A brief word on “We tortured some folks”



Dear America, when you are admitting war crimes like torture, could you perhaps tone down the bullshit folksy crap?

Oh, and when will everyone responsible for this State sanctioned torture all be put before the Geneva Convention for war crimes?

We’ll just add these State sanctioned tortures alongside the state sanctioned drone assassinations and state sanctioned coups and invasions shall we?

Meanwhile John Key plays caddy for Obama. It’s time for an independent foreign policy.


  1. As well, we can also add to the US disgraceful list of atrocities, America’s state sanctioned support of Israel committing genocide in Gaza!

  2. Peace, Love, and the American way! Land of the Free! The Greatest Nation on Earth!
    Fucking sickening

    • Oh dear, once was tim. I wonder who saved your smug backside some 60 odd years ago, heh. Well you were probably not born then but like it or not without US involment this country and the whole western lifestyle would not be as we know it now, and not for the better.Yes some US policy may not be the correct actions in hindsight, but we all have benefited by the power of the US. What would you rather have, be dictated by IRIS, Hamas, some Islamist group, China, hey maybe Russia? Your brain has been indoctrinated and you only see negative, where there is so much positive. Poor soul.

        • Well E-CLECTRIC I can’t really say that clip was a turning point for me. All kinds of deals are done and in hingsight not always the for the best. And also much information is twisted and are nothing more than conspiracy theories. Some people are just wired that way, everythings a conspiracy. It is well known US funded some of Hilters rise. But how were they to know he was to turn out to be a hateful fanatic curse of a man. Hitlers rising power was a convienant alternative power to the Soviet Union, so US would have been most likely favourable to a strong force east of the union.
          To offer another example of US so called thuggery, look at Japan after the war, It went in and re-established a working government and reconstruction and over time let the country take it’s own course. There was some defence retraints on its armed forces, which is understandable. I mean, if the Soviet Union had been the dominating force in the Pacific after the war, what would be the outcome for us? We would have been supressed and the freedom that we take for granted removed.

  3. There was so much hope that things would change when Obama got in but his time will be remembered as business as normal.

  4. It’s time for an independent foreign policy.
    Absolutely – and if we’re going to do anything meaningful with a seat on the Security Council.

  5. “Ah, we just tortured them a little bit, kind of, tickling with feathers for 24/7. And sadly, they could not stop laughing, which made our agents feel really guilty, causing so much pain for them”. Is that what Barack Obama is saying?

    Slaughtered little children in Gaza on the TV screen every news edition now, bombings, shootings and more of similar stuff in Iraq, Syria, in Libya, in Eastern Ukraine, and more is to come.

    Maybe the sensitivities of the world public are not as pronounced as they used to be now, so Obama can now tell us a “little bit” about the truth, what CIA and other US agents get up to.

    The hope seems to be, it will hardly be taken note of, and thus become acceptable after all, in hindsight.

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