Well, well, well – Jonathan Coleman did know about FBI interest into Kim Dotcom after all


Kim Dotcom In Auckland Town Hall
Last years GCSB Town Hall meeting in Auckland

Oh dear, the cover up and lies are starting to fall over now aren’t they…

Coleman knew of FBI interest in Dotcom pre-residency decision
Government minister Jonathan Coleman knew the FBI was interested in Kim Dotcom before his officials granted the tycoon residency – a revelation which has led to accusations he misled the public.

…tick tick tick. There are so many ticking time bombs about to erupt for Key and his mass surveillance Government one isn’t sure where to begin.

The response by the Government to try and damage Kim’s reputation has little ammunition left now. Slater has a couple of fizzers that he will attempt to claim are deep dark secrets that will destroy Kim and all those who stand with him, but they are easily explained. The only thing left for Key now is to have the GCSB hand over info directly to Slater, problem with that is that it will look too obvious.

Cutting deals with the United States to entrap a permanent resident and lying about it is one thing, handing over top level intelligence to a far right hate speech merchant however is probably going too far even for All Blacks Captain John Key to get away with.

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September 15th, 7pm at the Town Hall in Auckland is when Kim puts his evidence up and there are so many twists and turns to go until then. Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Glenn Greenwald is the only other announced speaker at this stage.

The Daily Blog will live steam the meeting.

More announcements as they come to hand.


  1. There are too many people involved for it all not to fall apart. As my grandfather would say,” It’s all over, goodnight Dolly Grey.”

    • And when that sex offender with permanent name suppression has his name released as is bound to happen with so many people knowing now, the Nats will be buried alive in scandal…….

  2. handing over top level intelligence to a far right hate speech merchant however is probably going too far even for All Blacks Captain John Key to get away with.

    Fiercely satirical as usual. I lolled.

  3. Dishonest John has created a culture where deceit is routine.

    Culture (always) reflects its leadership.

  4. Yes, it certainly does appear more and more that John Key is in fact, far from the laid back persona presented…a very weak leader prone to fear ,…. his colleagues all prepared to take a hit for him…so long as the ‘persona’ is protected at all costs.

    It is their main selling point.

    A weak government that will do all and anything to curry favor for economic gain and retention of their neo liberal masterplans…and even that being dubious regards TTPA and TISA.

    And so , as a consequence of that fear…they are prepared to manipulate, lie , make subordinates take the fall to cover their own deceit.

    That is a weak government.

    Is it any wonder they would happily sacrifice an expendable temporary (and now permanent) resident for extradition …this shows further weakness…and fear of missing out on being able to play with the big boys if they dont comply…

    A guy called Pontius Pilate had the same problem 2000 odd years ago, if I recall..

    Just look at the long and growing list of these right wing government and subordinate administrative types going down for deceit and corruption…its totally mind blowing.

    Truly…I hope…that Mr Dotcom will blow this ongoing web of deceitful ,weak and corrupted political machinery apart.

    I do not wish to be part of a country based on fear, lies and gutless bureaucracy.

  5. Just a matter of time now before National implodes on itself, through its own lies and deceit. Can’t wait.

    That ticking clock is getting louder each day!

  6. I note that tvnz and rnz still havent picked up this story after most of the day. TV3 have it though. There has been a tendancy to ignore stories that make national look bad.

    • TV One would ignore the Sept 15 meeting if it thought it could get away with it. Don’t expect a big story though. I imagine it will be given the once over lightly.

  7. If we had any doubts about the cult of personality that is being enforced upon us, the photo op with the AB’s and the overwhelming number of National billboards that have big pics of JK on both sides and a pic of the actual local candidate on just one side, say it all. Mr Personality looks like he’s not holding up so well, he looks a tad frazzled to me. Note to his handlers: Up the clown’s meds and see if you can maintain some kind of control over the puppet. Until Sept 15th.

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