Faux outrage at “F**k John Key’ clip


Oh here comes the faux outrage over a bunch of rowdy students chanting ‘Fuck John Key’.

How quick the satanic jester of spin and architect of the Death Star, Matthew Hooton was to insinuate this was evidence of fascism…

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 3.54.52 pm

…and Government online mouthpiece and special envoy for the Israeli Embassy, David Farrar had the audacity to combine the Internet MANA event and anti-semitic graffiti while gurgling with empty fury.

As for Claire Robinson and her so called expert opinion

Massey University political marketing specialist Claire Robinson said the video cut down Ms Harre just as she was trying to claim the moral high ground.

…Claire has spent the last 6 years on a semi-permanent job interview for the National Party ever since they came to power so for her to tut tut and finger wag is more tedious than it is insightful.

The rank hypocrisy of all this is the crocodile tears of how awful and abusive Kim Dotcom is for having these students chant ‘Fuck John Key’ when John Key speaks regularly with far right hate speech merchant Cameron Slater all the time, and Slater only recently was trying to insinuate Tania Billingsly is some sort of Green Party honey trap who lures men to her home as bait so she can scream ‘rape culture’.

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And that’s Slater on a good month.

You want to get angry about something, get angry about the grinding inequality and quarter of a million kids in poverty and the demise of our environment and the fact we’ve locked out an entire generation from home ownership. Get angry about privatisation of our assets or the $10 billion Key has borrowed in tax cuts or National signing away our economic sovereignty under the TPPA while creating a mass surveillance state – but don’t bring us your fake outrage at students telling the Prime Minister to fuck off, because after September 15th, I suspect most of the country will be saying that.

Farrar and Hooton are speaking to NZ First voters, trying to spook conservative dear old Winston away from these scary uncouth radicals towards smiling John Key, problem for Farrar and Hooton is that Winston might not get over 5%.

As the election gets closer, the Right will get shriller. The song goes ‘Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me’ not ‘please Mr Key can I have some more’. 

The Youtube clip now has over 11 000 views. Internet MANA probably just went up .5 of a percentage.

I think the moralistic over reaction by many old pundits to the Internet MANA gig will be a sharp lesson to youth on how reactionary the mainstream media are to an issue they have direct experience of. What was posted was what normally happens at a gig, youth hearing how that normalcy is being turned into evidence of neo-nazism in NZ will slap many in the face.


  1. Lol, this gets chanted at rallies frequently. The people of Christchurch have more to be pissed about than most.

  2. Well sorry, I am most definitely a left wing voter but you fucked this one up.
    Perception is everything

      • The perception is not necessarily mine. Perhaps what I am is a bit older and a bit wiser than you. The perception by a great many people, who incidentally, vote is that is was a stupid stunt.

        • I am nearly 60 and I thought it was a fabulous display of defiance by a generation who have been viciously shafted by successive NZ governments populated by baby boomers.
          all I could think was lets have more of this.

        • Raegun I am 50 and I think it’s awesome. Fuck John Key! Totally. Try it yourself, it feels good to say it. Great to see our young people getting angry at this fucked up government of Tory c*nts.

        • I am in my seventies and think it is about time people in New Zealand saw DonKey and his supporters for what they are, these kids were expressing their true feelings against this most arrogant, divisive bigoted PM. Good on em

        • As an older left wing voter I am very reassured by this meeting. this is going to end up as the best slogan for this Election Campaign.

          “Keep Calm- Fuck John Key”

    • You know something, I will truly miss Hone Harawiri in parliament, I thought he was a standout there. I believe he has the interests of his people and just people doing it hard at heart.
      I have always like Laila Harre but sorry guys, the only impression I could possible form today, was you shot yourself in both feet, maybe possibly with putting that crap up on youtube as much if not more than the actual event, but really, what else do you expect people to think – really???

        • Look, to change anything you are going to have to get the middle vote to shift a bit, they are not going to with this sort of thing.
          You have no idea how many times I’ve said the very same thing myself, but I really really think that what’s been done here is drive that vote that could have made the change back into his arms.
          Earlier on this week when the whole Lochinver thing blew up I thought, at last we’ve got this guy on the run.
          A lot of dyed in the wool Natl voters were prepared to desert him, maybe only to NZ First but finally, we were looking at the shine coming off his shit and get some cut through into his popularity.
          I know you don’t like it, but I fear you have done what I fear.
          Try to play the ball, not the man, it will get you a whole lot further
          BTW and FYI I am a long time and will continue to be, a Green voter
          Tactics, people, tactics

        • And I really hope Hone does get back, I think he grown into something very impressive over the last few years

      • How many times will you attempt to make your point? Until somebody agrees with you? The young are going to steal this election … and it’s about bloody time. They like to say fuck. Get used to the idea.

