TV REVIEW: Hosko – 7 Sharp tonight

How much for a gold medal?  But Hosko means a gold medal at the Comm Games.  Hosko says half a million bucks per gold.  And Hosko winked, or something like that’s the sweet spot, he’s allowing it to go as high as that.  That’s value.  Hosko knows about value it’s the same thing as money.  Comm Games half a mill each.  Generous, cause Hosko is a Kiwi who loves success.  Hosko says this.
Wagging finger in a lecture, Hosko – under the sheen of Natural Glow – rebukes xenophobes and other mythic figures.
This is sober editorial comment from Hosko that will go down a treat at yacht club.  Hosko gave a precis of people thought to be stirrers and anti-establishment types opposing land sales to foreigners.  Safely quarantined to those usual suspects.  So reassuring, especially in that voice.  There is no populist threat to the order while Hosko is on the air – and especially not while seated on a TVNZ swivelly-chair. The lefties are crying again and that’s all, so Hosko will box their ears to show them up as haters.
Hosko has reserved the grande finale for these wankers.  They will wish Hosko had gone back to his more benevolent form of patronising which Hosko can do.  Hosko has ‘tude, Hosko brings the facts.  Only 0.69% of something or other.  Ha!  The Chinese aren’t the biggest buyers.  Dutchmen. Yanks.  Poms.  Hosko has done RESEARCH and this proves it – whatever Hosko said.  And look at the white cuffs going off on HD – Hosko will review this tape later.
It was all so simple.  And you knew it was simple because Hosko tossed it off with his Gallic shrug.  It lowers the value.  QED.
It has to go for the most amount of money to whoever will pay it in the world.  So obvious to Hosko.  You’ve got to keep the price the highest to get the most – that’s winning – that is what land is all about.  Land is about selling it, not keeping it.  You can’t make money without selling it.  So obvious.  It’s all about value.  Hosko is about value.  Value is perfect.  Perfect value.

This was the reasoning of Hosko.


    • If you are implying that Hosko is female genitalia – my female genitalia resents that comment and I think you should use a word which evokes small male genitalia!

      • Well, when I look at that photo of Hosking and Hawkesby looking like the cats that got Jonkey’s man cream, and then remembering that they’ve had kids, I was about ready to punch myself in the dick.

    • Dawn, I agree entirely with your sentiment, but the ‘c’ word should be reserved for good ‘c’s , like Laila Harre, Helen Clark, Meteiria Turei, and all those other good lefty ‘c’s.

  1. Post is a little difficult to read but that is perfectly appropriate as Hosking’s reasoning is unfathomable on just about everything.

  2. skewered him Tim!

    Hosko’s favourite thing in the world after his hair styler, Maserati and toadying up to master Key seems to be putting the slipper into vulnerable citizens aka ‘losers’.

  3. HA!…..the 45 year old man with the 17 year old gelled up hairdo ‘s at it again is he, folks?

    That voice?…that warbling out – of – tune Robin ?…I would say a 50. cal machine gun has less monotonous staccato than that little robot.

    His ilk are only following in the traditions of the Paul Holmes standard framework…sarcastic remarks then on to the next topic before a reply can be given. Comedians do it all the time. Its called ‘pumping the audience’.

    You’ll find the same thing in many male radio announcers… you know….the deep, rich baritone voice enhanced by studio to give a slight echo and ambiance…

    Im sorry but the guy sounds to my ears like some geriatric dementia patient sounding off somewhere between mumbling /burbling his way through a pet diatribe or the lame squeaking of an injured mouse when a cat has it in its jaws….

    Not to be taken seriously lest one wants to be branded either naive or an idiot.

  4. Who are the government?…is it not the people?….and the people ‘use’ their representatives as their ‘elected’ executives of their will..

    As polls taken on selling off state owned assets – or – tax payer funded blocks of land showed overwhelmingly that the people opposed this – even those who voted national – thusly it follows….that to bequeath /sell or otherwise to another countries citizens is an act that can defined as treason.

    It walks dangerously close to that line.

    There never was a true mandate by any government so far that has ever had that mandate or right.


  5. .. the motivation behind this ?, it’s an election ploy, an old one, but still an effective one, to con the blind Tory’s into thinking they are doing the community good, controlling policy’s are the best ones for the Fascist Party , because in reality that’s what their long term agenda is all about.They want total control over the masses,to be able to cull and incarcerate the human population and take us back to where the world was just before slavery ended.( ‘they’ hated the fact that they had to pay real money to men who slaved their backs into the ground) to them, a man, another human being, was nothing more than equal to a shovel , spade and axe.. “They” want a world where everyone, especially the weak minded, are easy to control, easily manipulated into submission. ‘They’ are almost there, only a few more decades, and all who have been in denial, will end up eating the egg off their faces.. Unfortunately it will be in full swing even before their deluded minds will realise…It’s slowly but surely happening now,and NZ wants to be a world leader

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