Petition asking TVNZ to stand Hosking down as election moderator jumps to over 2500 – why Mike isn’t appropriate



In just a day the petition calling on TVNZ to replace Hosking as the election moderator has jumped to over 2500, you can sign it here.

The defence that the Right are trying to run here is that John Campbell is also biased and Key isn’t complaining about that. There are a couple of glaring problems with the defence that Farrar, Whaleoil and the Government are trying to use here, the first is that TVNZ is the National Public Broadcaster where as TV3 is a private media company. TV3 can do what they like BECAUSE they are a private company, TVNZ however have a far wider and larger obligation for balance in the election year BECAUSE they are the National Public Broadcaster. The fact that this seems to have escaped everyone trying to compare Campbell to Hosking shows how weak and pathetic this line of defence really is.

The second reason why trying to compare Campbell to Hosking as s defence for Hosking to moderate the debates is such a joke is that Campbell has never been as biased as Hosking. Campbell has never said any of these things…

“We have bright prospects for the future, so long as you keep them in Government.” – Mike on National
“He’s a “moron” for giving his state of the nation address on Auckland’s Anniversary Day” – Mike on Cunliffe
“Very few people worth $50 million get the real world better than Key.”
“Is David Cunliffe incompetent or mad?”

…see John Campbell has NEVER been that openly biased and as such is beyond scrutiny in terms of his professionalism as a Journalist and as a Broadcaster, Hosking on the other hand has become a commentator, not a Broadcaster.

We deserve balance from our National Public Broadcaster in an election year. We certainly haven’t had it all year, but we should demand it for the Election Debates. TVNZ has plenty

Yesterday I joked on Twitter that the Press Gallery would attempt to twist this entire story into one about Labour putting together dossiers on Journalists and I’m told to my immense pleasure that was exactly what some Press Gallery Journalists were trying to claim yesterday in Wellington.

Unfuckingbelievable – demanding TVNZ pretend to be balanced for two debates isn’t about the ego of the Press Gallery, it’s about the quality of our democracy you sanctimonious clowns!

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This is how biased the mainstream media have now become in NZ…


…if the opposition win the election September 20th, real quality public broadcasting must be one of the top issues, and whoever in TVNZ thought appointing Hosking as an impartial election debate moderator should be the first one sacked.


  1. “if the opposition win the election September 20th, real quality public broadcasting must be one of the top issues”

    There should be an immediate purge of all political appointments given by National to its cronies starting with the elite of TVNZ and Susan Devoy. The thing a new government SHOULDN’T do is what Obama did when he became president and continue business as usual with all the usual faces. His biggest failure was not overthrowing the old regime in his first 100 days – the only chance he had in his entire presidency.

    • I think there are far better candidates to host this. Rachel Smalley, Corin Dann, hell even dear old Mark Sainsbury would be all far more acceptable than Hosking.

      • If a labour supporter could be removed from TV broadcasting for Bias why Not Hosking. Newstalk ZB radio airtime and Seven Sharp should get him to step down from the frontline till after the election.Mike is Biased in favour of National. If a :Labour MP had done what Gerry Brownlee did Mike would be leading the Seven sharp show with the story .or if a Maori Labour list MP had misused her credit card Mike would have been all over it. The NZ herald is the Same .If a labour MP and Minders had avoided security checks at air[port it would have been front page news.

        • The purge against non right-wing presenters on Radio NZ has been going on for some time. Ask Chris Laidlaw why he was removed from his weekend radio show and of course our very own Bomber who has been banned from there. Geoff Robinson conveniently retired a few months ago. I thought political ads had to carry authorization from the secretary of the party. TV 1 news certainly should be displaying a National Party authorization. When National declares its election expenses it should include the broadcasting costs of TV 1’s news at six because this has become little more than a vote National advertisement.

  2. The same Corin Dann who’s cousin is a Labour candidate? The same Rachel Smalley who got accused by Phil Twyford recently of being partisan?

    I’m not saying either of these examples are relevant to whether they’d be a suitable host of a leader’s debate. I’m just saying that if you scratch the surface most people have been accused of being biased at some stage.

    If anything Labour’s protest against Hosking will force him to be more moderate because he’ll know the spotlight is on.

    • Are you seriously trying to suggest that Corin Dann is as biased as Mike Hosking?

      Are you seriously trying to suggest that Rachel is as biased as Mike Hosking?

      I think your ‘scratch the surface’ argument is bullshit for the following reason, neither of those Journalists have said anything like Hosking has. Please link any quotes from both of those Journalists that are in the same ball park

      • Cool your jets. I’m not saying either are as biased as Hosking, I’m saying that bias is not simply about what you say. It’s also about the appearance of bias.

        I know that if my wife, or a family member was a candidate or an activist it wouldn’t affect my personal political views, but try telling that to the voting public.

        I agree that Hosking is not the right choice, I was just trying to have a debate on the problems of crying bias in a small society.

    • I’m not saying either of these examples are relevant to whether they’d be a suitable host of a leader’s debate.

      Good. Because, unlike Hosking, I don’t think either of them has publicly endorsed one of the candidates, publicly denounced the other, then tried to claim they weren’t biased.

  3. How about Cameron Slater as moderator. If the nation got to see how big a wally Key’s chief advisor really is then National’s chances of winning would plummet. Btw I noticed a set of diving equipment advertised in a local diving shop. It was called “The Cameron Slater scuba diving pack. Guaranteed to descend to new depths”.

  4. Hey Martyn, why not start up a weekly vlog on Youtube? I think a lot of us really miss ‘Citizen A’ and ‘War ON News’. Even if the Daily bloggers do one once a month each. If a spotty 16 year old gamer can do it with a computer cam you guys can – who knows, could even temp old Aunty Mainstream to slot you in at midnight on Wednesdays, lol !

  5. Thing is with this Hosking character….the guys not only biased…hes obnoxious. Whortles on in his staccato delivery, holding the floor for his puerile little rants taking cheap shots when the person in question is not present to counter his simplistic diatribes…

    So that not only makes him biased, but obnoxious, puerile , and cheap.

    And whats with a 40 year old man slicking his hair back with gel to appear like some 17 year old?….whos the guy trying to kid?

    Definitely unfit for the role of moderator on such serious issues…dont put a kid in an adults role.

    Else you might end up with a biased view.

    • If “slicking your hair back like a 15 year old” turns you off a presenter, you clearly haven’t tuned into John Campbell much lately either.

      And he’s older than Hosking.

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