  3. I listened to Radio Live this morning, and my fury was hard to contain, and it got more so, when an email I sent in to Sean Plunket was of course not mentioned, while he likes to read out tweets and emails from others that mostly support his line of commenting. I know a few others who sent emails, which never got mentioned, and I know of some, who got cut off right away, when they started throwing in a solid challenge after being allowed onto air.

    It is the same way he treats many of his listeners, the ones who expressed outrage about this video of the Party Party that IMP held in Christchurch, they were padded on the back, kind of, and the ones who asked for more balance, they were instantly challenged, if not ridiculed.

    That went on to lead to comparisons of the Internet Mana Party event to a “Munich beer hall meeting” in the 1920s (when one Adolf – we know who – spoke to worked up, intoxicated crowds), it even wnet as far as to openly likening Dotcom with Hitler in some ways.

    I cannot believe how low some in the MSM are going in this election campaign, to twist and misinterpret anything said, done or caused by any one associated with the opposition, to make it look as nothing honest, decent, acceptable and reliable. When John Key is interviewed, he gets treated with lots of respect, his casual, dismissive insults of others are just accepted and passed over without further comments, and he gets off mostly without much challenging.

    When David Cunliffe, Metiria Turei, Russel Norman or now Laila Harre get interviewed and qoted, they swiftly get rubbished and ridiculed once the interview is over, and with all this happening, of course the ones sitting there as radio or TV hosts get their right wing and redneck supporters call in, and say, good on ya, you’re right on this.

    No wonder we get the polls we have been getting.

    This election campaign is a dirty one, and when youth are shouting something it is taken out of context and portrayed as germinating fascism in New Zealand. Shame on Hooton, Farrar, Slater and Plunket, to go down this way.

    • its interesting you talk about how things are manipulated… as I was thinking the other day about it…. about how… people who fight for social justice and for the vulnerable….. don’t twist and manipulate the message…b/c they have the integrity not to do so……
      …. and so that’s why they come off… as ‘tainted’ as they are… b/c they get made that way… right…. and not ‘personality shopped’ so to speak to ……. and I realised… that is one thing about Truth….. it doesn’t need to be manipulated…. and if its manipulated… its not Truth….. on a side note… I watched this great video by Naomi Klein about why the right deny climate change… b/c it requires them to drastically challenge their own thinking… b/c it challenges the capitalist economy… and thats everything they believe in…… anyways…. bring on Sept 15th…..


    • Hooton says youtube clip “feels like Munich beer hall in the 1920s”.

      I knew his ideas are old and crusty but I didn’t realise that he was actually there.

    • great blog, now you just have to turn that into awareness for the group of people who only know what they are told by people they deem more knowing than they are.

  4. Either National and Key are cool with degrading comments or they aren’t. I don’t think he should (but he will) make sexist, degrading comments like ‘sugar daddy’ and then get offended when people chant horrid things about him. In for the penny, in for the pound.

  5. People who are outraged seem to be taking it out on KDC. All I heard KDC say was to change the government, and that he will hug anyone who votes. KDC didn’t start the ‘f**k John Key chant – those awesome students did!

    • Indeed , this is not about John Key, KDC , National or IMP….this is all about 30 years of pent up rage caused by the abuse in this country by exponents of neo liberalism against the people of thier own country.


      Its just that it took a bloke from overseas to come here and get treated like crap by the cowards who maintain that devious neo liberalism autocracy to finally start a juggernaut that eventually even Key , Slater or whoever else lines themselves up wont be able to hold back

      Its over.

      So goodbye neo liberals – the gravy train is OVER!!!

      Show some sense of sportsmanship and welcome to parliament Big Kim , Heavyweight Hone , and Happy Laila.

      • And by the way…. as we all know…. KDC will be running for parliament the election after this one.

