IT IS THE EVENING of Monday, 15 September 2014. The General Election is just five days away and the Auckland Town Hall is full-to-bursting. The Internet Party has made certain that every one of the 1,250 seats is occupied by making free tickets available to people online on a first-come, first-served basis. Many hundreds more are packing the rooms adjoining the chamber and, outside, Aotea Square is rapidly filling with people eager to follow proceedings on the giant video screen supplied by the man of the hour – Kim Dotcom.

The unprecedented public interest has been carefully nourished by the Internet Party’s constant drip-feeding of information to the news media. Week-after-week Laila Harre and her team have told the story of a small but proud Pacific nation transformed into the willing lap-dog of an overbearing super-power. At the centre of the narrative stands the Prime Minister of that nation: a man who stands accused of turning over to that super-power not only his country’s national security apparatus but its police force as well. Not simply to curry favour with the super-power, the United States, but to expedite the commercial agenda of the giant media corporations making up the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

As the story has unfolded, other individuals and organisations have been drawn into the action. In the light of everything that happened afterwards, New Zealanders have been invited to examine afresh the events of late October 2010. The anti-union hysteria whipped up by Sir Peter Jackson and his movie industry allies over alleged “threats” to The Hobbit, and how this was used to justify the Government’s legal de-unionisation of the entire Kiwi movie industry has come under particular scrutiny.

There are representatives of Actors’ Equity in the Town Hall tonight. They will be demanding to know whether Prime Minister John Key’s willingness to oblige Hollywood in the matter of The Hobbit can in any way be linked to his willingness to oblige the MPAA in the matter of Kim Dotcom.

Union leaders and spokespeople from the New Zealand Council for Civil Liberties are also in the Hall. They will draw the linkages between John Key’s willingness to let the core institutions of his country be used to the advantage of foreign corporations and the dramatic erosion of union and citizens’ rights. They mean to show how transforming New Zealand into a desirable destination for direct foreign investment necessarily entails the elimination of every civil institution and law capable of challenging those investors’ priorities.

But it is Kim Dotcom himself that thousands of Auckland voters have come to hear (and that many more thousands will follow on the Internet).

The Internet Party leader, Laila Harre, pulls no punches in her introduction. She does not ignore Dotcom’s past convictions and pokes gentle fun at his childlike delight in spending money. But then, having acknowledged these failings, it is to his unlooked for and unwanted role as the symbol of what can happen to an individual when all the malignant powers of big business and the state are ranged against him that she turns. What he proposes to tell New Zealanders, she warns, may sound like a grudge-match between two men, but it is much more than that.

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If the Prime Minister of New Zealand regards telling his people the Truth as a mere option, as just one more weapon in the arsenal of political spin, to be used whenever it serves his purposes and which possesses no greater or lesser moral weight than a more politically convenient lie, then New Zealand’s democracy is at risk. And what does “National Security” really mean if it can only be defended by such duplicity and falsehood? What could possibly require such ethical surrender to keep safe?

If Kim Dotcom is able to convince this gathering that John Key has lied to the New Zealand people, concludes Harre, then in five days’ time the New Zealand people must use the Ballot Box to inform John Key that his services as Prime Minister are no longer required.

The Town Hall and the now overflowing Square outside erupt in thunderous applause.

Kim Dotcom rises from his seat and walks towards the microphone …


    • On Ruply TV channel 92 sky TV tonight we heard at 7.20pm on “headline news” that hackers can now hack into election results, and alter the results as well as alter anyone’s data and emails contained inside any computer
      Maybe we need to go back to totally manual election systems that don’t use electronic transfer of data during election time, as this corrupt Shonkey mob will manipulate the election results as they have done during the polls we get.
      We would be best to ask Edward Snowden about those details he just released to Rupley TV today, and why didn’t this evidence Edward Snowden just released feature on our Shonkey NZ news media?
      Even this event in 2013 in the United States The Secret Service launches an investigation after hackers post … Integrity details that the U. S. Federal Election Commission was hacked … 120 KB (15,468 words) – 22:56, 14 July 2014

