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Posted on August 4, 2014 by admin in Hone Harawira, Press Releases“If there’s any truth to what I have seen today, then somebody’s head should roll” said MANA leader and Tai Tokerau MP Hone Harawira when told of emails suggesting Kelvin Davis’ campaign team in Tai Tokerau was planning to launch an attack campaign against him with money solicited from National.
“Changing the government is going to be tough enough – it’ll be bloody impossible if Labour does dirty deals with National” said Harawira.
“National has been directly responsible for driving up unemployment, homelessness, ill health, and poverty for Maori right across the north” said Harawira. “I’m trying to get rid of them and Kelvin Davis and his crew are doing deals with them!”
“I’m gutted, and Maori in Tai Tokerau will be seriously troubled that Davis and his mates are cozying up to the people who have caused so much damage to our communities”
“And don’t buy this rubbish about me having more money because of Kim Dotcom either” said Harawira. “You’re only allowed to spend $25,000 anyway and I’d already banked mine before MANA signed its deal with the Internet Party”
“Where does this go now?”
“As a matter of principle, Davis should either admit that he knew what was going on here and resign, or state categorically that he didn’t and sack his campaign team”
“Either way, he owes the people of the north an apology”

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  1. Remember . Labour was the incubator of dirty , filthy , lying roger douglas , prebble , etc ? It takes more than one beating to whack the fleas out of the carpet .

  2. Yeah..this Davis character…what a fork tongued double dealer. Still..understandable as Labour has not yet managed to purge these ABC traitors from its ranks as of yet.

    That’s the real subterfuge going on here…the neo liberals still in Labour.

    Still..on the positive side…this will now expose him to being the quisling for the neo liberals that he really is.

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