        Dont think John Key will be around to be embarressed any further , somehow……

    • Apparently it’s now illegal to criticise our dear leader. Hmmm, now what was it that Hooten said about fascism and nazi beer halls??

  6. This is what the crowd will be chanting when they come for John if he ‘wins’ by electoral fraud. I don’t think a rope will hold Gerry, he might have to be impaled instead.

      • Corrupt governments throughout history have been toppled by the wrath of the people they betrayed.

        The far right’s comeuppance is long overdue.

      • Your TIN FOIL HAT seems to be working if you’re unable to detect the waves of cynical humour STUART was emitting.

  7. Martyn – you just hit the nail on the head calling a spade a spade every time. Your blog here, is just another example of how you are able to communicate through the torrid of right-wing media BS and expose the truth.

    Love your work mate – looking forward to 15 September as well 😉

  8. @ Stuart Munro . Hahahahahahahahaaha !

    It’s all really very simple . To me anyway .
    John Key is about money and could care less for us . He’s an emotional dwarf and probably has no real idea of why he’s becoming universally hated .
    He should be for all of us because we are for all of us . Are we not ? The rights of the individual can only be expressed when we all take care of each other . Is that irony ? A paradox ? Otherwise , jonky and his mentally ill minions will just come in and take our money , our stuff anf things and make life very uncomfortable for those of us who place higher values on those things that are so far free . Like freedom . Like clean air and water and enough space and time with which to enjoy those things on our beautiful Islands . Everything else is just bullshit really . And what does jonky talk ? Bullshit . No disrespect to the actual shit of a bull .

  9. …. but then there’s Kim Dotcom . Rousing the rabble . Hmmmm ? What , about that just sent a shivver up my spine ?

      • Agree Daphne I watched the video Countryboy and it was standard stuff. Obviously you have never been to student things in the 70s or 90s “fuck John Key” would be the most pleasant chant then! KDC was fairly low key, but students are starting to get back their rebel yell – about bloody time

  10. As a RW voter, I’m absolutely delighted with this disgusting show of ignorance. It will drive voters to key in droves.

    • “As a RW voter, I’m absolutely delighted with showing off my ignorance. It will drive voters away from Key in droves. ”

      There. Fixed it for you (capital “K” for a proper name, etc.). 😉

      • “It will drive voters to key in droves”.
        You just might be wrong for once, Frank, our dear friend IV may have been saying left wing voters are now so pissed off they are going to start keying gNats cars!
        N.B. “Tinfoil hat” this is a poor attempt at humour, not a suggestion to scratch any car’s paintwork.

    • Quite right, because young people freely expressing a political opinion that isn’t supportive of John Key is clearly a “disgusting show of ignorance” AND we all know that disgusting shows of ignorance are only EVER ok when they’re on RW blogs sanctioned by John Key. /sarc

      • It may be all of that, but over the last few days, a great many died in the wool Natl supporters were going to not vote for them for once because of the whole Lochinver and farm sales to foreigners thing. For once the guy was on the ropes, then this. You need to understand that you HAVE scared the horses and sent them flying back home to where they feel comfortable
        You also need to understand that for many people this had a familiar ring and familiar look to it
        Be prepared to look at this in the way it is perceived, you really, really have done those of us who want things to change a real disservice.
        Sorry but there is no other way to put it other than straight.

        • I understand your point Raegun, perception is everything and the Nats are masters of the game – getting their pet bloggers to do their dirty work so they appear distanced from the muck, their brain fades and memory lapses. And while this has worked for them up until now, I for one am tired of this cynical approach and would welcome some honesty and integrity.

          Internet/Mana did the right thing by posting this video.

          It is an honest and open approach, showing the spontaneous reaction of a young crowd at a political rally.

          Internet/mana can’t control how a crowd will react. Imagine if I/M worried about how this would be perceived, tried to keep it quiet, but a member of the crowd filmed a clip and sent it to National’s bully boy Slater.

          And If MSM is going to make Internet/mana & Laila Harre accountable for a crowd’s reaction, then John Key & National should be held accountable for the comments/hate speech on their bully boy’s blog.

    • No IV
      This will put a smile on many faces, and it will also probably cause the words “Viva La Revolution” to pop into many good thinking minds.

      “Viva la Revolution!”

      Hooray. I love this new and young generation of Kiwis. They are the stars of our countrys future!

      This is awesome!

