Why the polls, policy & smears now don’t matter until after 7pm September 15th 2014



The last mass surveillance Auckland Town Hall meeting

Couple of polls out today, Roy Morgan and the stuff.co.nz/Ipsos Polls – and they don’t matter.

John Key could announce tax cuts from a live press conference in Hawaii, and it wouldn’t matter.

David Cunliffe could be mocked on ZB by Mike Hosking for 10 hours straight. And it wouldn’t matter.

All that matters now is 7pm Monday 15th at the Auckland Town Hall.

The beauty of what Kim, Internet MANA and those fighting the mass surveillance state have generated here for the price of  just hiring out the Town Hall is the entire nations attention and total dominance of the election campaign.

Journalists like Duncan Garner, Vernon Small and Guyon Espiner have been highly critical that Kim doesn’t reveal the evidence linking Key to a conspiracy to collude with the US to entrap him right now so that they can decide if the evidence stacks up. This point ignores that throughout this case the Government have broken law, acted outside the rules and have been manipulating this process with ‘political pressure’ from the very beginning and Kim has every right to counter that by releasing the information when it’s going to be most damaging to Key.

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5 days out from the 2014 election is the time that would be most damaging to Key.

There are so many twists and turns to come until the 15th, that I can not imagine that the entire Nation’s attention won’t be on the Town Hall at 7pm.

Laila Harre’s comments that Kim wouldn’t be allowed in have been seized upon as a giant awkward moment between the two. I think that’s a terrible misreading of why she said that.

The meeting will be live streamed on The Daily Blog.


  1. One factor that could also make a difference is that the rules of early voting have changed. You don’t need an explanation, and can cast your vote from September 3rd. Increasing numbers of people seem to be doing this.

    • How is it possible to cast an early vote?
      How can this be right?

      We have an election day, not an election 2 weeks. Who changed the rules and how? Surely you can’t just go around changing voting rules.

      So where are the polling booths for early voting? I mean where do you go to cast an early vote?
      And who gets to count up the votes and pass on the numbers to John Key before the ‘actual’ election day?

      This is not right – fair enough for special votes – maybe, but otherwise, why?! And when did this ‘2 week election day carryon’ begin? Is it only for special voters?
      So many questions – and where is this advertised? I have never seen any advertising about this.
      Do you have to have TV to know this stuff, because not everyone has TV.

      I will go and google it now – good job I have started being computer savvy eh. Just wondering how many other voters miss out on voting because they don’t know about this, due to no TV or computer.

      Something missing with this election is the flyers in the mail – haven’t had any yet.

      Fancy getting to my age and not knowing about this!

      Can’t wait to see what is revealed at the town hall by Kim.com on the 15th!
      Well done Martyn.

      • Yes – you can start voting 2 weeks out from the election – watch to see this tactic being used a lot more this year

  2. I’m a Labour voter and I think you are kidding yourself. These polls do matter. 5 days from the election will be too late.

    • I totally agree with Mary.

      The latest Roy Morgan poll is not good, Labour have been blind sided by the “Tricky Campaign headed by John Key himself insinuating Cunliffe is not to be trusted and then king hit by the completely unsubstantiated Liu smear campaign, fed by National and championed by the NZ Herald.

      The phone is off the hook, the trusting public think Labour are dodgy, a galling irony considering our current government lives by that very description. They would rather la la land that is John Key than to face reality.

      Labour have some very considered decent policies that are light years ahead of 2011 and truly aim to deal with what is REALLY happening in NZ not the bullshit we hear through the media from National but it appears 3/4 of the voters aren’t listening.

      Even if Kim Dotcom removes a rubber mask and reveals he’s the second coming of Jesus it will be too late.

    • As @Fambo has said elsewhere – anything short of indictable offences isn’t going to have much impact – just as long as their liar will provide a stable government built on a firm foundation of bullshit he’ll still get their votes.

      • Maybe Kim.com is going to appropriately charge and serve shonkey Johnkey with the exactly right legal documantation for Treason!
        Wouldn’t that be great!

        Opinion and belief.

  3. Your average kiwi is going to go into denial – despite how barefaced are the facts and conclusive the evidence, they are going to back that jolly nice bloke we trust to give us stable government over the fat German troublemaker.

    On the 15th, IMO, it would be better to have the story/evidence wholly or partially delivered by KDC’s lawyer (not a politician) – a kiwi – and KDC sits in the background as the aggrieved party. Take all the politics out of it, treat it as a legal matter. John Key must not be allowed to assume in any way the victim’s role.

    If I was Team Key I’d be digging up any possible dirt on KDC as fast as I could – any if I couldn’t find any, invent some.

    • “John Key must not be allowed to assume in any way the victim’s role”

      Yes that is the problem. Perhaps the more worrying thing is that this is already happening. As far as Joe Public is concerned, John Key is slowly becoming the victim against the big bad foreign wealthy criminal, and KDC is no longer the victim.
      Remember it’s not what we think or perceive, it’s what the public think and perceive. Try shutting yourself off from blogs and news from the net for 2 weeks. Then just watch TV3 news and read your local paper. Then you’ll see why Key is so popular and fast becoming the victim.
      And the reason for this problem is that Labour haven’t captured the swing voters through alternative policy; they have instead tried to unmask Key while offering similar policies. This doesn’t work. If we tell someone that the person they love is the devil then they’ll just end up hating us…but that’s our best shot now isn’t it? Our best chance is for KDC to take a political-dump in front of everyone in the Auckland Town Hall and hope everyone is disgusted enough to not vote Key.
      KDC has to do this, but success will depend on who gets framed as the victim – like you say E-Clectic.
      How do we keep KDC as the victim? Mudslinging Key too much isn’t the answer because then his disciples love him more.

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  5. It seems a little delusional to think that whatever announcement Dotcom will make is the only important thing between now and the election. “All that matters”? Are you getting out much, Martyn?

  6. The polls may not be reliable, but they show a trend, and it is worrying. I see Labour failing, due to internal scheming and frictions, them not presenting a clear unified line on policy, yes not even presenting true welfare policy for instance.

    And all other parties on the left of centre will still depend on Labour’s performance. If they do not convince, the change of government will be at peril, serious peril.

    So I hope that Kim Dotcom really has the news that will shake people up, as it seems that lower dairy prices, high house and apartment prices, unaffordable rent, rising consumer prices and a too high dollar, plus other worrying developments, will not convince people that this is a useless government, betting all on one lame horse.

    New Zealanders are in general a bit slow, I am afraid, and Key and his gang may just get over the line, despite of the economy falling apart. I really hope that some things will bring real change soon, as otherwise the future of NZ will be stuffed.

    We can thank a rotten MSM and biased reporting for much of what is happening, and see how little credit they give Kim Dotcom, many do not even report on all this.

    • Is there any news that will wake up kiwi voters????
      Apparently Not!
      Im telling everyone I know to get enrolled and make sure they vote – but not for Labour – they will cross the floor after the election anyway so thats a vote for National……NO!!!
      I want some REAL POSITIVE change this time around…….Interent Mana…..will get my party vote…………..

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