      So now how are we to believe what the results are to be even with the infamous “Worm Morgan is dragging back this election time.
      Another successful hacker of election results was The Hursti Hack was a successful attempt to alter the votes recorded on a Diebold optical scan voting machine. The hack is named after Harri Hursti.
      Probably they don’t want these details released because it would show that we are having our media releases of Polls and election results then open to criticism.
      What a sad corrupt lot these shysters are wilfully wrecking our last remnants of hope for a new dawn in a free democracy. They should be regarded as enemies of the state.
      What Snowden can uncover; “as each new revelation from the Snowden files is made public; it becomes so much the clearer as to why the NSA, GHCQ and all the intelligence minions – like Australia Canada and New Zealand – hanging onto these two’s coat-tails, were apoplectic when he first broke cover. They all knew that what Snowden was now capable of; was blowing the lid off population-control and management on a global scale”

  1. Brilliant piece Chris.

    Exciting times ahead methinks 🙂 But not for John Key and his motley bunch!

  2. Geez, the denouement had better live up to the hype.

    John “teflon” Key will be using all his resources to dodge another one – presumably his intermittent amnesia isn’t going to fly on this occasion.

    Will leaving this revelation so close to 20th September invite some backlash as being a cynical political stunt? Especially if the relevant information could be revealed now. Don’t want to leave him or the MSM any wriggle room.

  3. When is the Dotcom trial? They seem to keep putting forward the date. Not that I think he’ll be found guilty… unless of course the the judge is bought and paid for – something I don’t see happening until the inevitable appeal by the crown. Kim was promised to the US, and John will see to it that it happens one way or another.

        • Nope it john key and his lackey’s keep refusing to release information to Kim Dot com’s lawyers thats holding it up and John key sure doesn’t want the hearing before the election because all the dirt will come out.

  4. That announcement by Kim Dotcom would have to present such a massively different piece of convincing information, that we have not heard and seen before, to make its mark, otherwise it will be a “fizzer”, I am afraid. It would have to be of historic magnitude. Maybe he has info from the man in exile in Moscow, that will deliver new info. Or does Assange have some news? If Dotcom has it, why does he keep it withheld til ten?

    So all eyes and ears will be on this event, for sure. But I am afraid, no matter what Mr Dotcom will present, the rather sheepish majority living in this humble land at the bottom of planet earth will still rather “believe” and trust John Key. He will in his usual manner simply turn around and say, hey, the “security of the nation was at stake”, hence I was “bound by secrecy” and could not reveal, that after all, we had to make arrangements to “save” the “internet” and globally trusted communication and media industries, from total destruction, which would have cost thousands of jobs all over the US, NZ and elsewhere.

    We “had to” act, and have the FBI and NZ Police work together, to prepare for an “arrest” of the “guilty” man behind it all, the “thievery of intellectual property” and so forth, so it was all “within the law” to keep it secret until the last minute, and today.

    I am the saver, the leader, your country is in “trusted hands”, he will claim, and the sheeples will cheer and give full trust in their leader, once again, ignore all criticism, and Dotcom will be extradited.

    That is the scenario I am painting, dear friends, and having just learned more about the “workings” of authorities in this rotten, corrupt country, I know what the hell I am talking about.

    You will NEVER hear the full truth about what went on, not under this government, not even under a Labour led government, the powers that set the rules sit elsewhere, and they have the “leaders’ and “potential leaders” firmly in “their pockets”, make no damned doubt about this!

    This country is NOT “free”, it is controlled by certain elite groups and business circles, and they will apply every trick in the box, to keep things as they are.

    • I may add, it is up to YOU ALL, and the wider PUBLIC, to prove me wrong in my worrying, negative assessment, there is hope only if people have and take courage, and TAKE ACTION, to determine their OWN future, not that dictated to them by lying, manipulating rulers, that just want more blood out of a stone.

