What do the new Kim Dotcom papers show and a quick word to Cameron Slater and David Farrar about their chum John Key


Well, well, well. What do we have here?

The secret Dotcom papers
The SIS tried to block Kim Dotcom’s residency application but dropped their objection 90 minutes after being told there was “political pressure” to let the tycoon into New Zealand, secret documents from the spy agency reveal.

…so political pressure was being applied to let Kim into the country and the SIS had to brief the “CEO”, now who would that be? Surely John Key is the CEO, yet John Key has sworn to the country he wasn’t aware of any details about Kim Dotcom?

Now as I pointed out October last year

Just so that we are 1000% clear on Key’s claims that he was not told anything about Kim Dotcom before January 19, 2012, just so that we are clear – if it turns out that John Key WAS told about Kim Dotcom before that date and Key has lied all this time, well if that happens, just so that we are, as I aforementioned – 1000% clear, Key would have to resign right?

I’d hate for those on the Right who are currently calling for Len Brown to resign over a personal affair because it erodes the moral authority of the Mayor to look like foaming hypocrites if it turns out the Prime Minister of the NZ has been telling a bare faced lie to the country for all these years.

We all clear on that? Just wanted to make sure.

…so that still stands eh Cameron Slater and David Farrar and mainstream media sock puppets? If it turns out that Key has been lying all this time Key has to go eh? Not even the Press Gallery cheerleader club could justify Key lying straight to the nation right? Because Key says he had never heard about Kim before January 19th, 2012, yet here we have the SIS stating they need to brief the ‘CEO’ on October 22nd, 2010.

What the secret papers the NZ Herald have shown is that Kim Dotcom’s application to come to NZ was not a normal process at all and that intense political pressure was being applied to let him in.

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Why was Key’s Government so hell bent on allowing Kim into the country?

My question to the mainstream media is this, when Key said he’d never heard of Dotcom before 2012, what happens if that’s a lie? You’ll be as scathing about Key lying as a fictional $100k bottle of wine right?


Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.


  1. It could be speculated that Kim Dotcom was allowed in to New Zealand in a kind of ‘holding tank’ arrangement for the FBI and entertainment corporates.

    John Key is not unknown to US entertainment corporates as the “Hobbit Enabling Act” and million dollar handouts to Warners demonstrated. The upshot is–what is to be done in the event of incontrovertible proof that we have a lying Prime Minister? Resign ShonKey.

    • The upshot is–what is to be done in the event of incontrovertible proof that we have a lying Prime Minister?

      I suggest jail. Unfortunately, whatever charge it is probably only comes with a two year sentence. We need to change the laws on treason to include lying as a minister.

  2. This thing is so rort I can’t make heads or tails out of it. There are people involved left right and centre, I don’t know whos who! Losing track, of an utter shambles set up. Get McCready onto this 🙂

  3. It confirms that New Zealand was meant to be nothing more than a Dotcom holding pen for the Americans.

    It confirms that John Key lied, and not for the first time, has abused his position of power for the Americans.

    What was the payoff for John key? who is nothing more than a yes man with a price tag.

    • Sir John Key: Purple Cross (For unrelenting valour in the face of overwhelming left wing blogs and low income rabble)

      • John key wants his knighthood, thats why he brought the Royal honours system back in 2009. What a joke it has become and the likes of Douglas Graham have sure made a mockery of it. John key doesn’t deserve a knighthood, but he deserves to be charged with treason though.

      • @ Akldnut – bye bye then.

        If you don’t like what you read on this site, go back to Whaleoil, John Key’s confidante` and s**t raker!

      • NZ army/Crown does not give out medals for being wounded, it certainly does not give out US decorations or make believe Purple crosses. Crawl back to the US mate.

      • By the time National finishes with this country it will be the truth that deserves a purple heart or better still a Congressional Medal for the thrashing its taken.

      • Am I the only one who thinks “AKLDNUT” tongue may have been firmly pressed into their cheek when this comment was typed?
        Sitting in traffic jams all day is enough to drive all Aucklanders nuts.

    • ‘What was the payoff for John key?’

      A position somewhere at the United Nations, as per Tony B Liar.

      • UN? no way. Substantial financial bonuses and a cushy position at the Federal Reserve (with perks) more like.

    • The pay-off for Jonkey? Why a game of golf and a private meeting (photo ops!) with the President of the good ol’ U S of A!

    • A safe haven in the US outside our grasp when we get him convicted, and a seat on the Wall St gang, and the global Bilderberg global elite group.

  4. The reason he was let in is America wanted him here because they felt with their chum SHONKEY in charge of things including the SIS and GCSB it would be easier to get him from here than a hostile country. SHONKEY is a puppet of the USA he was recruited while working for Merril Lynch and fast tracked into power. He has been invited into the New World Order.

  5. I was going to post another comment but noted everyone else stated what is glaringly obvious.
    He was allowed in because it was perceived that NZ would be easier to extradite him from for litigation in the US.

  6. yes that could very well be the truth of it!
    However, I doubt Sleazekey will resign over it.
    How many hundreds of lies has he already told
    -last time i counted was 146 and climbing daily.
    He has powerful multinational corporate moneychangers
    in his corner and a brainwashed flock of wannabe John
    supporters who have shown they will deceive,lie,cheat
    ,gag, pay off and corrupt anything or one that attempts
    to stop him plundering and exploiting NZ and our people to the full extent.
    VOTE this DICTATOR OUT before the TPPA seals NZs fate!!

