Open letter to Judith Collins – has your favourite attack pet breached your cyber bullying law yet?



Dear Judith.

How you doing mate? Look I appreciate you are ducking and dodging questions on how you knew about manipulated crime statistics but didn’t do anything about them, but I wondered if you were free from photo bombing Brad Pitt for victims of rape in war if you could turn to the domestic battle front of that war for a second?

Has your favourite attack pet breached your proposed cyber bullying law yet? Whaleoil’s latest hate speech nomination is insinuating that Tania Billingsley is some sort of Green Party honeytrap who lures men to her home so she can scream rapist and make public statements about rape culture.

How the hell is that not the most detestable online bullying imaginable?

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The question is simple Minister, how does a blog as odious and abusive and offensive as this one not breach your new cyber bullying laws Judith?

How can something as awful as what he is insinuating in this…

Now, dear readers, what are the odds of a Malasian diplomat deciding to follow Tania home from a bus stop, apparently at random?  What are the odds of him picking a woman that is befriended with and herself involved in women’s issues going back many years?  What are the odds of him randomly standing there not touching her, then, backing off and waiting for police to arrive out in the street?  What are the odds of Green MP Jan Logie getting involved, erm, randomly?  What are the odds of a situation that has NONE of the hallmarks of an attempted rape, being shopped by TV3 as attempted rape and the label “Rape culture” being used to intimidate and shut up critics like ourselves lest we look insensitive to (real!) rape victims? 

…not a clear violation of the Harmful Digital Communications Bill main offence of posting a harmful digital communication with the intent to cause harm? Dredging up old Facebook messages and wall postings to cook up farcical conspiracies as offensive as these ones is the intent to cause harm to Tania’s reputation.

Why is your favourite attack pet so immune from the very cyber bullying laws you champion?


Martyn Bradbury


PS – Would you advise Tania takes a complaint to one of your new civil enforcement regimes once they are established?


  1. Yes indeed. Whalescum has probed new depths this time, even for him, and, if this is not a clearcut case of “cyber-bullying”, what is?

    And, Collins, and Shonkey also, are somehow proud to be publically associated with this kind of mean and hate-filled personal attacks?

    I used to watch with horror some of the mean and nasty persoanl attacks that Muldoon perpetrated. But, this goes way way beyond even anything that the old master of personal denigration would have dreamt of doing.

    This is nothing less that a hate-filled personal attack on the victim of a disgusting crime, a “pay back” for her daring to have the courage to go public, instead of hiding away in the shadows.

    I await Collins’ repsonse, but I will not be holding my breath.

    • Esquire = A polite title appended to a man’s name when no other title is used, typically in the address of a letter or other documents, according to the Oxford dictionary.
      Americans use it as the title for a lawyer, but most of the rest of the world thinks it’s a soft-porn magazine.

  2. His lasse faire attitude to slander and breach of privacy astounds me. The leeway he receives then when challenged resorts to using provisions of the mental health act to duck behind . Its high time the former Editor of Truth , Slater took a look at the already innuendo ridden outburst. West Coast New Zealand and the feral slag off wasn’t that easy to forget either. His Goebbels like blogging weapon is a tad blunt after recent court appearance and verdict . Seems hes a glutton for the limelight , sensational blogs attract such ego’s.

  3. That said, have you noticed how there seems to have been a DECLINE in the petty sniping, the cheap-shot trumped-up insinuations, and the “here’s mud in your eye” politicing that was characterising the election campaign (and the mainstream media’s reporting of it) up until a couple of weeks ago?

    If my observation is correct, then I wonder if the fact that the PM is currently away on holiday might have something to do with it.

    You know, leadership from the top and all that . . . .

  4. Hi Martyn’s, I recently wrote to an advertiser on WhaleOil’s site, the travel agency removed there advertising immediately also writing to me to say that there advertising on web sites was handled by an add agency, they had advised this agency of there preference’s for add placement. So more people should email advertisers to inform them that they don’t agree with scum gutter reporting and do they support WhaleOil, also say that if they do you will buy there products, I personally blown away by the response I received.Try it and Martyn you should write a blog on this, suggest that if an advertisers support a particular News Paper/Blog does this mean they support a particular political party? Power to the People. Keep up the good work Martyn & Co

  5. Collins is corrupt (as proven), so I expect she won’t even bother to acknowledge this one.

    She just doesn’t care, and she is let away with her gross attitude. What does the PM have to say about this? Aloha Judith, deny, deny, deny, and remember to forget, I suppose.

    They are all a bunch of disgusting cheating hypocritical lying scumbags – all of them.

    I think you have to report cyber-bullying to the police, and Tania is well within her rights to do this – hope she hurries up about it!

    Opinion and belief.

  6. I thought it would be relevant to share that the section of that blog supposedly written in by a reader is actually written in by a reader (for once), a Wellingtonian heavily involved in the Sensible Sentencing Trust, guess it shows where they stand.

  7. Slater is one very unwell creature ………….

    He’s always been sick in the head.

    But now this national party attack dog has slipped its leash and decided to bite a woman who has already been attacked in the literal sense.

    I never visit slaters blog because its a sewer.

    But so much shit overflows out of that place that I cant help but encounter and be offended by it ……..

    stinky national party shit.

  8. I wonder if National Party MPs, apparatchiks, and hierarchy look constantly over their shoulders, with Slater constantly in the background. They must be very nervous of his propensity to be a loose cannonball.

    All I can say is, thank the gods he’s not one of us (species, as well as political inclinations).

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