A brief word on Cunliffe saying sorry for a 3 day holiday


I’m not sure who the bloody hell is advising Cunliffe to apologise about a 3 day holiday, but it’s stupid. If you want to know what angry white reactionary NZ thinks about anything, go to a stuff.co.nz poll. Here’s their latest  sideswipe at Cunliffe…

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 8.47.33 pm

…angry white reactionary NZ says it’s fine for Cunliffe to take a holiday with the family.

Cunliffe is doing poorly in the polls because of a vicious character assassination by the media that isn’t helped by some inside Caucus sitting on their hands out of spite because the party members and affiliates forced Cunliffe as leader upon them. The right wing within Labour are desperately screaming for centrism despite Labour polling highest just after Cunliffe’s appointment and on the coat tails of some decent policy like the neo-nationalisation of the electricity industry.

Now is not the time to panic, now is the time to accept wall to wall negative headlines by a corporate mainstream media whose loyalty lies with National will impact the polls and that the real fight is during the campaign.

The narrative changes when Cunliffe finally gains a platform in the media during the campaign and front foots it with Key in the debates. The reality is that this election it will all be on Cunliffe’s ability on the campaign trail to win it and his performance will decide if he remains as leader.

As for the Labour Party insider who attacked Cunliffe, you best hope the blogs don’t publish your name before the election.


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  1. Can we expect John Key to apologize to New Zealanders for going on a Hawaiian holiday? Oh no no no! that is different, he deserves it, according to getstuffed.co.nz Wish David would tell that lot to go and f… themselves.

    • In fairness, the further Key is away from NZ the better I like it.

      GRB 090423 is just the place for him at this time of year.

    • It is so ridiculous watching the media carry on over Cunliffe’s scarf, holiday, apology…. Do they want to check his shoelaces? The media sound like a bunch of wankers, like school uniform check board breast feeders on a power trip. I like his scarf it is bloody winter, and he is the Labour leader, he looks cool what do they expect? Bland boring John Key, how dull. I hope he shocks the sheep and comes out in a red suit and shoes (and shoelaces) to go with the scarf, wouldn’t that ‘freak’, them out! Ha ha.

  2. The Media aren’t even pretending anymore. Media commentator Gavin Ellis talks about the unsubstantiated media articles about Labour leader David Cunliffe. His critique of the media is quite fitting.


    It seems Cunliffe bashing is becoming an ever increasingly popular sport amongst the media. How is this for informed political coverage.

    The problem it seems, if it isn’t his red scarf, is that David Cunliffe is not sexy enough? Really. What are we going to get, more pre-sex/aftersex, depending on how you see it, lounging in the grass (snake in the grass) Colin Craig pinups. How trite can it get!


    Duncan Garner is almost surprised to admit that according to his sources Cunliffe gave a rousing, inspiring speech on revitalising the regions. Where was this coverage? To top it off, 3news thought National list MP Claudette Hauiti resigning after charging a personal trip on her credit card wassomehow less newsworthy than Cunliffe’s mistake of wearing a red scarf on too many occasions. W…T..F…!

    • Well, be fair – A red scarf is a clear sign of deep communist roots, and the public have a right to know.

      Yeah, sarcasm, obviously. I hadn’t even heard that they were having a go at that, but it sounds like the same old song just turned up a bit louder.

  3. I totally agree Martyn .
    However on Q&A the other morning Hooton was hysterical,( in fact he looked and sounded completely bonkers,) when suggesting that there was a case for the ‘one on one’ debates between Key and Cunliffe to not happen under it’s current format.
    His warped rational was that, because the latest ficticious propaganda polls have ‘The Greens’ within 15% points of Labour ,then ‘The Greens’ should be included in the one on ones.
    Dear oh dear. How the hell did he ever become a strategist, or whatever he was for the National Party, with that level of intellect.
    Hang on a minute, I’ve just answered my own question. It’s the National Party!
    Anyway, i digress. This just shows the absolute panic and desperation going on out there with trying to shut down any possibility of Key being shown up.
    The ramping up of the attacks on evermore petty things of David Cunliffe ,are clearly trying to inflict as much damage as possible to try and nullify the disastrous storm clouds that are now brewing over Keys (and therefore Nationals) head.
    National’s idea to run an ‘all the eggs in one basket’ campaign based on one persons name is beyond foolhardy.
    Watch ‘The Lefts ‘ blender do the rest.
    Scrambled eggs anyone?

  4. Another day another apology is proving really counter-productive and plainly wrong.

    We have yet another dodgy National MP from the John Key government biting the dust but who gives a flying fuck about that or what really happened because DC went on holiday!

    I was staggered though when DC, on Radio NZ this morning more or less threw himself upon the mercy of the interviewer promising to do much better. Fuck the mea culpa’s, front foot the pricks!

