Cunliffe on Internet MANA, how ungrateful is Kelvin Davis & how we know Labour’s vote isn’t collapsing



Many on the progressive side have asked what on earth Cunliffe meant this week when he said Internet MANA wouldn’t be part of a Government he led and have suggested this position means the ABCs – Labour’s right wing faction – have finally taken over the Caucus. As much as the Labour Party’s right wing online presence, Pundit Blog, may wish that to be the case, it isn’t.

Cunliffe has always said Internet MANA wouldn’t be around the Cabinet Table and he has always said he doesn’t see them as part of a Government he leads, there isn’t any surprise in that. A large chunk of Labour voters are still worried about Kim Dotcom and his influence and are getting as bolshie as Kelvin Davis and the ABCs are. Personally I think all those current Labour Party voters jeering at Kim Dotcom and Internet MANA will change their tune quick smart after September 15th.

But until then, Cunliffe will keep his current position. He can do that and not jeopardise a grand coalition of progressive political parties because Internet MANA are most likely to offer supply and confidence in exchange for policy and as such won’t be part of any Government. That keeps them free to remain a critical voice of the Government while getting real change for their constituents on the issues most important to Internet MANA voters.

Progressives shouldn’t look at Cunliffe’s statement as a declaration of war, it’s smart politics.

Unfortunately smart politics is not what Kelvin Davis is capable of. How ungrateful is this smug little clown?

Kelvin was given a high place on the Party list to ensure his entry into Parliament without the need to start a full scale war in Te Tai Tokerau, Kelvin has thrown that in the face of Labour leadership to push his own barrow that he’s borrowed from the other ABCs.

When a Government mouthpiece like David Farrar and far right hate speech merchant Cameron Slater are your new best mates Kelvin, is that a sign that you might have over stepped the small amount of ability you have?

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Christ Kelvin’s such a bloody amateur. Well done dick.

The spin is that Kelvin has to do this because Labour are polling so low that it’s his only chance to return to Parliament. What a load of crap. How do we know that Labour’s vote won’t collapse? It’s simple, Labour’s vote – when it does collapse – all goes to NZ First. If Labour were crashing out as badly as Matthew Hooton is pretending, then you would see a massive jump in NZ First vote, if NZ First were on 8%, you’d know that Labour’s vote had collapsed, NZ First are barely over 5% at this point, so there isn’t any evidence of this mass drop in Labour’s vote.

Internal polling within Labour has them above 30% and National’s internal polling has them higher than Labour’s internal polling – at 32% Cunliffe has the chance of forming a Government, at 34% he is guaranteed as PM.

So Kelvin will get in on the party vote and he doesn’t have to be pulling these stunts to win an electorate, which based on the internal polling, he can’t win anyway. Kelvin’s inability to see beyond his own ego means once he gets into Parliament, he should be confined to tasks his abilities are best suited for, like making the tea at Caucus meetings.

When even Andrea Vance can see through this bullshit for the dirty tricks it is, it’s time to ignore Kelvin.

This election, as The Daily Blog has been pointing out for over a year now, will be far closer than the mainstream media are pretending.


  1. “Progressives shouldn’t look at Cunliffe’s statement as a declaration of war, it’s smart politics.”

    Sure, it’s not a declaration of war; but it’s a long way from smart politics. Cunliffe’s position up to this had been that he wouldn’t do any pre-election deals, and would form a government based upon the will of the people as expressed in the vote.

    Instead he has thrown away one of the main bargaining chips he had in negotiating with NZF.

  2. I rekon your spot on Martyn I hope in a few more years neoliberalism will be confined to where it ought to be – ahhhh but these things are cyclic arn’t they

  3. Kelvin’s antics are just what the MSM loves to cover. It undermines Labour, depicts the opposition parties as in conflict, distracts from real issues and turns off soft voters. The elites and right wing ideologues salute you Kelvin!

    • Can’t agree more. Any suggestion of disunity within Labour is pounced on and used by the MSM as evidence that Labour is unfit for government (within National… not so much).

      Disunity is death, especially when faced with a hostile media. Someone needs to bring KD into line, pronto.

    • Not only that but the elites and far Right are even bankrolling the idiot Davis. ….aka Farrar and Slater.

      Which demonstrates how amoebic their brains are , because not only are the Rightest morons and the ABC’s insulting the people from up North’s intelligence thinking they cant tell whats going on , they are also going to raise their fury as well – for hindering their chances of getting political change for Northland.

      So therefore DC can play that game and use the idiot Davis as his tool..using it to appear as though he endorses the ABC’s ‘rightist’ leanings, have the idiot Davis demolished in the process , then , when Labour are in power even though not having a formal alliance with IMP , can forfeit some policy in return for supply and confidence from IMP.

      Very clever.