      Did you watch 3rd degree tonight, where they showed how foreign workers get brought in, exploited and used, to allow huge profits for construction companies involved in the Christchurch rebuild? That is just the tip of the iceberg. Those NZ employers always moaning about not getting “motivated” workers, they are the rip off artists behind this and other schemes, they have NOT your and your country’s well being at their heart, only their own profits.

      It is time to wake up and stand up and RECLAIM your country and society!

    • Congratulations Marc, you got the message clear we are being controlled by outside sources, and it will take a revolution to change the corruption, and mind control of us all.

      I ask Chris trotter and any other honest investigative Journalist to speak up now for your county’s sake as Marc rightly says we will never hear the truth from the major parties, and I also know this as I have been involved in saving our Napier Gisborne rail for fifteen years since returning from Canada & US and have seen Politicians on any side lie in front of you and do the opposite, and are all largely there to feather their own nest while they can. How poignant Bastille day approaches to remind us what our forefathers went through to get us that freedom the global elite have now stolen away from us under the guise of Terrorism and austerity they engineered to take control.

        • True, when the cake is scarce and the bread all gone a hungry citizen will discover his / her “rights”. That in a nutshell was the march on Versailles where the cake line was supposedly stated. Funny how “fraternity, liberty and equality” morphed little over a century later into “peace, land, bread”. More hungry people. Again more recently the Arab Spring can easily be traced to bread prices. Maybe we need a little incentive to regain our liberty, lack of bread might just be the kick start.

          To quote a rock lyric, “Sure he was a wild one, but then are’nt most hungry boys?” (Taupin – Danny Bailey)

  5. Let’s bear in mind one thing… To date, everything Kim Dotcom has said has been proven true. He has not lied to us.

    The same, as we know, cannot be said of the man who is our current Prime Minister. His record speaks for itself.

    In fact, let us not forget, Dotcom has been proven right in a Court of Law – and a Minister of the Crown has lost his job as a consequence.

    Can I wait till 15 September?

    Yes. I’ve been waiting since November 2008. Two more months will be a sublime pleasure.

    • Good point Frank, plus the “immigration” emails obtained by the Herald
      have a lot of digital? “thick black marker pen lines” through them. Maybe Dotcom’s team will try and get the non redacted versions released to presumably add to Mr Key’s dilemma. These emails were previously denied to Dotcom’s defence under discovery, so he has hardly had an easy run in court.

      The September 15 schedule also puts pressure on the Nats, will Key crack before hand? It is ‘advantage server’ for Dotcom, he can always withdraw too if circumstances change, but my money is on more Snowden and Hobbit info surfacing.

      Then it is up to the voters, do they want such a person as Dear leader in the job?

    • Everything Dotcom has said has come true has it?

      I’m still awaiting his funding for Team NZ

      • Yes, because that’s what really matters right now… whether or not we get to watch another stupid boat race for rich white men.

        • ”Yes, because that’s what really matters right now… whether or not we get to watch another stupid boat race for rich white men.”
          Talk about missing the point.

  6. Another gigantic manipulation to stroke the ego of a wealthy immigrant who is simply looking for escape from extradition. There is nothing to reveal, and this will end up just like Winston Peter’s ‘revelations’ that he claimed would get Judith Collins sacked.

    • Intrinsicvalue, you wish.
      This guy is very clever don’t discount Kimdotcom he could be learning from Teflon shonkey.

    • Successful internet entrepreneur puts $3m into political party to be successful at the ballot box and then scuppers that by revealing a damp squib in front of huge audience with high expectations 5 days before the election? It’s possible, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

    • IV – we have been manipulated since before 2008 by a “magic son” of proclaimed poor motherhood, who learned to play the system, to get rich quick, by licking the right boots, and ticking the right boxes, why are you continuing to ridicule and rubbish someone who may have less evil at his hands, but some minor earlier convictions, while this government lets in big playing, rich gangsters from partly Chinese mafia backgrounds, to buy up real estate on a large scale? Believe me, I know what is going on, I have a fair few first hand contacts.

      You would have to be an idiot, to allow this, and that is the problem, the brainwashing and dumbing down, so we have too many agree to their own land and homes sold out under their own feet.