  11. haha this is the greatest thing to happen in this election so far. Im not even a mana supporter and im rooting for dotcom. love him or hate him you have to admire his strategic showmanship. John Key just has to learn to stop messing with him, he continually makes him look like an idiot.

  12. So that’s where the angry students are. I’ve been missing them. But then, I’m raging left with the 2nd generation previous and their rage is welcome. There aim is true though we’ll get there through different channels.

    • OOOOOh ….careful….Key might send his GSCB trenchcoat wearing snoops round to us all after spying on all our electronic devices…YEAH FUCK JOHN KEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I said way back that the Internet Mana Party might have been served as literally being called the “Fuck John Key Party”. That has a great ring to it imo.

  14. “Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me” is exactly the feeling that most young people have inside them, I was 21 when the song came out and I remember it really hit the spot – and I was one of the quiet ones!

    I don’t know why some people forget what it was like being young but it’s no wonder they don’t connect with the youth vote – all that pompous seriousness while they politely pass legislation that does great violence to the nation’s well being.

  15. Those kids are just saying what we’re all thinking. The young have the bravado to speak out. It might have a few rough edges but I applaud them for that.

    Contrast that with the Prime Minister calling his political opponent a prostitute. He’s as bad as Abbott.

    • Being the recipient of sugar daddy funds does not make you a prostitute?? …perhaps you need to school up on what a sugar daddy means.

      • According to wikipedia…
        “Sugar daddy is a slang term for a man who offers to support a typically younger woman or man after establishing a relationship that is usually sexual.“

        Any difference in meaning appears to be very minor。

  16. At the time of the GSB appointment’s questions in the House I saw John Key.
    He was not chanting but his words, his demeanour, his whole approach to the idea of accountability and honesty were saying to me, saying to us “Fuck you.”

  17. What really worries the Nats, Hooton, et al, is that Key is the only card in their hand. Without him, they wouldn’t have a hope of being re-elected. As illustrated by the two music videos currently in circulation, opinion about Key is polarising. While he still rates quite highly in preferred prime minister polls, this actually doesn’t mean people like him – preferred PM is a comparative poll. It seems that people either like Key or loathe him, and that the second of these options is growing. It would be interesting to see a poll on this – my pick is that it would not be good news for the Nats. His recent outbursts, such as the sugar daddy quip (carefully scripted by his minders?) will continue this polarisation and over the next 6 weeks, enough of Key’s gloss could rub off and crash National’s ratings.

    • Nah mate – Hooton was born middle aged in a suit and tie…and about as stitched up as a lot of pompous , cardboard cut outs like Key and many of his Right wing mates.. Complete with pseudo humour dressed in snide comments.

      SUGAR DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. You have to laugh. Its OK for Keys to talk about sugar daddies and his propaganda machine to smear David Cunlifffe but the moment any vitriol is launched in his direction all the fat old Tory journos who dominate NZ’s mcmedia all start huffing and puffing. So f**k John Keys, f**k the Tory NZ MSM….

  19. And TV3 saw fit to devote significant time to this, and ignore the Greens’ transport policy launch?

    That is, ignore something which could measurably improve the lives of millions of NZers, and focus instead on a sideshow?

    Says more about the MSM than it does IMP or anyone else.

    • You point out something very, very important there! That is really “intriguing”, how little attention most MSM gave to the Green Partys major public transport policy release!

      Dead silence all over, and endless distraction with this very short video of some over excited youth, with a questionable court decision and with much other stuff.

      Nothing new in the New Zealand media landscape I fear.

    • I think the green party transport plans should include all transport being changed over to bio fuels, to abolish the need for making deals with oil companies. Otherwise whats the point of being Green?
      Greens have let themselves down with this political transport ploy. Maybe they aren’t truly mature enough yet.

      Green Party could start using the new slogan: “Fuck John Key! ” How awesome this is!

      • Misery, it is a transitional programme.

        And EV’s look to be the low/no emission transport mode most likely to make a difference, rather than biofuels.

  20. The more publicity the better. IMP is getting a lot of bang for it’s buck.
    And the official election campaign hasn’t started. They’ve got my vote.
    As an oldie knocked about by the last 6 years I agree with the sentiments…”Fuck John Key”

  21. This generation of kids is often worse off than their parents with thumping great student loans, no show of own home and forced offshore or doing it hard here, Dotcom did not create these social conditions, the tory pricks criticising Internet Mana did.

