not present news information that may tell people what really goes on, as they want people to be kept “calm”, distracted, manipulated, so they perform the only function that they are left to legally exercise, namely work, work, work, compete, sell, buy, consume, sleep, pay their rates, fees and takes, and do the same again the next day.

    Hard questions are not asked. Even submissions made to government and local government are often dismissed, ignored, and otherwise dealt with by consultants and legal experts to rubbish them, so in the end public input has become farcical.

    With people dumbed down and only told to vote every 3 years, and then have them “informed” the way we are, with lots of misinformation, distracting, with such rubbish as Radio Live, the Herald, and many other “sources” being fed to potential voters, we do not even have truly informed democrats, do we?

    So even elections have almost become farcical. No wonder then that some had enough, rebel and shout it out loud: F** this that and the other”, “f*** so and so”, and decide to vote for a real change, which we have not been given an chance for for decades now.

    The “experts” that now want to lecture and wave their index finger around in the air, they seem rather foolish representatives and accommodaters of the same “masters”, who keep us fed lies and manipulations most the times. They are discredited by the consultancies and other agencies that pay them, as many of these “experts” are themselves already willing, paid mercenaries.

    Take a hike and get a taste and smell of the real life out there, outside of your gated communities perhaps, I dare to say!

  13. On hearing Guyon Espiner interview Laila Harre about this youtube video this morning my 16 year old noted that Guyon sounded like a parent. (I’ll decide what the questions are… You need to take responsibility for….) I think she has a good point!

    • Kate: I absolutely agree!

      Espiner was appalling this morning, though that is nothing new. He needs to learn to show a bit of respect for the people he purports to ‘interview’. This morning was by no means atypical of his recent, over-domineering performances on “Morning Report”.

      He barges in, boots and all, in with blinkers of his own making obscuring his vision. If the issue under discussion is one that is obviously characterised by shades of grey, he leaps in, constantly interrupting the interviewee, with a determination to force him or her into stating publicly either that ‘grey is white’ or ‘grey is black’. No middle ground is tolerable in his approach. He is ABSURDLY determined to force a grey issue into becoming either a black or a white issue by the admission of the person being interviewed.

      Get used to it Colin : there ARE issues that are characterised by shades of grey out there, whether it suits your simple-minded approach to the universe (and to radio-interviewing) or not!

      Espiner’s line of attack is just plain stupid as an approach to interviewing, in my opinion. Perhaps Jim Mora, who is a radio interviewer for whom i have the utmost respect, could teach Espiner how to do his job properly.

      For example, try LISTENING, Colin, with a demonstrably OPEN MIND, instead of assuming that you know it all, and assuming everyone else is just there to learn the facts of life from you.

      But at the end of the day, if you are not up to it – and Espiner appears not to be, then, as the old adage goes, “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!”

  14. Hooton and his buddies must be getting very desperate. Why else spend this much time on a 2% Party? Maybe because that 2% is growing?

  15. How ironic, I always thought Nazism involved spying on the population, talking up internal enemies, developing the personality cult of the leader, tightly controlled propaganda, embracing militarism, and copying up to corporates at the expense of individual rights and freedoms.

    I guess I’m just misinformed?

    • FJK …oops!…Dear Leader…..Nahhhhhhhhhhhh!!…..just doesn’t sound right… …FUCK JOHN KEY …ahhh..thats better , I shall now continue… doesnt do all those nasty things, does he?..surely not…

  16. Fascists always look like the middle classes who are the basis of their support (even if they get uneducated working class males to do the bully work and money from the wealthy industrialists). Hitler didn’t look different to the Germans who supported him. To the middle classes who were spooked by the 1929 sharemarket crash he looked just like them and represented their interest in preserving their assets from the Left wing. Our version would be someone who would be great to have at a barbecue.

    • Til he privatised the barbecue then hiked up the price of the sausages and sold em to the poorer people at the barbie…

      Then gave the best cuts of meat to his mates and sold the house and section off to some foriegner from overseas.

  17. I must say I’m disappointed David Cunliffe has let himself be painted into a corner by feral scum like Henry, and is letting muppets like Hipkins run his coalition strategy into the ground.

    Dotcom’s case, like Zaoui’s, is an extended example of security service overeach. The government and media smear campaign is an urgent attempt to bias the judicial process which properly speaking cannot extradite anyone for a civil claim like copyright infringement. Cunliffe is experienced enough to know that such persons must not be presumed guilty, as in fact is the asinine Hipkins. Labour urgently need to consult with the better angels of their nature.

    Where can I get Fuck John Key bumper stickers?

  18. Your headline is wrong. I don’t see how Auckland University embarrassed itself because one person specialising in political marketing made a stupid comment. She wasn’t giving an official university position any more than that de Freitas idiot is when he dismisses global warming. The university would embarrass itself if it stopped these people from speaking. I hope you can see the subtle difference before you have Aotearoa represented by Whalespew’s hate blog.

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