Flood relief for National voters first


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Headline: Flood relief for National voters first

Posted on July 18, 2014 by admin in Hone Harawira, Press Releases“The flooding in Tai Tokerau has hammered the north and impacted hundreds of families right across the region,” said MANA Leader and Tai Tokerau MP, Hone Harawira.
“It’s bitterly disappointing to see that the first response from this National government is to bailout a few farmers,” said Harawira.
“Poor Māori communities devastated by the floods have been completely ignored in the first round of assistance while National bails out its own voters and that’s a bloody disgrace, particularly when you know that some of those same farmers have deliberately broken the law and flooded other lands”.
“Flood relief should focus firstly on people, not profits and most of the people affected by the floods live in heavily populated communities like Moerewa”.
“Farmers deserve support too, no question, but government’s first relief should be for communities, not cows”.
For further information please contact Skye Kimura-Paul, (027) 881 9999.

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  1. Standard practice for National, look after your mates first and the others can wait until we get around to it. Same thing happened after the Canterbury earthquakes. I recall an old guy on TV telling the interviewer that the inspectors went first to Christchurch west suburbs. When they came to his street he asked them why they were here where there was little damage. They told him they were directed to go there first. Now whose electorate is based in Christchurch west? You guessed it – Gerry Brownlee’s!

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