      I know NO other place on earth, where it is so easy to buy and sell and exploit the law here, as in NZ, this is a gold mine for exploiters and opportunists. You focus on ONE person, but cannot see the forest for the trees around you.

    • @ Anonymous ACT Supporter Intrinsicvalue – better than ending up like John Banks?

      As I pointed out (and you pointedly ignored) – everything Dotcom has said has been proven to be true thus far.

      The same can’t be said for Key, Banks, Collins, Smith, Parata, et al.

      • I Listened to Winnie in Gisbonre last Sunday in Gisborne pledging to restore our rail from destruction by the Nat’s (see his speech below) and that was the only reason I was there.

        I become aware he is about the only voice out there rattling the Nat’s corrupted arses, so Nat supporters wake up before you get the chop too.
        Here is his last year’s speech, I will download his this years after next weekend’s 21st anniversary conference at Ellerslie raceway 19/29th July NZ First public meeting maybe you Auckland folk should go to see him as I did and woke up.
        Maybe as “comeback kid” he can teach Kim how to kill the Nat’s plan to destroy our country too in his fourth Reich plan.
        Incidentally Kim’s parents are not all Germen but he is half Finnish (Scandinavian) & half German, what was Key’s background?

        You be the judge
        “The Ugly Face Of Capitalism”

        By Rt Hon Winston Peters
        Rt Hon Winston Peters
        Sunday, July 21, 2013 – 12:15

        Speech: New Zealand First Twentieth Anniversary
        Venue: 62 Omanu Bowling Rooms Golf Road Mt MaunganuiTauranga
        Sunday 21 July 2013, 1pm

        “The Ugly Face Of Capitalism”

        This is a day for acknowledgement.

        For twenty years New Zealand First has been a strong presence in New Zealand politics and we owe it to an army of dedicated people.

        We were born in the BOP and we grew throughout the country because of a tireless band of workers.

        We owe a big debt of gratitude to the people of the BOP, the organisers, the committee, the volunteers.

        Words can hardly express what we want to say but we thank you sincerely and gratefully.

        You were the rock – the foundation of New Zealand First.

        The building was sometimes shaken by the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune but the foundation here in Tauranga and the BOP has never shifted.

        In the years to come, when the history is written, the changes you helped bring will be recorded as beacons of hope in the gloom of political skulduggery.

        We were born when first Labour, then National betrayed the people.

        They said one thing – and did another.

        They said they would bring everyone prosperity – they brought, for many, poverty.

        They said they stood for nationhood – they sold us out!

        They said they stood for the people – they stood for some in big business.

        They said they stood for law and order – they brought, for too many New Zealanders, unemployment, crime and misery.

        Only on Friday we received a stark reminder of why New Zealand First was born and what we are still fighting for.

        The reminder came in a headline on a news site that said:

        “Strong New Zealand Economy Attractive For Many’

        On a different news site a headline read:

        “50 jobs to go at Canterbury Spinners”

        To quote: “Canterbury Spinners Limited told staff at its Dannevirke plant this morning that they are proposing 50 or more redundancies. The company said the move was regrettable but “a reality of manufacturing”.

        This is the story of New Zealand.

        On the one hand we have thousands of immigrants coming in – most heading to live in Auckland.

        On the other hand we have a small community in Heartland New Zealand devastated by the loss of fifty manufacturing jobs.

        Ask yourselves – what do we need most – thousands more immigrants in Auckland or those fifty precious jobs in the town of Dannevirke?

        And is the economy really improving?

        Or is this just the view of so-called experts who gaze at computer screens all day without any ideas about what is happening in the real world.

        A politician of yesteryear who left school at the age of 12 and lived in the real world knew more about economics than these so called experts who think it’s better to import people and to close factories.

        New Zealand lives and dies financially by our exports and our manufacturing provides a lot of jobs.

        Who in their right mind would hammer the manufacturers the way this government does?

