The September 15th Dotcom vs GCSB Town Hall meeting in Auckland


The last Town Hall meeting we had in Auckland to discuss the the GCSB mass surveillance laws looked like this…

Just announced…

“On September 15, I’m doing a Town Hall event in Auckland and I invite everyone to come there because that is going to be the day when I’m going to reveal my evidence… evidence around the political interference and my evidence that John Key lied,”

Tick tick boom. In the week of the 2014 election, The Daily Blog will stream this event live on TDB. Kim will produce the evidence he says he has and the nation can decide. More details as they are announced.


  1. It’ll be the best show in town.

    Though the Herald will probably run the story’s angle along the lines of “Mona Dotcom fails to attend event at public hall”…

    Patrick Gower will rail on the evils on a resurgent Mana Party actually having a workable budget…

    Rachel Smalley will comment on women attending the meeting as a ‘bunch of lardos’…

    John Armstrong will demand David Cunliffe resign because he heard from a friend’s neighbour who’s cousin has a hairdresser who overheard a conversation between two strangers (Cameron Slater and Jason Ede) that Cunliffe once wrote a letter in high school to a girl he had a crush on…

    Duncan Garner will run a story quoting Bill English that it’s all Labour’s fault…

    Mike Hosking will apply more hair gel…

    TV1 News will lead the 6PM bulletin with 5 crime stories; 2 court verdicts; a cutesy-animal story; kids doing something amazing – and cute; then the Kim Dotcom story, followed by Key responding that he can’t recall anything…

    TV3 will lead with 4 crime stories; 3 court verdicts; a cutesy-animal story; kids doing something cute – and amazing; then the Kim Dotcom story, followed by Key responding that he can’t recall anything, and Patrick Gower standing in the Parliamentary Debating Chamber, looking earnest; and saying “this reflects badly on the OPPOSITION parties…

    Paula Bennett will repeat a *shock*horror* story that New Zealand’s beneficiaries are secretly all working and actually, we have no real unemployed or solo-mums. Prosecutions to follow.

    The Dominion Post will lead with National claiming success for a 99.99% drop in crime, and Paradise on Earth in our time.

    Have I missed anything?

    • Yeah, missed out that John Key will announce a surprise that for our benefit he has invited Obama here for the spring weekend Ellerslie Flower show (also specially moved to this date) for arranged photo shoots.

    • John Armstrong’s getting his hair done on the 15th. Not sure about Paddy Gower either, he’ll probably be reporting on a leadership coup from Mallard…because when asked if he fully supported Cunliffe, Mallard sneezed and didn’t say ‘excuse me’.

  2. Heh, now we know it’s one hell of a bomb tick tick ticking away! When you were leaping for joy and leaving us in suspense, I was just hoping that whatever it was would be big enough to rid us of US-puppet Key and the rest of his traitorous crew.

    Still, we are up against not just the National Party and those misguided enough to support them here, we are also up against the GCSB, the SIS, the FBI, the ever menacing NSA, and god knows how many more devil-spawned “security” agencies. They’ll reach right to the bottom of their bag of dirty tricks on this one.

  3. The real problem is that people don’t care, if Key shrugs and has another brain fade they don’t give a dam.

  4. Bring it on. Can’t wait 🙂

    The GCSB will be there, skulking about, hiding, listening, watching who attends, – “we know who you are”. Then report back to Johnny boy, who will be frantically searching in his empty drawer for something, anything to hang on David Cunliffe!

    Then in desperation, Mr WhaleOil will get a call from John “….. any toilets you haven’t scraped s**t out of yet Cam?”

    Tick, tick, tick …..

    • Come the evening of September 15th, 2014, Cameron Slater will be sitting there with the webcast running, his gun collection laid out on his bed, and standing in front of the mirror dressed at a kind of bondage-themed interpretation of Travis Bickle’s assassination mission outfit, blurting quotes from the ‘are you talking to me? scene from Taxi Driver laced with cliches about ‘fat Germans’, ‘lefty hypocrites’, and the ‘Green taleban’ while miming quick draws with his fingers in the shape of a gun.

      At some point, he’ll hang up his M65 jacket, slip out of the crotchless rubber panties and back into his Star Wars boxer shorts, pack his guns away, and sit down to write a blog post about how it’s all lies, hypocrisy, fat Green German SS taleban slander, more hypocrisy, proof that Labour is a sinking ship, hypocrisy again because it’s his favourite word, racism, envy, and probably hypocrisy too. Then he’ll phone Jason Ede, crying and begging for more SIS leaks on embarassing things David Cunliffe did 20 years ago. He’ll try and get through to Simon Lusk as well, but he’s also a big Deniro fan, and he’ll be busy playing Deerhunter with young Jordan Williams, so he won’t answer the call.

  5. As John Key has nothing to hide and nothing to fear, he will of course be front row center to watch what is being widely reported by his supporters as a non-event. 😉

  6. Still waiting for the other bombshells he was going to reveal about John Key .
    And really who cares about a date .
    Have you checked to see if the town hall is booked or is this just another of his cons.

    • Jimc says:
      July 16, 2014 at 6:07 pm

      Still waiting for the other bombshells he was going to reveal about John Key .

      Well, JimC, all of Kim Dotcom’s claims against John Banks have been proven correct. In a court of law, no less.

      Still want to put another John up against ole’ ‘Kim Boy’?

  7. Well, I really hope this will be the bombshell that Key deserves to expose his lies and manipulations, and that will throw him out of office. Let it come, please.

  8. Well Frank dot com has said he would bring key down and hinted at the times he would never did.
    We are not talking about banks we are Talking about John Key.
    Nothing has happened .
    The roy morgan poll shows that dot com is not an issue neither is DC .

    • Check it yourself. We’re not here to do your bidding. Please try to overcome your sense of entitlement.

  9. I want to be there and attend, where do I sign up, please. I was at the Anti GCSB meeting, which was impressive, I want to attend to “history” being made, thanks, please inform!

  10. The non stop exposure of national party lies and ‘statistics’ will start bleeding votes from them …………… no-body likes a bullshitter.

    Supporting Israel and the yanks while they butcher woman, children and civilians will not be a vote winner for the nats either.

    I’m voting IMP 🙂

  11. Just a thought according to roy morgan poll if labour drop 4 more points and the greens gain 4.5 points it will be Russell who will be leader of the opposition on the 21 sept.

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