Fresh from the killing fields of Gaza – IDF holidaying in NZ


This morning the Palestine Solidarity Network sent Prime Minister John Key the following message:


Kia ora Mr Key,

Request to cancel working-holiday visas for young Israeli soldiers

In light of the genocidal practices of the Israeli military towards the Palestinian people over the past month the Palestine Solidarity Network calls on your government to cancel the working-holiday visa scheme for young Israelis fresh out of military action.

Cancellation of this scheme would send a strong message that New Zealand abhors the calculated murder of Palestinian men, women and children by the Israeli Defence Force.

Instead of giving succour and support to Israeli soldiers fresh from the killing fields of Gaza New Zealand should be extending the hand of friendship towards Palestinian families who have suffered unimaginable terror, death and destruction over recent weeks.

And yet there are no such working visa arrangements for young Palestinians.

TDB Recommends

We propose you transfer these working holiday visas to Palestinians. This would be a practical step to replace the ineffectual government statements we have seen over the past month which have given great comfort to IsraeIi butchers.

We look forward to hearing from you.


John Minto

For the Palestine Solidarity Network




  1. Thank you, John Minto. I’m certain the next Left Government — in 2 months time — will do this. I am constantly appalled by jk and the nats lack of action and gutlessness in the face of such Israeli military butchery in Gaza. And of all Palestinians.

    • Yes, genocide is repulsive. I was glad to see the NZ police apologising to the Urewera Community today.

      Israeli practices have NO place in this country.

  2. Its a great suggestion. Watch it sink without trace. With Muzza in charge of foreign affairs and a do-nothing PM who is comfortable with anything as long as it doesnt upset his applecart, I wouldn’t be holding my breath.
    Andy, we know you’re a tosser. but thanks for reminding us of that anyway.

  3. Agree with your sentiments wholeheartedly John. Well said and thank you for your humane perspective on this issue.

  4. Crap request. Hamas are terrorists. Watch the current ceasefire which Israel have offered to extend. See who breaks it first.

    • Oh so you’re saying that all Palestinians are terrorists. Meaning that you support genocide and terrorism.
      Look if you want to pretend you stand for non violence, fine. Just know that your sociopathic support for genocide is rather overt. Anyone with a brain can see you for what you are: either extremely unable to grasp reality, or an outright monster who celebrates the killing of children and civilian adults.

    • Hamas, offshoot of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Govern Gaza, use the people they govern as fodder for political means with no respect to their person. Carry out war within schools, hospitals, UN safe zones. Given a chance they would butcher, torture and kill every last Isreali. They suppress and regard women as mere chattels, subject people to cruel and harsh laws. Curse these people, Hamas that subject the women, children and the innocent of Palintine to such horrors.

      • JRYAN,
        Some of the derogatory comments you make about Hamas are undoubtably true, however, if does beg this question. If they are so despicable, why were they democratically elected by those people to govern them?

        • Fair comment yogi. But why was Hitler elected. They manipulate the people with promises but once elected push their real hidden policies. It is a tragic situation and no one is a winner. Hamas have evil in their heart. How could one even think of using places where children and families are are sheltering. Both sides just have to accept they have to live next to one another, brace their so called enemies, work out a lasting solution and supress any organision or group that wants to wage war.

          • Seriously – what a load of bullshit. Hamas resists because Israel continues a 5 decade long oppressive occupation.

          • Perhaps Jyron you might take some time out to read ‘The Generals Son’ by Miko Paled an Israeli who became a peace activist opposing his murderous Zionist Govt after his niece died from a suicide bomb.. Perhaps then you might have a bit more of an open mind to the reality that is the continued illegal, indiscriminate occupation of what is left for the Palestinian people

          • JRYAN,
            I think Hitler was elected because the Treaty of Versailles was so blatantly unfair to the German people that, when the Great Depression also came along, he was given the Chancellor’s job as an act of desperation.
            A similar sense of desperation, caused by Israel’s blatantly unfair treatment of the Palestinians, could well have been the cause of Hamas’s rise to power.
            Perhaps you should be paying more attention to the underlaying reason of why Hamas was democratically elected rather than blaming them after the fact.
            I remember Robert Fisk saying that every time he tried to ask why 911 occurred he was ignored or berated by the MSM. Seems to me answering this question would have made more sense than starting all the Islamic wars that followed.
            Desperate people do desperate things.

    • MIKE is obviously a fake Mike.

      The Hebrew name Mikael is a question rhetorical question meaning “Who is like God?”.

      The arrogant Israelis appear to think they are.

  5. What totally escapes me are the stated aims of Netanyahu:

    Top of the list is “Total demilitarization of the Gaza strip.”

    Total demilitarization? When the Gazans have got one of the World’s most militarized (incl. nuclear-armed) nations pushing up against their border?

    Is Netanyahu going to “demilitarize” Israel if Gaza agrees to “demilitarise”? Don’t hold your breath!!

    Question two is whether or not Hamas should be routinely regarded as Gaza’s military. There doesn’t seem to be anything else – like a legitimate Gazan Army/Navy/Airforce for example. So in the absence of that, Hamas is the Gazan military by default, whether Netanyahu likes the idea or not.

    Godammit – they are not even allowed a legitimate or internationally accepted GOVERNMENT in Gaza, as far as I can see. . . . though there are signs that the UN might be sympathetic to the idea, if only the USA would back off a bit. Which of course is not going to happen – there’s too much Jewish lobby-money at stake for that to ever happen!

    Question three is: What possible justification can there be for the blockade of Gaza from land air and sea by Israel? They are not even allowed to import cement to repair their ruined houses ‘cos Israel fears that the might use it to build tunnels instead.

