Why You Must Rally Against Factory Farming This Saturday, 12pm



The national day of action this Saturday is critical because this is the FIRST TIME IN NEW ZEALAND HISTORY that a major party has agreed to ban all intensive factory farming practices. The Labour Party, the Greens, Internet-Mana, the SPCA, SAFE and other advocacy organisations are finally united on this, the horrors of intensive farming must end and there must be legal protections for animals that stop places like the Hawera House of Horrors or the Dunedin Pig farm exposed by Farmwatch from existing.

This isn’t much to ask and it’s in line with what we would expect from a developed nation that is genuinely mindful of welfare as Nathan Guy claims. So it’s very important that all feet are on the street.

We need to show the government that people care about animals and their right to safety. We are meeting all across the country this Saturday. I’ll be attending the Auckland event at 12pm. We’re meeting at Queen Elizabeth Square in Britomart where we will rally then march up the street. To help you out here is a map to the exact location.

Please bring noisemakers, dress up like animals and make placards, we would like a big, loud, cheerful event. We even have a facepainting fairy for the kids.

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Please invite your friends and spread the word.

Please note: following our march, there is a march against the actions in Gaza. If you wish to attend both marches, they will not rally until after we arrive. Our march will go ahead even in light rain because this issue is so important to the animals and to those of us with compassion for the creatures that we share this green earth with.

Here are the links to the Facebook events for:

12pm, Queen Elizabeth Square in Britomart

1pm, The Octagon

1pm, Cuba Street Stage, outside Leftbank at 116 Cuba Street

1pm, Latimer Square

1pm, Garden Place

One struggle, one fight; peace for humans, peace for animals!


  1. If anyone believes that the labour party – or anyone else – is going to ban the cheapest form of producing food – then you are dreaming. Yes – they might come out with a few ineffective regulations – but no government in their right mind will raise the cost of food by about 100%. 100% increase is what banning factory farming will cost – in money. Then there will be the environmental cost as all these pigs are put out on farms to drop their urine and feaces all over the paddocks to run into rivers and filter down throught the soil. The protesters about dirty dairying are calling for factor farming in the dairy industry – thats a bit of a contrast isnt it.

    If you want an indication of what banning factory farming will cost – take a look at the cost of organic eggs compared to cage egg production. And dont look at barn produced eggs. Barn production is simply a caged production facility that has a small door at the end of the building open. The chooks actually dont go outside – its just that they can if they wan to – but since theyve never been outside in all their life they are terrifed of the blue stuff…..

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