Just how crazy is ACTs Whyte Supremacy?


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Two reasons why Jamie Whyte’s claim that Maori are as legally privileged as 17th Century French Aristocracy is possibly the most stupid thing anyone has ever said.

1 – That easy-Maori-University-entry chestnut is one of the worst examples the right can use. They never seem to appreciate that the grade is lower for first year students and after that first year it is the same as everyone else. That’s ACTs major issue? Getting a dozen Maori doctors and lawyers a year? That’s a good enough reason to open up race as an issue? For a dozen more Maori Doctors and lawyers who gained university entrance on a slightly lower grade but who then had to have the same grade at the end? That’s French Aristocracy levels of privilege is it?

2 – Apparently the RMAs need to talk with local Iwi is another example of French Aristocracy levels of privilege.  Seeing as so much of NZ was confiscated or seized by public Act, the pathetic lip service paid to Maori for the barest level of interaction over land of spiritual and cultural significance to them is the least we should do, yet ACT believe this is ‘legal privilege’?

When I line those two bullshit justifications up against terrible social stats showing that Maori don’t have the same legal privilege as the fucking French Aristocracy (Which was Jamie Whyte’s whole point right? That Maori have ‘legal privilege’ similar to the French Aristocracy right?) – ACT can’t be actually serious can they? 

Jamie Whyte should stick to musing about legalising incest than making up bullshit like this.

PS – Congratulations to Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy who has denounced these vulgar and racist claims by ACT.


  1. While I am a great fan of the idea of libertarianism, it always ends up to be something quite different when someone tries to put it into action.
    Libertarianism as we have it depicted by the likes of Whyte is the culture of the white, probably rich male. I have not once seen him suggest that maybe the one law for all be law that is based on Maori principles and beliefs, oh no, they are white, rich, male principles, particularly laws surrounding property, or more specifically, land ownership.
    The only true libertarianism is libertarian left, where the one basic tenet that all would live by would be “Do unto others, etc” after that you would be pretty much free to do what you wanted.

    • It’s telling that the popular forms of libertarianism spring forth from the font of embittered Russian aristocracy aka Ayn Rand. Does no one understand that the privileged white classes are born to rule and everyone else are just takers and peasants?

      Sod libertarianism, it’s twisting of meritocracy is actual double think.

      • True libertarianism, not neo-liberalism trying to convince us that it is, in fact, libertarian, would be fantastic, as everyone would realise that no-one would be free unless all were free and everyone would value that above everything else.
        Libertarianism is not doing what you want with property, or more particularly land and sea, true libertarianism is a state of mind and where we will need to go in order to discover how to prosper in the future without growth.

  2. In this intemperature comparison of Maori with French Aristocrats we have the explanation for why Whyte has abandoned academia to become a footsoldier for unprincipled wealth: poor judgement. Stirring the far from radical Susan Devoy to condemnation bespeaks a level of odium beneath even the standards of the creeping invertebrates that scuttle about Epsom begging for cups of tea.

    • Honestly, at first glance I thought I was seeing an advert for soap powder (act washes whiter then whyte) I must say, though, Susan Devoy nailed it.

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