    I went to a Kora/Katchies gig well before IMP was formed and the whole crowd of mainly 20 somethings roared when one of the singers said “fuck the National government”, I don’t particularly know the bands political views but the feelings from the audience were clear.

    • I remember in the 1960s attending an anti Vietnam protest rally in Auckland, when a now very prominent and respected NZer, was the leader of a big protest movement. That day he very briefly led the chant of “F**k Keith Holyoake” (then PM of NZ), or words to that effect, before he was very quickly taken away by police and charged with using and inciting obscene language in a public place!

      These days that very same man upholds a position of respectability in society.

      Haven’t seen students or protesters so vocal and volatile since that time. So watching and hearing them in full voice at the Dotcom rally was refreshing and uplifting, reviving a lot of good memories for me.

      Now with my seventh decade in sight, I join the students in saying in all sincerity, F**k John Key! And that is not a word I commonly use.

  22. Are these really the voters we want to ‘buy’ off, sure they are cheap, but sometimes cheap and nasty doesn’t pay off in the long run.

  23. I just wonder what in the way of abuse and insults is commonly said, shouted and sworn at rural pubs and Federated Farmers gatherings in the regions – about David Cunliffe, and especially about the Greens and so – at various times.

    Would it be any different? It may be much worse, as I have heard some real nasty comments about Russel Norman over times.

  24. “Public opinion is a manufactured product”

    Douglas Reed onetime Foreign Correspondent of The Times of London who resigned because his reports on the Palestinians were never covered, or if they were were given a pro Israeli spin.

    Yes this was rather unseemly but the media is deliberately choosing what we are supposed to be outraged about.

    The firing of a 22 caliber bullet through the front window of Hone Harawira’s electoral office barely caused a ripple in the media with not one mainstream commentator voicing their outrage, at this extremist act.

    But one boisterous drunken rave party is worked up in the media to, “fascist hordes are descending on the country”.

  25. But haha the old lizard will be sitting back in his suit laughing because he knows that any publicity is good publicity at the end of the day so don’t be too complacent yet left wing. Those crocodile tears shed by right wing bloggers and radio jocks will make the floor slippery…in the meantime keep up the good work all students/gig attendees/downtrodden and disenfranchised and support Mana internet’s consciousness raising.

  26. Yes , on a more serious note , its often been observed and criticized how the young are disinterested in the political process and not bothering/ apathetic towards voting.

    Much of this is caused through the boring, walk on eggs , plastic cut out profiled blandness demonstrated by so many politicians that is manicured through the advice of their political advisers and trainers…

    It is fear based, ….risk adverse , and has the end result of a wooden statue. Minimal body language, dispassionate , poker faced , in short….trying to cover up their real agendas.

    If these are the charges leveled against youth , …then it is the direct result and fault of those who are paid to manicure these obnoxiously dull politicians.

    No wonder Mr Dotcom has no problem relating to them – the guys got some vitality about himself !!! Hes not trying to be some boring , phony old fart!!

    These young people were in their element of tribalism..having riotous fun in the safe confines of a political meeting- there was no evidence of malevolence at all . None whatsoever.

    You send age groups such as these off to war to fight , bleed and die for you and your country then castigate and label them as anti social fascists the first time you get a glimpse of the passion that really is part of the fabric of youth and then whine that it offends your thin skinned petty sensibilities.

    Can you not handle that?…Can you not handle that yes, your own sons and daughters may just have their own opinions about all the slease , crap and dishonesty put in place by a greedy , self serving older generation…of which none of it was their biding.

    You hypocrites !!!!!

    You were exactly the same when YOU were young !!!

    I swear those who get all reactionary about this youthful exuberance care less about about the youths than they do exploiting this for their own political ends.

    They are the future adults and decision makers of this land …and good on them for taking the time to get involved – in their own unique way.

    Anyone using the ‘shades of fascist’ label on them is guilty of simply taking the lousiest cheap shot they can dredge up to have a go at IMP , Hone , Laila and Kim – and their own offspring.

    So theres a finger in your eye , all you hypocritical neo liberal politicians , bloggers , MSM , ET AL.

