Garth McVicar to stand for Conservative Party – there is a God



The wrath of Colin continues. This time, he’s appointed far right sensible sentencing lynch mob hangman, Garth McVicar as a candidate!

Oh there is a god!

McVocar is guaranteed to rob NZ First of enough votes to stop Winston getting over 5% but not enough to compensate for Colin getting played in East Coast Bays meaning the 3.5% Conservative Party will now generate becomes wasted vote alongside whatever sub 5% total NZ First manage.

With McVaicar’s on board, the Conservative Party will want to spank children before sending them to prison.

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In an ACT-Conservative Party-NZ First Mexican standoff they are going to all wipe each other out. Oh the joyful sight of it all.

Fight you buggers. Fight!


  1. I doubt this has anything to do with “god” or “god fearing” politicians.

    It rather seems to be more proof of the sneaking in fascism that seems to be taking hold of a growing smaller part of New Zealand society, that Colin Craig and his Con men and women are now welcoming Garth McVicar into their fold of candidates.

    The Conservatives already want to bring in forced labour as part of punishment for imprisoned offenders, they want to re-introduce “liberally interpreted” smacking of kids, work for the dole, reverse the law of same sex marriages, and I trust that one day the death penalty will also be on the agenda, going by the now evident trend of a “hardening up” of Colin Craig’s political approach.

    We have some right wing media hacks and politicians now comparing “f*** John Key” shouts by some over excited and possibly inebriated young students with fascism, but they fail to realise that what we have already had in the way of many law changes, especially in social security “reform”, does much more resemble “fascism” than what any left wing sympathisers may shout in a perhaps immature manner.

    The right is in turmoil, and Colin Craig and his Cons are on the attack, overtaking the rest of the right on the right hand lane.

    McVicar is hardly a moderate, as we know, and wait for the ante to be upped even more. He wants to lock more away and throw away the key, and have public registers, publicly available, not just of sex offenders, of all criminals, as far as I understand.

    We can only hope that the vast majority of the public see what is going on, and will not fall for this madness. Leave it to the extreme right to rip each other apart, and take votes of each other, and let a progressive government in, to bring this country back to sanity, some balance and on the smart, sensible, sustainable and progressive track for the future.

    NO to muppets running the show! Vote progressive!

    • We all have to work. Why shouldn’t criminals. Pick on bad or doubtful policies you get more mileage.

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