        Over the weekend there was another news headline “Maori in Oz: living the good life”. Referred to as ‘Mozzies’ across the Tasman, the lure of higher wages has led to a rapidly growing Maori population in Australia.

        For New Zealand-born Maori men in Australia, income is NZ54, 964 – just shy of the median for the total Australian male population of NZ$57, 301. Which begs the question, how come Maori men in Australia are very close to gaining income parity and light years away from it in New Zealand? The answer lies in economic failure in New Zealand. Pure and simple.

        Let’s look back for a moment.

        After the devastating Great Depression last Century, the 1935 Labour government swept into power determined to create a better place.

        They concentrated on health, housing, education and jobs.

        Those politicians, to whom we owe an enormous debt, knew that for a country to survive, the people needed the basics of life and the chance of a better future.

        One of the world’s great unwritten social contracts was born.

        It was do your duty, work hard, pay your taxes and the government would give you a fair go.

        Successive governments both Labour and National kept this social contract alive even through the horrors of World War Two and its aftermath.

        It was capitalism with a human face.

        Now the pendulum has swung the other way.

        The kind face of capitalism has turned ugly.

        But those with all the power own the propaganda machines that smear make up over that grotesque visage.

        They manage to fool many of the people a lot of the time.

        Like the Aussie banks which sucked a billion dollar profit out of this country in the last three months.

        And somehow their cheerleaders managed to explain how this was not a really great return on assets and claimed other businesses were a lot more profitable.

        That’s another four billion plus sucked out of New Zealand in a year.

        That’s another four billion plus not being spent or invested in this country in the last year.

        The list of what’s wrong is endless but today, just as we did on that fateful day twenty years ago, we bring a message of hope.

        Our mission is to bring humanity back to capitalism.

        It’s time to return to the political spirit that made this country once the envy of the world.

        It’s very sad that most people under the age of forty have no idea about what a great place New Zealand once was.

        How we were once a land of wealth and equality.

        How we believed in a fair go.

        How New Zealand was led by men and women who were totally committed to building a future for the nation’s young people.

        Today we can announce that New Zealand First is starting its next twenty years with a renewed commitment to work to restore the values that have faded with the onset of time, greed and callous disregard for the needs of ordinary people.

        We cannot remain at the mercy of big business, foreign boardrooms and political wreckers who believe the only way forward is to sell New Zealand and throw the people to the wolves.

        We are still optimistic.

        We believe that all is not lost if we can put aside our differences and cooperate to make this country a better place.

        New Zealand First is working on an overall plan to tackle the appalling rate of unemployment – especially the young.

        The Government claims that unemployment in this country is a little over 6%. They are using a flawed, crude methodology to come to this figure and when it is disputed they say, “but we are using the same measurement as 1980”.

        So they ignore the fact that the measurement is so highly flawed and so highly crude that someone on one hour a week’s work is regarded as being “employed”, not unemployed. In other words one fortieth of the work week we once had is now regarded as being in work. This is not science, this is sorcery.

        As a result in New Zealand today it is too easy to be ’employed’ and it’s too hard to be ‘unemployed’.

        To be “unemployed” there must be no work at all, out of work and sending your personal resume everywhere and having interviews with all and sundry, to explain to Social Welfare how active you have been.

        Many of these people are not so much unemployed as jobless in many parts of our country where joblessness is growing.

        That’s the situation in Dannevirke which just a few years ago lost 500 workers when the local freezing works closed down. For Dannevirke read Dargaville, Shannon, Levin and now Whangarei, Porirua and Te Kuiti. These are towns and cities that are having the guts ripped out of them with policies that are anti manufacturing and anti exporting.

        Ask these so called experts this question. “If unemployment is going down then how come the proportion of the population that is employed in NZ today is less than it was in 2008?”

        The time has come to end the talking, the blaming and the bulldust.

        We simply can not keep importing people while our own are unemployed on the breadline.

        Just as the 1935 Labour government tackled the terrible social ills after the Great Depression, we have to act.

        Just as the National Government in the 50s and 60s we have to build again “A Property Owning Democracy”. Not property renting, but property owning.

        And we have to act now.

