Mr Fixit is broken – Novopay becomes Neverpay


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There are deals so poorly agreed to with the barest amount of oversight green lighted for ideological reasons so mangled and damaged that not even Steven ‘Mr Fixit’ Joyce can dress it up beyond the turd cake it is.

Novopay is one such turd cake.

The right wing fantasy that the private sector can do a cheaper more efficient version of anything the Public Sector provides must have looked so tempting for all the right wing MPs looking to slice parts of the budget off. Novopay’s failure is theirs.

$110 million wasted dollars. We could have fed every hungry kid in every decile 1,2 and 3 school for a year on that.

Talent 2 were these flash Aussies who traipsed into town and tricked us sleepy hobbits into signing up to a ridiculous dog of a deal because our political leaders wanted to believe the free market would prevail rather than reality.

Campbell Live’s focus on how shoddy this unbelievable Government incompetence has been by doing over 40 shows on the story deserves massive respect.

How shitty for all our teachers impacted and damaged by this needless and ill conceived brain fart.

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  1. I watched Joyce spinning like a top this morning. The way he portrays this sad affair, you could be forgiven for thinking that Novopay was actually paying us back 7 million. BS. We are still paying for this dog over the coming years, even more millions. How did that happen? He defends it still, in the face of contradictory evidence, and now he is saying that they will be outsourcing it, again, some time in the future. Making even more money for the private sector at our expense? I am disgusted at the actions of this ugly govt who are in it for the money they can cream off the country, for their own pocket.

  2. So what Joyce and this shonkey government has belatedly admitted is that private enterprise doesn’t necessarily deliver better outcomes than the State?

    Well, that lesson has cost us, the taxpayer, only $110 million.

    • Bet they wouldn’t let a workers collective try either there Frank. Now would their brains explode if a collective/co-operative/union of working people could get this going.

  3. This is the minister for screwing industry. He screwed my industry, the film and TV export industry.

    • This clown, who couldn’t pass exams to get into veterinary school (true) is also screwing up his tertiary education portfolio as well. Dullard.

  4. John Ralston Saul explained the failure of massive IT payroll projects in some detail over a decade ago but of course the Gnats, being functionally illiterate, would not have read him.

    A teachers’ co-op probably would design the best fix because they understand the problems. The best solution might not be IT, people got paid before it after all. But if IT is chosen, then IT folk need to be involved in the contracting side – to separate out the pretenders. I bet KimDotCom could produce a better system at half the cost in a couple of months.

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