Oh now John Armstrong and Vernon Small want to talk about policy?


The audacity of the mainstream media seems to know no end.

This week both John Armstrong and Vernon Small had the hilarity to demand a focus on policy and not ‘gotcha’ politics…

John Armstrong: The ‘gotcha politics’ disease is afflicting all
Regardless of whether it is John Key or David Cunliffe who has the numbers on election night to pick up the reins of power, so-called “gotcha politics” is almost guaranteed to be the big winner of the 2014 election campaign.

Key squashes speculation
Key’s signal has taken a huge amount of uncertainty – and screeds of commentators’ speculation – out of the upcoming election campaign.
Policy debate anyone?

…and these are the same commentators who earlier had this to say…

John Armstrong: Cunliffe’s resignation may be in order
David Cunliffe is in deep political trouble. So deep that his resignation as Labour’s leader may now be very much in order.

Permission to panic, captain Cunliffe?
Will the caucus give itself “permission to panic?”

With nine weeks to go till election day, it’s hard to see the public rewarding a move on the leader or any other major change.

But the option of replacing David Shearer with Cunliffe and not Grant Robertson is proving more high-risk than high-return.

…so when the Herald falsely accuses Cunliffe of knowing about a $100 000 bottle of wine that never existed, a $15 000 book that didn’t exist and a $150 000 donation that was also fictional, John Armstrong is demanding Cunliffe’s resignation and when Vernon Small opens up the possibility of a coup based on flawed landline opinion polls his corporate media company are promoting neither of those are examples of ‘gotcha’ politics that ignore policy?

This is made more contemptible when you consider this would be the front page of the NZ Herald if they thought they could get away with it…



  1. No doubt the headline, “ANTICHRIST”, would compound the blasphemy by pointing out Cunliffe was the son of an Anglican minister!

  2. Damned hypocrites, the lot of them. It’s getting harder and harder to take the media seriously in this country. When a tv host starts asking questions of a guest’s sexlife, then you know we’ve hit rock bottom.

    I notice that the Herald still hasn’t apologised to Cunliffe for the smear campaign they ran against him!

  3. Quite disturbing to see this done with Cunliffes face.

    If the pic was about Key, then it would be true huh!
    Please now do one with pics of Key in the place of Cunliffe – just so you give them both the same ‘air’.
    And it wouldn’t be disturbing at all – Because it would be nearer the truth.


  4. Last election the right wing journos were more creative and more benign in their comments, this time round they are more ruthless, is it the smell of change that has stirred them up?

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