        There is still plenty of work that needs doing and we have the people to do it – if they are trained and motivated.

        If you were watching television news last night you would have seen the announcement of thousands of overseas workers who are now being targeted for the Christchurch rebuild.

        One apologist said, just to reassure all of us, that these workers would first have to learn English. That is a disgraceful lie if other examples of our present workforce who can’t speak English is anything to go by.

        New Zealand First will go on pointing out the falsehoods and fallacies of the present Government’s scorched earth policies.

        We will continue to do the job you brought us back for.

        We will hold this government to account.

        We are your eyes, your ears and your voice in Parliament.

        The place has changed since we came back.

        We put some spine into the Opposition and we are independent of all other parties.

        Now is the time for the big push.

        With your continued help we can make a difference.

        The country needs us.

        Rt Hon Winston Peters
        Follow Us: twitter facebook

        Sunday July 13th, 2014


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        New Zealand First’s Transport Policy
        Published By Live News / July 13, 2014 MIL OSI – Source: New Zealand First – Press Release/Statement

        Headline: New Zealand First’s Transport Policy

        New Zealand First’s Transport Policy Announcement
        Sunday 13 July, 2pm
        Henry Lawson Field Theatre, 15 Fitzherbert St, Gisborne

        There Will Always Be A Place For Rail

        It is again a pleasure to be here in Gisborne today.

        Mind, however, those of you who were watching the Nation on TV3 yesterday would have been alarmed to hear an economist talk about cities like Gisborne being in decline.

        What was serious was that he did not have any real idea as to why it was happening.

        Of course you would not expect certain economists who favour the present monetary system to grasp how damaging it is to provinces, which are the heart of this country’s export record.

        These provinces are being hammered by an outdated monetary policy, a seriously overvalued dollar and artificially inflated interest rates.

        Every percentage point our dollar has risen has been an harbinger for further losses of wealth to the provinces.

        In addition, of course, you are paying high interest rates here in some vain attempt to counter the Auckland housing inflation bubble.

        The provinces of this country once were thriving.

        They were the backbone of the country.

        Many of these provinces are being currently crucified on a cross of mad monetarism and one party understands that – that party is New Zealand First.

        We have plans to turn around this discriminatory neglect against the provinces.

        We would like to use this opportunity to talk about New Zealand First’s transport policy.

        Transport is vital as it is fundamental both for a well-functioning society and a thriving economy.

        In transport, like so many sectors, there has been no vision, strategy, or plan for the past six years.

        In contrast, New Zealand First’s transport policy provides a comprehensive strategy for transport in New Zealand.

        The objective is clear – creating a cost effective, efficient, safe, secure and future proofed, transport infrastructure and services.

        Our policy will guide transport planning and investment, with the goal of building an integrated transport system.

        Today will outline the main features of our transport policy – visit the New Zealand First website where there will be full policy manifesto details.


        Let us begin with roading.

        Maintenance of the national roading network is fundamental and must not be compromised.

        The whole road network must be properly maintained so that all users are served.

        But we will balance the roading needs of rural New Zealand and the main centers with the need to reduce dependence on cars.

        So we will maintain and build roads that are necessary.

        We are calling for a thorough review of National’s bloated and hugely expensive “RONS” programme which is massively extravagant given all the other areas of necessary spending that are being cut to fund it.

        On road transport funding we will ensure that all the funds raised through fuel excise taxes and Road User Charges go into the National Land Transport Programme.

        In addition, we will replace Road User Charges with a diesel excise tax for all light diesel vehicles less than 12 tonnes, to be added at the pump in the same manner as for petrol.


        You can tell a great deal about a Government by its attitude to railways.

        It is plain to see that the National Government is deeply, ideologically averse to rail transport.

        That’s why they sold a then profitable NZ Rail on 20 July 1993 for a pittance.

        That’s why again they are running railways down.

        It appears their vision is of a New Zealand without railways – and for the past six years they have closed railway workshops in Dunedin, closed the Gisborne-Napier line and generally starved rail of investment.

