The infallible NZ Police


You would think 44 years after one of their own framed an innocent man by planting evidence that the NZ Police would admit they got it wrong.

Not so.

The whitewash report yesterday into the Crewe murders does the usual song and dance lip service to the victims routine, but doesn’t address the fundamental point that Arthur Allan Thomas was framed by the Police and as such the Police force have walked away from accountability.

In a normal functioning liberal democracy there would be stringent checks and balances placed upon a Police force, in NZ however the colonial hangup of pakeha requiring the mounted constabulary to ride into town and bash any local natives who were causing strife means we have a worrying authority worship fetish that allows the Police to effectively get away with any behaviour they see fit.

This latest example of Police arrogance has history. During the investigation into the sado-masochistic gang rape culture of the NZ Police, Dame Margaret Bazley had to seek Helen Clark’s protection when a private investigator handed information over to the Police that tried to bring up a previous relationship she had with a criminal as a reason to discredit her in the investigation and behind the public assurances that the Police were co-operating with Bazley, the Police were actually waging a desperate legal fight to constantly limit the scope of the inquiry.

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I think our Police suffer from an Alpha Male hyper masculinity defect where they must be seen to be right 100% of the time enabled by a domestic population who tell them they are right 100% of the time.

“Respect my Authority” might be a funny catch cry from a Cartoon series, it’s hardly any way to run a Police force.

Any new Government coming in post September 20th must see reform of IPCA as a priority. Cops investigating cops isn’t a solution.


  1. Don’t get me started on the blue bellies’ culture!

    Arthur Thomas long pardoned and financially compensated, again put in the frame by the cops, still in denial over Hutton’s cartridge plant and an expressed let off for an early suspect. Hello–don’t we have a legal system that should determine such things? rather than some cops opinion?

    The Crewe murders are important 44 years on because it was the first time for many living New Zealanders that the Police were publicly taken on by citizens and journalists and found to be lying intimidating bastards.

  2. I hate them. I don’t trust them. I would only call them to report a burglary, and only then for insurance purposes.

    I would never ever call them for anything related to sexual assault. Rickards, Shipton and Schollum proved they are not to be trusted. Their handling of the Roastbusters case reinforces that view. How those cases were and are being handled by the police, the lying and bullshit, makes me believe justice is only for rich white men. Not for people like me.

    When a great proportion of the population has no trust in the police force, what then?

    • “When a great proportion of the population has no trust in the police force, what then?”

      With respect Lara we are a way off from that point yet, many people say they “are just doing their job” and support them but numbers are growing that don’t, maybe around 50/50 from those I talk to, and more like 80/20 among young, female, non white and poorer people.

      A lot of their job could be done by a civil defence type force–finding lost trampers, car crashes, basic policing. Take away the state forces and surveillance stuff and what have you got really? The cops need to be accountable like any other public servants.

  3. NZ Police are institutionally blind to their own shortcomings and corruption within their ranks.

    It’s because they are terrified of losing their authority and credibility in the eyes of the public. Absolutely terrified.

    The same behaviour is on display from the judicial system in this case. The Bench has never admitted fault in the proceedings of the Thomas case either. Thomas lost every legal appeal. It took an authority outside of the judicial system to deliver justice to Arthur Thomas.
    This fear is equally apparent in the Peter Ellis case. The system believes its very credibility is at stake, it will fight every step in order to refuse to acknowledge error. It will never admit fault. Thomas, Ellis, Haig, Bain, Pora, Gwaze, many more besides.

    The joke is that this behaviour earns them greater contempt in the eyes of many who value justice than any simple acknowledgement of error ever could.

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