    For Christ sake, know the media are nothing more than a pack of Hyenas and Vultures who think of you are an animal (or good story) that is weak and who will pick at any vaguely perceived flaw, and plan ahead from there.

    Be researched, anticipate what will be said 10 questions before they happen and the answers that go with them, smell a John Key sized rat when you get patsy questions about guys like Donghua Lui, especially out of the blue, don’t agree with poorly researched interviewers who are only parroting National Party rumours peddled by our media and choose your words carefully every time in a very upbeat manner. Please!

  5. This is again the result of internal pressures within caucus, I am sure, where at least a fair few of the ABCers are at it again, to put pressure on Cunliffe. Hence some speculations about Shearer being a prospective “challenger” for the leadership role before the election.

    Of course the media have done their bit, and I agree, the fact that Cunliffe now apologises for his brief (deserved) holiday trip, and for his comment, that he felt sorry to be a man, only makes him look weaker in the eyes of the public.

    I have noticed for a few months now, how Cunliffe has become more “mellow”, and less clear about Labour’s direction, and has been busy trying to keep caucus united.

    It seems there are indeed immense pressures and frictions inside caucus, and this is endangering the chances for Labour. I bet that some in caucus have long given up, on winning this year’s election, I would not be surprised if David Cunliffe has done so himself.

    So we may have to wait for a change of government in 2017, which I do not like to think of, as a third term of National and mercenary support parties will kick the guts out of NZ society, and do immense damage for the future.

    I fear personally for the future, and hope that from now on we will not have anyone within caucus give any reason for the media to go crazy on more speculations. All efforts are needed for running the campaign, and to convince voters, nothing else.

    • The real ABCers here are, John key, the national party and their supporters and a very complicit lying media, who are doing everything in their power to oust David Cunliffe, even before the election proper has begun. As the election draws nearer these attacks are getting more frantic and petty. I mean, attacking David Cunliffe for wearing a red scarf for christ sake, is so way over the top and is just plain ridiculous, and NO, Cunliffe didn’t apologize for that either.

      • Well said word. What is everyone saying. He has not appologised for his man speech at all or his red scarf it has been taken out of context to imply he has appologised. Stay strong David.

        • Cunliffe has given in to undue pressure, and that makes him look weak and poor. He is at fault himself, and should NEVER have apologised, and done the opposite, be assertive and firm re what he did and said before!

          Now he seems beyond repair, and that was WANTED by the MSM and the manipulators behind this all!

          This coming election is already a waste of time now, just ring in the DICTATORSHIP, as that is what we have, in all honesty, votes are counting as nothing, as they are mostly manipulated votes by ill informed. But without informed democrats there is NO democracy.

          RIP democracy in NZ, thanks Key, Nats and MSM!

  6. It was infuriating watching 3 News tonight. My husband and I both ended up yelling at the telly. They said Cunliffe was going to apologise for three things. His scarf (?) his saying sorry for the amount of violence in this country against women and for going on holiday.
    His apology about the apology for being a man consisted of saying that it was taken out of context and he would be more careful how he phrases things in the future. The news then went on to explain how Cunliffe had gotten things ‘so terribly wrong’. (he hadn’t). If I wanted to see a politician who had gotten things ‘so terribly wrong’ and should apologise I could have just waited for the next story of the National party member who had been booted for ripping off the tax payer! I think that would have been more important than cunliffe’s non apology and scarf.
    I agree that apologising for the holiday was silly after Key and kids took off to Hawaii no less. It’s a stressful time and he can go on holiday if he likes. If that is the worst the news has to make up about him then he’s not doing too badly.

    • That piece on TV 3 was incredibly infuriating, but it was very selectively edited. Did David Cunliffe actually apologise for taking a 3 day break with his family? No I dont think so, it was made to look like that.

    • I am waiting for the t.v crap news to put Cunliffe on with his mouth moving but all the words not in sync as the media have actually rearranged what he has said into what ever they like, like a bad voice over. What they have already done by taking what he has said out of context and cutting off a sentence mid stream is not far off making stuff up then trying to make it stick as the truth. I can’t believe they are getting away with what they are doing. Actually software is now available that can make ones face work with any words so it wouldn’t even look fake? Shit this might give the media a new idea..eeek!( I do wish Labour would put links on their website or Facebook of all his speeches as I still haven’t been able to find the whole speech from the woman’s refuge, video would be even better)*

    • While you were screaming at TV3 I was doing the same at TV One. On an interesting note my husband this morning was speculating that it may backfire then I had my 90 year old National voter saying how unfair it was – “even though I don’t like Mr Cunliffe”.

  7. And yet in an article on Stuff “I’m working my butt off – Cunliffe”

    “Labour leader David Cunliffe says he is working 18-hour days on the campaign trail and won’t apologise for spending time with his children during the school holidays.”