        Then we could just build endless motorways unfettered by any possible alternative.

        National are antagonistic to rail for three reasons:

        1. Rail is a long term activity – it takes long term thinking to plan, build and maintain a rail network.
        2. Rail is a collective activity – it is shared infrastructure that serves the nation as a whole.
        3. Rail is a rational form of transport for a world where oil is rising in cost and we are facing climate change.

        And of course KiwiRail is collectively owned so it is not likely to be donating to National party coffers – unlike the road building and road haulage industries!

        The National Government’s agenda is to let rail in New Zealand die.

        They are starving rail to death.

        Our transport policy will give rail a real and valued role in the total transport mix.

        For this reason, New Zealand First will develop a programme of Railways of National Importance (RONI).

        RONI will be a long term – 10 year programme.

        RONI will ensure better use of our railway network and services are achieved, with improvements and extensions where there is opportunity to significantly reduce dependence on the roading network.

        This will apply especially to heavy and bulk freight services, but also where passenger services can be redeveloped to attract sufficient demand over time.

        Funding for the Railways of National Importance (RONI) Programme will be fiscally neutral and will be met by diverting money from National’s RONS programme – an initial allocation of $300 million will be made.

        Among the first projects funded under RONI will be the restoration of the Gisborne-Napier line.

        This line should never have been closed on the flimsy pretext of a washout.

        Would any major road ever be closed because of a washout? No, of course not!

        National was looking for an excuse to close down another bit of the rail network and jumped on the excuse that the washout provided.

        The Napier-Gisborne line will be back in business with New Zealand First.

        Other RONI projects will include electrification of the Auckland suburban rail network south to Pukekohe.

        We will also investigate extension of the Wellington suburban network to Levin and into the Wairarapa.

        In Canterbury where Rangiora is absorbing thousands of refugees from Christchurch’s red zone, causing massive congestion on the northern motorway, the existing railway line could be used for an express commuter service at minimal cost.

        In short, New Zealand First believes that there has always been a serious role for railways in New Zealand and, for the foreseeable future, there always will be.


        New Zealand First’s priority will be excellent quality public transport for people in all major population centres, and in regional areas where there is a need.

        It is extraordinary that public transport services have hardly been mentioned in the Christchurch rebuild.

        We will encourage the greatest possible use of public transport, especially at peak times, for people to commute to work, to school, to hospitals, and to meet their other transport needs.

        We will also make greater use of the Land Transport Fund and other sources of revenue to ensure that public transport is well resourced.

        Every major new urban roading project will be subject to a requirement that it must be rigorously tested to see if its transport objectives cannot better be achieved partly or wholly through an alternative public transport option.

        We support construction of the vitally important Auckland City Rail work at the earliest appropriate time – but no later than 2016.

        In concluding this talk, we will briefly mention where we stand on road safety, shipping and civil aviation.


        We want to see significant improvements in road safety.

        New Zealand First will put strong emphasis on driver competence, so that the right to use our roads will be conditional on a higher standard of licensing to be achieved through better driver education and testing, and a good driving record.


        New Zealand First is committed to the expansion of the role of coastal shipping.

        We will provide a favourable fiscal regime for coastal shipping provided the companies are New Zealand resident, register their vessels here, employ New Zealanders, and commit to officer training. As an island country it is absurd not to make greater use of coastal shipping.


        New Zealand First will retain the crown investment in Air New Zealand.

        To stop airports exploiting their monopoly power, we will also put in place a clear and transparent process for airport pricing by airport companies, and ensure that they maintain a pricing regime which recovers no more than a fair rate of return.

        As outlined today, New Zealand First has an excellent and well thought out transport policy.

        What we are presenting in the 2014 campaign is a practical, sound and sustainable transport policy.

        On September 20 help us turn this transport policy into a reality for Gisborne and New Zealand.

  7. The sad thing is, it probably wont sway any National voters away from their beloved leader. From what i have witnessed, they are voting out of spite and animosity. They dont care what is at stake.

