Why it’s all over for the Conservative Party



Whatever flirtations were made months ago to Colin Craig by National strategists, the polling must have come back showing them too much of their soft urban vote would walk if Key was in Government with Colin Craig.  The necessary inside muscle to force McCully out of East Coast Bays  isn’t there and there’s no guarantee Colin can win even if the National Party East Coast Bays candidate was an inanimate object.

Architect of the Death Star, Matthew Hooton,  spoke at the Conservatives conference extolling them to become even more religious in their tone and focus. That’s great, but Hooton is also explaining to all who will listen that the next Government will be National and NZ First so did Hooton give the Conservative Party advice that would clearly allow NZ First to define itself as the non religious conservative vote?

Beyond getting tricked by Hooton, there is the realisation that this entire adventure into East Coast Bays has been a a clever trap when Colin’s come back to getting no deal is that maybe the Labour Party would like to help him out instead

Mr Craig said he supported a third term for National, if they won the largest share of the party vote – though he could not rule out working with Labour.

If Labour agreed to the Conservative’s bottom line of binding referenda, and National did not, then “that would be a very interesting scenario, and perhaps Labour would be prepared to do that”.

That’s not a drowning man clutching at straws, that’s a drowning man clutching at atoms.

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No Colin, I don’t think Labour would touch you with a 50 foot chemtrail, and that you’re thrashing around making comments like that highlights the corner you’ve been tricked into.

Colin Craig can’t gain over 5%, he’ll be competing too much with NZ First for that electorate and without the guaranteed representation an electorate provides, a vote for the Conservatives will be perceived as a wasted vote.

Colin has been viciously played by the Right and has been neutralised.

Goodbye Mr Craig. We won’t be seeing any more of you.



  1. Oh Martyn

    You really wish that Colin Craig and the Conservative Party disappear from the NZ political spectrum but you are oh so wrong. Right wing politics is growing stronger by the day and the left wing is slipping away into the cesspit where it belongs.

  2. National must be convinced that they are going to cross the line with at least 50% of the vote alone. And to be fair with all the media firmly behind them and Chris Trotter they have a good chance!

    I have to say that Colin’s billboards make me laugh when I see them, I don’t know what it is about his face!

  3. Despite how glad I am that the worst case scenario now won’t include the xtian right, I somehow can’t bring myself to dance on his grave the way I will if Goldsmith wins Epsom. I think it’s the fact that CC’s been led on, left hanging, then finally had. National have just shown that this is how ruthless they really are ready to be.

  4. LAY OF picking on Colon Crag please. ?There is nothing wrong with looking like stan laurel at all,and besides, There’s nothing that appears dodgey regarding his character and look that could not be easily improved by the addition of a paintbrush,handsaw and an extra leg!

    • I think it’s unfair to smear people by aligning them with Rolf Harris. If Rolf ever hears that there were similarities raised between himself and Colin Craig, Rolf would be suing for defamation of character.

  5. As a National voter I’m glad Key told Craig to F-off, rather National lose than have done a deal with that space cadet xD

    • So Simon, you would prefer Key and National to do a deal with a “willing seller and a willing buyer of votes”? Peter Dunne?

      So Simon you prefer Key and National to do a deal with the legalise incest party? You must have a good-looking sister (or brother).

      So Simon, you draw the line at Key and National doing a deal with Colin Craig a man who has sat looking through a telescope to find the Lunar Rover for 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness? And while he was looking was seriously exposed to chemtrails?

      All I can Simon and Brian say is: http://youtu.be/WlBiLNN1NhQ

  6. I’m desolate with grief Colin. You were our only hope for a sane New Zealand after the election.

    Binding referenda are a brazen idea that would have kept this runaway Government honest instead of bulldozing through with its neoliberal economics and I think that was our biggest stumbling block. I don’t think we could have worked with Mr Key and the National Party anyway. I remember my pastor telling me “Think of the poor when you cast your vote”

    They prefer to work with that “willing seller, willing buyer” of votes Peter “worm” Dunne. Dunne sounds like a camel, unlikely to get through the eye of a needle.

    For goodness sake, ACT want to legalise incest and he still choses them over us. That certainly does not sit well with our conservative Christian values. For it is said in Mark 3:31 “And his mother and his brothers came, and standing outside they sent to him and called him.” I do not think like ACT and can see no sexual meaning therein.

    And Key today even tried to cosy up to Winston, when it was Key and Banks in cahoots who looked forward to Winston’s voter base dying off before the 2014 election if we believe the contents of the tealeaf tapes.

    We will still give our electorate vote to you in ECB Colin. I hope all of your other conservative supporters vote Green, or Labour, or Internet Mana in every other electorate, just to show Key that he can’t push around conservatives and get away with it.

    Your best supporter


    • “And Key today even tried to cosy up to Winston”…I remember the days he was poking him with his brand-new ten foot barge pole that he had to pay 15% GST on!

  7. He still has the outcome of the lawsuit against Russell Norman to look forward to.

    Actually I had hoped he would do well taking a slice of National votes. Pity he was so easily dispensed with.

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