BLOG WATCH: Realising what Pundit Blog and Phil Quin are


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I’d never really worked out what Pundit Blog was. It just seemed like the place opinion went to die. Edited by The Nation’s Executive Producer Tim Watkin, it is so safe, so bland, so wallpaper. I never read it much beyond Tim’s initial offer for me to blog on the site when he first set it up on his return from the UK 3 or 4 years ago.

I’ve known Watkin since University days. He never appealed to me then, he doesn’t appeal to me now, but it was a recent farcical column by ‘Labour Party activist’ Phil Quin that suddenly helped me understood what Pundit Blog actually was – it’s the unofficial blog for the right wing of the Labour Party.

Sure it’s got Nicky Hager and Sue Bradford listed as contributors, but they haven’t blogged since last year. Josie Pagani, Tim Watkin, Phil Quin, Andrew Geddis (who is the only one who writes anything worth reading), Linda Clark, Mike Williams – it’s the tired 3rd way Tony Blair bland nothingness that made David Shearer seem like a genius to them.

In an online world where one can do anything, Pundit Blog offers nothing. Take Phil Quin’s claim that criticism of the way the media has led a character assassination  against David Cunliffe is just a conspiracy by disgruntled bloggers.


Let’s ask Phil Quin where the Herald on Sunday’s fictitious $150 000 donations to the Labour Party are? Where is the $100 000 bottle of wine Phil? Where is the $15 000 book Phil? When the media are picking on Cunliffe’s colour of scarf, that’s a media asking the hard questions is it Phil? When Mike Hosking is the moderator of the election debates on the public broadcaster who then writes a column clearly stating he is biased, that’s all just a conspiracy is it?

Phil, like Watkin and Pagani,  can’t see any of this bias because those with privilege never see it, which kinda sums up the problem with the right wing of the Labour Party. They want to talk about an inequality they can’t see and then wonder why their message comes across as fake.

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Tired bitter right wingers within Labour who no longer have any influence now the Party is more democratic should be given the same level of tolerance creationists are given at evolution conferences. Polite but insincere.


  1. Wow – I’m an activist! And I don’t even belong to a political party! From my son – who is a labour footsoldier – they aren’t preparing for defeat nor are the provences abandoned. And concidering I’ve heard NATs say that the holiday critisism was unfair, how out of touch are these guys?
    Shane Jones? Come on, the guy got funding from Hekia Parata’s husband!!
    The party is out – from what I’ve heard – to get all the votes they can – like every other bloody party (how dumb are these guys?).

  2. If the definition of ‘Labour Activist’ is a bitter former closet dweller, who trolls the keyboard, then it is a broad definition but I understand the party is inclusive…. We’ll still be hearing “back in the 1990s” I was supposed to be the next MP for Hobbitsville and I use to suck Mike Moore’s weaner into the 2030s if this guilt-ridden, never -was has his way. Is a this voice from the wilderness like a tree falling in the forest with no one around?

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