    • They like the affable, ordinary(?) bloke who isn’t too fussed about itty bitty detail and worrisome moral principles compared with the earnest do-gooders who prick their consciences, question their prejudices and make them feel bad about themselves.
      Please can David, Russel, Metiria, Hone, Laila demonstrate that you can lighten up and have a sense of humour (even Aunty Helen got the idea after a while, OK they weren’t howlers but she had moments when she wasn’t deadly earnest).
      Haul John Clarke over from Aussie for some media training.

      • You suggest laugh while Rome burns eh!
        You don’t care for your grandchildren’s future, “just take the money and run eh!

        • “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.” – Oscar Wilde

          In this case, “kill you” at the ballot box.

          • N– A—T— I—O—N—A—L STANDS FOR

            No assistance to individuals only needing any life support

  8. There’s only one thing that matters when Kim Dotcom presents his evidence, and that is that it is solid gold proof that John Key has broken the law of the land and can be prosecuted.

    If it just shows he lied, it won’t be enough as John Key supporters know he lies and support him anyway. He’s THEIR liar and that is all that matters to them.

  9. The 54% of NZ currently supporting national do do for a variety of reasons? the KDC is a sideshow we neither care about nor does it impact on our lives. We on the blue team are more interested in the economy, education of our kids, paying the mortgage and being rewarded and not over taxed for our efforts. We want stable government and it seems to many of us on the blue team that the multi party coalition labour might lead is not going to be good for NZ. Everything else is unimportant by the comparison.

    • Who cares what you think? Go back to Whalespew and fantasise about how lesbians in rape crisis centres seduce poor defenceless men to amplify the sexual assault statistics. You confuse good for the country with good for your bank balance. We have a wider vision, and we will win.

  10. @ Pat O’Dea ” A nation of lions led by jonkeys ”

    ” More like an arrogant little country lightly peppered with morons and led by bullshit artists . ” Lest we forget .

    Is that really you above Winston ? or is it one of your Machiavellian personalities ? If you were laid out flat in your pin stripes then ironed to acute angles and had a jet engine shoved up your arsehole you could be called a stealth liar .

    I remember you , back in the 1990’s , while my Mum was wandering around with my rifle trying to find the best place to shoot herself on a property she farmed but lost to a swindling NZ Bank , their dodgy mates and 22% interest rates , you were up there blowing off hot air about rich freaks , stolen assets , dodgy deals and the Cook Islands .

    You’re a lawyer right ? So were the scum who promised my dad his day in court then when they knew they’d made money out of his misery for their whores and piss ups in Wellington , they dropped him like a spent condom .

    If there’s one worrying trend developing here it’s the given that the crooks who swindled us and fucked up entire generations of good people are going to be able to walk away from the crime scene with our money and leave us to clean up their mess .

    What have you got to say about that Winnie ?

  11. On a funny note here,

    We all remember when John Key was working for Meryll Lynch as a Foreign exchange trading Manager?

    Remember when he teamed up with the most aggressive Wall St Broker to undermine the N.Z. Economy right?

    He made his millions doing this when they drove the NZ Dollar down so low and then bought N.Z. Dollars in a manipulation swindle still referred to as the most aggressive daring currency trading scheme yet.

    Happy we told you this?

    The Nat’s are warning us above that we have to make you laugh to not get us killed at election time to get your vote!

    Well that same man is now running that country he screwed then and is manipulating our dollar up so high that one wonders, is this to make us all rich again? Ha Ha!.
    In 1985 John Key formed what was to be a lucrative relationship with 32-year-old currency trader Andy Krieger, based at Bankers Trust in New York, who began putting hundreds of millions of dollars of business through Key’s foreign exchange dealing room at Merrill Lynch.

    Krieger was the man who a few months earlier had entered forex legend with a massive speculative raid on the kiwi.

    As Krieger later explained in his book The Money Bazaar, he believed the kiwi was overvalued, and began betting on a fall, selling the New Zealand dollar heavily.

    Once the currency had found what he believed to be a floor, he bought again at a much lower price, making a profit on the transaction.



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