  7. What we need is another diversion, to take the voting public’s mind off the lies. Duncan Garner had a go at some ‘weighty’ journalism….


    And we ask, what does this have to do with the price of fishy lies by the PM? Nothing, but it’s what passes for journalism [sic] in MSM these days. Fluff journalism, when no script is provided by the NACT spin doctors and Hollow Men.

    BTW, whatever happened to Murray providing an unadvertised job/sinecure/’donation’ for Shane Jones? Maybe the price of petrol will go down to better reflect the “rock-star” economy?

  8. The “Rock-Star economy” analogy is interesting – the majority of “Rock-Star” performers are generally exploited to the full, pushed way to hard by their record labels, for short-term capital gains.

    End result is a creative and physical implosion – burnout, substance abuse, scandal, impairment and often death.

    Correlation, anyone?

    • It’s totally accurate too. Our GDP is growing faster than almost anyone in the OECD, sure. But is that sustainable? And at what cost does this “growth” come – equality, freedom, the environment? Who cares when we can make a quick, dirty buck for big corporates and rich investors?

  9. I still cannot understand why anyone believes a word John Keys says.

    John Key is a professional liar, and has been put into position to lie to the general populace: you’d have to be blind not to see that.

  10. If this is correct , that jonky-stien did know and lied ?

    A . He has to go .

    B . He has to go … and doesn’t !

    C . Then what ?

    D. Is that when push meets shove ?

    E . Tickets to the Iron Dome anyone ?

  11. Why do you think he has to resign, and which body will enforce this resignation? NAct voters won’t care, as they’ve shown with every other instance of his disgraceful behaviour. The idiotic speaker won’t allow substantive challenges in parliament. What is the mechanism by which you expect this to happen? I just can’t see it.

    • He won’t resign unless he’s beaten on September 20.

      Before then, the only person with the power to remove him is the Governor-General, JK’s swiftly appointed mate Jerry. The only institution that can remove him is his own party.

      There’s more of a chance of Don Brash joining the MANA party and donating all of his ill gotten gains to charity than there is of Key resigning pre-election…

      • The only institution that can remove him is his own party.

        Nope, as he’s an electorate MP they can’t remove him either. All they could do is kick him from the party and remove as PM and as a minister and they won’t do that either.

  12. More credible evidence that he is what you have always thought, a lying sob. As to the”political journalists” and mainstream media….hardly ever expect anything in the way of integrity anyway so expect their usual”masters voice” treatment of this.

  13. I have just read the recently released ‘secret’ documents and the strong political influence in this matter is no surprise.

    The political pressure was on to give PR to Kim Dotcom, so it would be easier for the USA, via the FBI deal with the NZ Police, to get their hands on him! This would go in sycophantic John Key’s favour to advance his future prospects.

    The US entertainment industry (who want Dotcom) know John Key is a patsy, ready and willing to fall over himself to satisfy their request(s), so what better country to make a grab for KD? Key has already proven he is compliant to virtually prostituting himself, with the Warner Bros dirty deal!

    This issue stinks to high heaven of political interference.

    That’s three misdemeanors involving Key – Dotcom, Malaysian diplomat case and now the police playing around with crime statistics.

    John Key has some very serious questions to answer when he returns from his holiday!

    Bet he has already contacted Whaleoil to look for some more 11 year old letters to incriminate David Cunliffe!

  14. There’s some interesting detail in the actual OIA documents:

    e.g. Page 8, point 3:

    ..the FBI [redacted] have expressed there [sic] keen interest in the possibility of a joint operation with New Zealand Police targeting DOTCOM

    Or the preamble from Rebecca Kitteridge stating that a whole document, and parts of other documents have been withheld on the basis of sections of the OIA that relate to:
    – prejudice the international relations of New Zealand (section 6a of OIA)
    – entrusting of information to the New Zealand Government (section 6b)

    These suggest that there was specific coordination between NZ and the US to grant Dotcom residency to allow the future raid and arrest, etc… and, of course, that someone in the government knew about this.

    • Yep. John Key was the minister responsible, not the CEO. Of course, the CEO is required to inform the minister.

    • isnt warren tucker the “director”?

      So “ceo” is some sort of moniker or nickname

      not evidence as such but i think given keys corporate focus and money trader background hes far more likely to earn the nickname “the ceo” than tucker

      or maybe ceo is joyce? – ive long suspected that key isnt really running things

  15. Thought I’d pop over to see what Stuff had to say about it but it turned out the Duchess of Cambridge might be having a second baby because she’s stopped drinking alcohol

  16. I sense another National Party dirty smear campaign about to erupt to divert MSM attention away from this (that won’t be difficult) or a photo op with John Key comforting flood victims from the far north. And if that doesn’t work he could invite some German world cup football superstar down here for a weekend and bask in the guy’s glory.

  17. Follow the Money. If you find it leads back to the World Bank, then Sharkey’s paw prints are all over this.

  18. “My name is John Key, and I have teflon on my skin and in my blood, I am always right, and everybody criticising me is always wrong. I am the truth, the only truth, and everybody else is a liar. Vote me, to keep up the convenient (half and un-) truths, and you can rely on me to deliver”. Your “honourable” PM, John the Key to his own success.

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