  27. […] smear by right wing academics echoes the smears by the satanic jester Matthew Hooton and Bore of Babylon David Farrar, what’s important here is the way those under 30 will be perceiving all this media […]

  28. Shihad’s latest album (out today?) is called Five Eyes and has a song called ‘Take down the government’ – all aimed at their revulsion at this National government

  29. Chris Hipkins’ current twitter tirade (retweeted by Stuart Nash and Matthew Hooten) is too much for me. As a Mana member I ain’t a great supporter of KDC, but I am a supporter of Chch students saying ‘Fuck John Key’.

    I live in central/east Chch and those students said exactly what I’ve been thinking. Me and my friends have been suffering for three years, and now Nash and Hipkins side with Hooten and the Tories?

    …and Labour wonder why they keep dropping in the polls. I do think it’s amusing that over the next 20 years the great grandson of Sir Walter Nash will be a Labour MP when the Greens overtake Labour as the voice of the left.

    • Sigh, yes, Hippie was on Radio Live too this morning, making further negative comments re Dotcom, and stating quite clearly, Labour will have nothing to do with this kind of campaigning by IMP, yes, by the sounds of it, nothing much at all with IMP.

      Not surprisingly Sean “Plonkers” took this up with delight, and gave Hippie a great pad on the back for what he said.

      While I am not happy with what happened there in Christchurch, as we must accept that it will turn a fair few people in the public off, and is perhaps not smart electioneering, the media are whipping this up far out of proportions, and we now see how firmly the ABCers have retaken hold of the Labour caucus.

      That showed also in David Cunliffe commenting very critically on the incident at that meeting IMP held in Christchurch, where the younger potential followers and voters shouted FJK, while on the Paul Henry Show last night. But Cunliffe only stated that he fully supported Kelvin Davies winning TTT, but stopped short from ruling out accepting support of some form from IMP should Labour need it after the election.

      Paul Henry also took David’s comments up with delight, commenting himself, that Davies now must deliver and win TTT. Henry missed that David Cunliffe still kept one small option open for Labour to rely on IMP.

      We will need to see what the result of all this will be, most certainly, the media are now holding David Cunliffe and Labour to account, to not have anything to do with IMP.

      Labour are focusing on the centre voters, and are hoping to get the “morally” thinking ones to come out and vote for them. I fear their calculations may not quite result in what they dream of, as MMP will deliver a result where we will likely have a potpourri of grown smaller parties in the end, leaving both Nats and Labour short of ruling without making major compromises.

      The election has just got a little more interesting.

      • Good points Harry, but I think it’s worth pointing out that the ‘Fuck John Key’ chanting was not at an event on the IP-MANA Roadtrip that was in Chch last night.
        The video of the young people is from a rap-electronic music tour last month. The chanting was from a music gig on the 24th July at the Foundry (student pub at canty uni).
        The media have repeatedly suggested that the video comes from a political rally – but that is a blatant lie. Also Hooten has been spreading lies such as there being free booze…none of this is true.

  30. FJK – one person – freedom of speech
    FJK – two people – freedom of speech
    FJK – three people – freedom of speech
    FJK – a thousand people in unison – Nazism

  31. Well, if this has shown us anything it’s that the Mana Internet Party has the Right very very worried.

    I’ve already decided to switch from party vote Labour to party vote Mana-Internet.

    Any party that says openly what we all think gets my vote.

  32. Fuck John Key is just the updated “Rob Muldoon before he robs you”.

    Act like a scumbag in government? Don’t expect to fool all the people.

  33. Young voters are so often spoken of in the third person … sanctimoniously labelled politically disinterested and apathetic for their statistical lack of political involvement. Now they engage in their own inimitable way and resemble neo-Nazis? It’s too pathetically childish to even get offended about.

    Speaking as a parent of three 1st time voters, they are just young … not stupid. My offspring have now decorated their flat with “Fuck John Key” slogans on the walls, and have gone from 1st time voters to avid political campaigners. Nice move R/W MSM … labelling them Nazi’s will have them all rethink I’m sure. Ha!

  34. I can pretty much assure you those students are there to have a good time and come september 20th will not vote.Its so funny to see 40+ commenters getting excited literally young adults will go to any events that seem like a party

    • Hehehe…but this time they CHOSE to go to a known political parties events….and entered into the occassion….and not ONE will ever forget that night!!…Least of all on election day and what it feels like to be a part of all the goings on….and what politics really can mean to them.

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