      Also , after Labour has won , they can start the tactical demolition of the last remnants of neo liberalism in the Labour party.

      Is it any real wonder IMP arent looking particuarly upset by the idiot Davis?….doesnt look as if DC is either…

  4. I think Cunliffe is doing the right thing to step back from IMP, and Hone does not seem at all upset that he is doing so. In their present formation IMP are a new party, and it is right for them to earn their stripes before they start vying for ministerial portfolios. Moreover, some people are claiming that the right have some new scandal about KDC that they intend to release closer to the election. This might be mere hot air, but given the right wing press’s tendency to draw very long bows in order to get mud sticking to Cunliffe, he is far better off keeping his distance and letting IMP field that one, if there is indeed anything to field.

    I am not so happy, however, to see yet another instance of a Labour contender buddying up with right wing activists.

    • I have a fair idea of what Slater has been handed in National’s last gasp effort to damage Kim credibility, both are easily explained and won’t reduce any of the impact of September 15th.

      • I would take issue with your’e statement about ‘IMP being a new party and that it is only right for them to earn their stripes before vying for ministerial portfolios’……

        It would appear that you cannot remember Bob Jones setting up the New Zealand party for the express purpose of destroying the Muldoon govt. Then propmptly dismantling it after Muldoon lost and Labour (aka his neo liberal buddies Douglas and co. ) came to power.

        What would have happened under MMP?… what ?…we would have had a Jones in parliament getting bored and making snide sarcastic comments to all and sundry – in fact he would have spent more time being kicked from parliament than in it. And what political ablility did that clown have?…..

        So I believe IMP’s people is more than able to foot it in parliament – they have experienced leadership you seem to forget……

  5. Cunliffe has to draw this line in the sand because like it or not, guilty or innocent, Dotcom is going through a very lengthy court process. This may see him extradited to the US and if so the result may be him going down for the accusations he faces. There are simply too many high risk unknowns.

    I would not want to be the PM of a coalition with Mana Internet if the Dotcom ship slowly starts sinking and he ends up serving time making licence plates at San Quentin.

    Without doubt Labour would be damaged, possibly irreparably, by the fall out.

    • Here is why your analysis is deeply flawed.

      1 – There will be no court case this side of the election.
      2 – Past the election the Internet Party gains its own parliamentary funding and no longer requires any external funding to keep it funded for the next 3 years. Even if Kim is deported, Internet Party remains self funding.

      There is no risk to Labour re the stability of the Internet Party.

  6. I am absolutely DISMAYED by these ridiculous antics by Kelvin and his cronies, and, as some one who first joined the Labour Party in 1980 and worked tirelessly for them, I am saying the idiots like him and his “ABC” buddies have NO place in MY party!

    IMO, once this election is over and done with, it will be time for a final final showdown with these neoliberal Rogernome hangovers, and anybody in the Labour caucus who still thinks they can have a “bob each way” on issues like the TTPA, so-called “free trade”, and all the other icons of neoliberal voodoo economics, can be shown the door, and Mr Davis will be at the head of the line.

    • should be a simple thing to rid Labour of these parasitic leeches that act as the fifth coloumn…indeed…running contrary to what Labour is all about…what business do they have in being in the party anyway?…

      Someone should tell them the 1980’s was 24 or so years ago , and even Douglas has long ago left the fold…

      Talk about living in the past.

  7. …. am going to the Internet-Mana road-trip meeting down here in the South Island when they hit our shores!These guys are on a roll and when you read their policies, you know they mean it. There is nothing sugar coated about I-M. Bit of strategic voting this year. 🙂

  8. Such a vitriolic, aggressive and frankly childish attack on Kelvin, is beneath you. He has every single right to try and win his seat the right way, and not rely on flawed internal polling. His is an important voice for Maori and one that many share.

    • Labour MPs who find themselves agreeing with Farrar and Slater should go and talk with McCully about an ambassadorship to nowhere. They have ceased to represent the membership.

    • Jessthom – If Davis wants to win Te Tai Tokerau – go for it. He can knock himself out.

      But do it by promoting Labour Party policy and his own achievements – not denigrating a left wing rival.

      That is the kind of infighting bullshit which we’ve had a gutsful.

  9. Can you explain why the public only see flawed polling if internal polling is more accurate, why can’t we get that instead?
    I am meeting too many people who won’t vote because they think the result is a foregone conclusion, based on the polling they see on the news

    • You need to tell those people you are meeting, it’s only a forgone conclusion if people go “there’s no point voting cos it’s a forgone conclusion” and don’t vote. If the conclusion is already known (which could only happen if you scry rather than pole), why does it mean you are wasting your time voting – at least you’ve had your say even if your team doen’t win? If you don’t vote you waste the ONE chance you get, only once every three years so it’s hardly a burden, to actually make a difference even if it’s by just one vote.

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