The Right-wing – strong on crime!



National hoarding staying strong on crime


National, ACT, and the Right, generally, are renowned for being “tough on crime”. What follows are just a few examples,  to illustrate National/ACT’s “toughness”.


Claudette Hauiti confirms misspending


Ms Hauiti isn’t the first MP to mis-use tax-payer’s money, and most certainly won’t be the last.

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Meanwhile, Minister for Courts, Chester Borrows, might take his speeding ticket as an opportunity  to see how well the Court system is operating after budget cuts from this government;


Courts Minister admits red face over speeding ticket and $80 fine


Perhaps the worst example of a politician rorting the system and attempting to undermine the law for his own benefit was John Banks’ attempt to hide Kim Dotcom’s campaign donations;


John Banks guilty in donations case


Oh dear… poor Banksie;


John Banks snapped phone-driving


Talk about “accident prone”. Really, I think he needs a holiday away from it all for a while. Perhaps Dear Leader can lend him the keys to his bach… in Hawaii.

Meanwhile, our favourite redneck is in trouble again. Despite his surname, Michael Laws marches to the beat of a different drum – and his own laws;


Michael Laws gets smack warning


Simon Bridges is another National minister who apparently prefers our laws to be more… flexible;


Govt defends trading law enforcement


Giving away one of our few remaining real holidays is a fight National wants to avoid. They understand that whilst Kiwis like to shop, that paradoxically, they also like their holidays. Who wants to give away a family day at the park, in summer, watching the kids play sport – so that we can spend those same summer days couped up in a shopping mall? Or in the office? Or factory? Or service centre?

The Bridges Solution? Turn a blind eye to the law. An inconvenient law.

Talking about inconvenient…


Investigation underway into Brownlee's airport breach


The moral of this story?

Well, there ain’t none. Not if you’re a National/ACT member of Parliament.

Ponder this though; if National/ACT are exhibiting this kind of arrogance after only two years – what on Earth will they be up to if they win a Third Term?!

[Disclosure: this blogger has a Court conviction. – Frank Macskasy]





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  1. Yeah , well , Frank me old son….a boil has to form pus before it bursts…guess thats just what we’re witnessing now at the moment.

    Sorry about the imagery…but then again…thats the best way to describe the rot we are seeing at the moment.

    AND,…WHEN the Left rolls into town…we will start to see the muck being cleared up and the healing can begin.

    Roll on election day.

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