  8. The “insider” did not come from labour, even Cunliffe is confident of that. it sounded way to slimeoil.

    Interesting that Josie Pagani’s phone number is in the contact list of Cameron Slater’s mobile phone. See Martyn Bradbury’s other story on Whaleoil’s questionable appearance on TVNZ Seven Sharp.

  9. “As for the Labour Party insider who attacked Cunliffe, you best hope the blogs don’t publish your name before the election.”
    I’m sure Martyn is much better informed than me but, judging from their recent form, I wouldn’t be surprised if the MSM just made the story up.

    • @ Yogibare – I think you are right.

      MSM is going all out to do as much damage to Labour via Cunliffe, through “political pressure” coming from the scurrilous Key led brigade of miscreants!

      Key & Co are running scared and in true form will use dirty tactics to destabilize a credible challenger!

      This latest “news” scourge re Cunliffe, has toxic Key and his odious mate WhaleOil’s dodgy fingerprints all over it!

  10. Just saw David Cunliffe on TV 1 breakfast and Wow, what a difference a day makes!
    He was sensational .Relaxed, strong ,forthright and not taking any crap.
    Now that’s the David Cunliffe I want to see. Bring it on!

  11. In case people are letting TV 1 off the hook, the same shit about Cunliffe apologising was on there as well, with the teaser by the main news reader being “and David Cunliffe apologises again, what’s he done this time” but I don’t remember any scarf being mentioned, if it had I doubt if my television would still be sitting on the wall. And yes, I am also sure that Labour “insider” was a figment of the media’s pathetic imagination, and do you know why – they tried far too hard to make the person sound “blokey and ordinary” what they think Labour supporters all sound like. The grammar and phraseology just rang false. Also I will never forgive Seven Sharp for that lot of drivel on our screens, every West Coaster would like to emasculate that sorry excuse for a human Cameron Slater after what he did to one of our families but no mention is made of all the harm he has done, he was made into a saint,. Driving with him as did the reporter was taking her life into her hands considering his convictions for speeding in Australia. Seven Sharp’s cuddly little twosome had already done themselves a lot of harm the night before with their interview trying desparately to get Nigel Latta to condemn David Cunliffe’s holiday, they kept on and on – sneer, sneer, giggle, giggle – while he tried to say he didn’t care about that sort of thing.

  12. Not withstanding the fact that I’m an egotistical paranoid with an as yet immeasurable mistrust of all who are self proclaimed ‘ politicians ‘ , I deeply and sincerely pray to all the Gods that I’m wrong about cunliffe .
    If I had two messages to give to cunliffe ?
    Trim milk is crap in coffee .
    No more apologies .
    And if you hit hard enough , you might find closer friends than you might imagine within the ranks of your enemies .
    I know . That’s three messages .
    Woo the farmer , win over the ‘ deep-sigh ‘ -might-as-well-vote-national-because-who-else-is-there ? And the 800,000 who had no option so fuck it ! I’m not gettin’ outa bed to vote for them bastards brigade and you’re in mate !
    Yep , that was at least four messages wasn’t it ?

    • Tell that to John Key and MSM cohorts they are doing everything they can to get rid of David Cunliffe.

  13. To take the will of the party membership in vain by bumping David Cunliffe – remembering that it was Mr Cunliffe who actually doubled the membership numbers – I would say would be suicide to Labour. I’m not surprised that he gave an apology of sorts – the bloody guy has been under attack since the minute he was elected -by MEMBERS!! – to leader, he was probably stuffed! Recycle Shearer – give us a break!!!

    • Its not the members who are attacking Cunliffe though, who didn’t apologise for taking a 3 days break with his family. This attack is just as petty as having a go at him for wearing a red scarf, which he didn’t apologise for either. These attacks and orchestrated smear campaigns are emanating from the PM’s office with his willing partners in crime, mainstream media, who are ALL working in tandem.

      • Opps sorry – I was just enphasising that it was party people who voted him in, not the media and commentators who are attacking him.

  14. Hi All, do not despair, do not feel surprised, it is all “normal”, the fact is, you live in a DICTATORSHIP, that is if you have not noticed yet.

    Just look at and listen to the ADS, how they have increased in time, frequency, volume and so forth the last 6 or so months. It tells any person who has a bit of grip of things, the MSM are totally subservient to their advertisers and shareholders, as most MSM are privately owned, and even the remaining “public” media follows suit.

    They are totally in favour of Key and this government, and want to keep things as they are. So they are doing all to ensure the election will turn out the way they want.

    That is NOT democracy, and democracy is NO longer in NZ. Wake up dear folks, you will NEVER get it back, unless you reclaim it, and firstly the MEDIA, to make it publicly owned!

    It will NOT happen without FORCE, I am afraid, as no other options are left!!!

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