Turns out our Rockstar Economy is lactose intolerant


And the lessons of putting all your cows in one paddock are now starting to hurt NZ deep in the pocket as dairy prices tumble.

Turns out our Rockstar Economy is lactose intolerant.

Europe have jumped upon the band wagon and flooded the market with a 45% increase in milk supply as we increased our dairy production by 20% . Add in another 20% increase in supply from the US and the market is saturated and drowning in bloody milk.

Short term focus and subsidising National’s farmer mates has resulted in us wasting more time to diversify and redesign our economy into a green sustainable one that can sell its products at a premium because they are made in near pristine environments.

The real terror of diary falling over is the sudden realisation that Emperor John Key has no further clothing on because once you remove dairy from the equation all this Government have done beyond crony corporate welfare is rebuild Christchurch from an earthquake.

Unemployment is down marginally because of the rebuild – is John Key saying the only force to make him intervene into the market is a natural disaster or act of God? Waiting around for the next natural disaster is not an economic plan. 
National have looked after their mates and given tax cuts to their voting block, everybody else has been left behind…
…when National claim inequality denial and say it’s not really moved, it ignores high high it was and that it’s still ticking up.
The farce that somehow National and their mates are better stewards of the economy  is simply not true.
We need investment into research to start forming the change, we need better targeted tax that rewards that investment and punishes housing speculation and we need to start investing into our internet infrastructure and social infrastructure.
All of that requires a change of Government.  The bonus for any incoming Government is that as Dairy crashes, it drags the dollar down and makes investment into manufacturing a far stronger building block for the economy.


  1. National certainly do get their inspiration from long ago in the past. Everything that happens is an Act of God (no pun intended). We pray that the almighty will dish out divine retribution on those National party sinners on September 20. Amen!

  2. Any government which relies on a natural disaster rebuild to make the economy look good, is in serious trouble!

    Given recent revelations about police manipulating statistics, to give the impression crime has been reduced, I can almost guarantee the same maneuvering tactic has been used to “improve” the unemployment stats too!

    Kiwis are wide awake now to the spin and the never ending lies. 20 September will be the day of reckoning for Key & Co, when they will slip over and drown in their own filthy BS!

  3. Ha !!!……”drowning in bloody milk”….but wheres the honey?

    Im sure we can all recall a few years back the promise of Herr Key banging on about ‘200,000 jobs being created’….we then got a bicycle path that employed 200.

    Thank goodness for students using the F word when its appropriate.

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