A brief word on why Murray McCully’s email didn’t work in New York


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Ummmmmmm. What?

An email to Foreign Minister Murray McCully’s office about former Malaysian diplomat Muhammed Rizalman bin Ismail invoking diplomatic immunity remained unopened for weeks – allegedly because communications were limited as the minister travelled to New York.

So Muzza couldn’t respond to this issue for weeks because he couldn’t check his email in New York?

Last time I looked this morning, New York seemed to be regarded as the greatest city in the world. I would be very surprised if this reputation has only been generated in the last couple of months between when Muzza was there and now.

There was no wifi connection at the Hotel? That just seems so unlikely. Does this mean that no Minister should ever go to New York because they can’t be contacted once there? I had no idea that New York effectively has the reception strength of the dark side of the moon.

Tania Billingsley deserves far better representation of her interests than Murray McCully’s contemptible attempt.


  1. The GCSB could have opened the offending email remotely and helped out our poor, Dear Foreign leader in a heartbeat. After all, if you’ve nothing to hide you’ve nothing to fear, right?

    Vote Key Corporation @ #teamkey – Selling out Kiwi’s since 1985.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if the govt and MFat are secretly hoping that this guy doesn’t actually make it back, as I suspect that they can see there may be some cultural issues here

    • Of course he won’t make it back, he was put in a psychiatric hospital, that indicates that there was always going to be the excuse that he is not well enough to stand trial. The rest is just diplomatic shenanigans. The whole case is about protecting trade at all costs

  3. Lol.

    More lies and deception.
    What a load of garbage this man spews forth.

    Even a 5 year old internet user knows that is a bare faced lie!


  4. Internet communication is available in all first world international cities, of which NYC is one. This latest load of codswallop coming from the disreputable McCully/Key camps now, is backside covering for their incompetency and attempted cover ups in this issue!

    How many more lies are Kiwis expected to believe from this band of fraudulent, corrupt liars and cheats, aka the National government? The crap and propaganda spewing out of the mouths of Key and his minsters would do Josef Goebbels proud!

    This one is a perfect example how the arrogant, contemptuous Key & Co consider Kiwis – treating us like mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed bullshit! So much so, the bovine excrement must be getting low by now!

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