    And this is the kind of thing that is sanctioned our all-new GOOD BUDDIES, the USA (Thank you mr key)?

  6. Wouldn’t you be better off getting your arse over to Gaza John and helping Hamas repair their tunnels and build up their rocket arsenal again? Hopefully you might even become a martyr when Hamas triggers Round 3.

    • Wouldn’t you be better off, Monty, by joining the IDF in killing off some children with righteous glee?

      • I don’t think Israel wages war from hospitals, un safe zones, schools etc. etc. Why be taken by their simplistic propaganda?

        • JRYAN,
          I suspect you meant UN, but your “un safe zones” is probably a better description.
          “Why be taken by their simplistic propaganda?” I expect you meant to refer to Hamas in that sentence but I’m reading “Israeli jingoistic propaganda”.

          • Yes they probably are so called un safe zones. What do you expect, that Hamas be able to just keep on firing rockets without relatiation? You seem hell bent on Israel and Palintine. Hardy heard a whisper about the butchery happening in Iraq. Hama’s cousins and like minded haters of freedom. Pity the poor souls being tortured, butchered, beheaded. Who’s going to stop this genocide?

            • JRYAN,
              This is a sophistic argument, one can’t justify a horrific act by siting another.
              If a school bully steals your lunch by threatening violence, is that OK because you know a bully at another school steals lunches and punches his unfortunate victims.
              You also seem to be saying that it’s unfair for the victims to retaliate against the bullying.

              • One can view the Israeli actions as bullying or action to safe guard themselves. It just depends on your viewpoint. Jews are from this area as much as any other ethnic group. They have had numerous attempts to destroy them. All they want is to to live in peace, get along with their neighbours etc. Hamas was created to wage war against a people they hate. Would you like to see the people of Israel butchered??? They want peace as much as the Palintines. Both sides should stop all military actions against each other, hold to account anyone that breaks this and let trust slowly build. Then sit at the table, negotiate, negotiate, and negotiate. But never take up arms again. Might be suprised at what happens in the long run.

  7. @ Andy @ Mike and no doubt others . After all , soulless , greedy , inhuman attitudes are not that unusual in societies who worked and fought to protect the interests of even the terminally vile such as yourselves . ‘ East meets West ‘ Good movie . Might want to check it out .
    See , your gleeful enthusiasm to hate spreads like herpes .
    What do you reckon of this little charmer link then boys ? I’d call you men but hey , you can’t have it all . You’re already infantile , dribbling dipshits .
    I’m proud of you John Minto . You’re a good man . And brave actually . Well done . A kiwi icon . Climbing your own Everest for the at-risk and the disadvantaged .

    Israeli arms dealers .

  8. Didn’t know we had such arrangement with Israel, working visa for Israelis? What are our shared values? Military occupation? Apartheid? Nuclear Armageddon?

  9. If you’ve ever been to India, you will know that NZ is not high on IDF soilders holiday lists.

    BTW they are total fuckwits over there too, and everyone avoids them like the plague.

  10. Working visas introduced by Labour government – it is Labour, Greens that request should go to. And the embassy to close until Israeli non Jewish civilians (‘Gazans’) are allowed to live in their own country, which is called Israel, that way they will be safe. Also New Zealand taxpayers should stop funding UNRWA, that bill should be paid for by Israeli government which is responsible for well being education and health of its indigenous people, the international taxpayer has paid the bill too long.

  11. Okay so these days we get world news in our faces 42/7 and it is useless to stick our heads in the sand and pretend that it doesn’t affect us because it does. Foreign affairs minister McCulley doesn’t seem to engender a great deal of confidence for some obscure reason and all rational kiwis should be praying for a change of government which supports a truly pro-active and humane foreign affairs ministry.

  12. Thank you, John Minto. I’m certain the next Left Government — in 2 months time — will do this


    This is a hard to call to make that a new government, will do this.

    It will entirely depend on the make up of that government.

    At present the Centrist website THE STANDARD is trying to build up New Zealand First to be a support party for the new government. According to THE STANDARD the new government should be made up of Labour, Greens, New Zealand First and exclude Internet Mana.

    The Right leaning THE STANDARD has also banned allowing any demands on the Labour Party to promise to expel the unapologetic Zionist Israeli ambassador.

    There can be little doubt that THE STANDARD editors and the Right Wing ABC Labourites that they give voice too, will NOT be supporting John Minto’s call to remove special visa arrangements from holidaying Israeli killers.

    As THE STANDARD’s Right Wing tolerance of genocide inevitably bleeds into other areas of their editorial political line, THE STANDARD has been giving guest posts to Right Wing commenters like the Zionist Grumpy, and the anti-wharfie Te Reo Putake/Voice of Reason.

    THE STANDARD are trying to give electoral oxygen to New Zealand First to exclude Internet Mana.

    Having met and talked with a number of New Zealand First members, (some of them leading activists), on discussion of Gaza, without exception, they were hostile Islamaphobes who supported Israel and cheered the genocide in Gaza, their intolerance for any counter view was palpable. This is not unsurprising, because Winston Peters has made a career out of courting xenophobes.

    On balance; If THE STANDARD and the Labour ABCs get their way, it is unlikely that a new government will be removing any of the special visa privileges this country favours Israel with.

    • I agree … I wouldn’t, be holding my breath on labour having the balls to defy the Zionist powers that be that .. Much respect to you John Minto

  13. Since when do we have to agree with people to defend them from injustice? -Lillian Hellman, playwright (1905-1984)

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