On so called Labour Party ‘distractions’



The right wing of the Labour Party are constructing a narrative that Labour need to stop chasing distractions and focus on the real issues that matter and not these silly GCSB, inequality, domestic violence, media bias, TPPA issues.

It is the instructive parent chastising a teenager for chasing dreams and not growing up.

If that narrative was true however, David Lange’s nuclear free NZ vision would have never generated the sense of interconnectedness and solidarity that swept Labour into power.

Vision makes the difference in an election.

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The GCSB mass surveillance state Key has created represents the largest erosion of Civil Liberties we’ve seen since the 1951 Waterfront lockout. Key’s Government has borrowed billions for tax cuts to the richest NZers while 250 000 – 285 000 children live in poverty. 20 000 women and children sheltered in women’s refuge last year. Media bias has a direct impact on the health of our democracy and contributes to the low voter turn out which last election was one of the lowest in a century. The TPPA represents a massive loss of economic sovereignty to the United States which puts us in direct collision with our largest trading partner China and the Prime Minister won’t tell us what he’s signing us up to.

THOSE are the issues that can stir the passion and engagement, just as Nuclear Free did. Key sells empty optimism mixed with vacant aspiration as his vision, Cunliffe has to surprise with his.

We are educated citizens, if we could comprehend complex issues like Nuclear Free and Apartheid in the 1980s,  why are we suddenly too stupid to comprehend big issues now?



  1. David is a true fighter. I am amazed at his resilience, which speaks volumes of his sense of purpose. Here is an except from an article in the Nelson Mail.

    “Key was also briefly in Nelson to attend Local Government NZ’s annual conference. The two leaders’ approaches to their Nelson visit perhaps reflect their polls-apart position at this point in campaigning: Key dropped in briefly and was all business; Cunliffe put in an overnighter and gave it his all, talking to anyone who would listen.”

    Link to original article:


    Another excerpt from the Nelson Mail.

    “Cunliffe’s speech to the Local Government NZ conference in Nelson on Tuesday outlining an economic development fund for the regions had more meat than Key’s rule reduction taskforce.”

    Link to original article:


    • Well said D-Man. I am amazed with David Cunliffe’s strength of character, would say that there are not many who could withstand the relentless onslaught of media assaults and smear campaigns orchestrated by John key and msm, and yet David Cunliffe remains undaunted, confident, staunch, and resolute. He has shown what a great leader he truly is.
      John Key’s shallow over inflated ego most certainly couldn’t take it. Remember how Key said he would only answer questions from the media, only if they were put in writing first and he could source the answers.

      • He also called them a bunch of ‘knuckleheads’ when asked some pretty basic questions.
        That in itself tells you a lot. Classic psycho bully behaviour. Can give it, but can’t take it!
        Throwing the toys out of the cot is an easy and cheats way of avoiding answering the hard questions!
        He gets away with it because he’s the most charismatic leader the world has ever seen…. Yeah Right!

  2. “We are educated citizens, if we could comprehend complex issues like Nuclear Free and Apartheid in the 1980s, why are we suddenly too stupid to comprehend big issues now? ”

    That is the one question I find difficult to find an answer to…

    It is as if, somewhere, we have lost our collective soul as a nation, and replaced it with the madness of consumerism…

    • Not only have we lost our soul I think we have lost our moral compass. 250000+ plus children living in poverty would have had Kiwis so outraged in the 1960s/70s/80s that the government would have been soundly defeated. Now it seems those who are living comfortable have no affinity or empathy for their fellow citizens who through no fault of their own are struggling for any quality of life. If the current corrupt evil government is returned in September then I’ll be convinced that as a nation we have become self-obsessed uncaring nation on the road to social degradation

      • The purpose of the Key machine is to get the middle classes to blame the lower classes for what is wrong with the economy, works well doesn’t it. Middle class does not care about the lower classes.

        The middle classes just want the lower classes to make this the kind of country they want to live in and bring up their kids.

  3. This elections vote should be more about our children’s future, than ours. If national get in again, I fear their future will be doomed. That simple.

  4. From here on in, we will all get to see why so many have spoken so highly of David Cunliffe.
    When the chips are down, not only does he have that rear ability to be able to bounce back quickly, but then all also take things to a new level.
    A small example was his performance on TV One Breakfast the other morning. So forceful, confident and dominant was his performance, Rawdon Christie looked like a stunned mullet. You could see Christie thinking “where the hell has this come from”?
    It was joy to watch.
    As Bachman Turner Overdrive once sang. “You A’int Seen Noth’n Yet !

  5. Re Labour, Cunliffe and the whole “left”:

    Perhaps, just perhaps, the “citizens” of today, are not quite as “mentally” willing or capable, well, perhaps not as courageous, or not discerning and even informed as the ones of some earlier times, where people went out on the streets to take a firm stand?

    Is conformism, and narcissism, and so perhaps an issue, as I see and hear almost NO protests, which used to be a normal way of expressing disagreement?

    The younger generation is not so much rebellious and questioning anymore, apart from a minority, which will always be there to take some form s of action.

    Going to UNI, it is a very different environment now, as it was decades ago. That may explain also the disillusionment with politics and with Labour.

    Who will protest against the TPPA, but a few hundred of committed persons, who are informed, hardly many UNI students, certainly not economics students, who all get taught to blindly trust the indoctrination by their Chicago Boys lecturers.

    Things have turned to shit, because the UNIs and so have been allowed to fall into user pays, laissez faire and capitalist, ideologically “correct” controls, which governments wanted.

    Now everyone is out for “careers” and not “rocking the boat”, as that will “risk” their career to progress.

    It is time to realise this and get a grip of what happened, or you continue flogging a dead horse.

  6. Since when did Pundit become the right wing of the Labour party? most of those commentators, including Pagani are into Blue.

  7. “Now it seems those who are living comfortable have no affinity or empathy for their fellow citizens who through no fault of their own are struggling for any quality of life”

    Not even that – now, it’s all their own fault and they’re all lazy workshy bludgers who the comfortably off resent paying “their” (not so large)outrageous taxes to support! Which is why that nice Johnboy tried to help these so-hard-done by’s………..

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