So Judith Collins was aware of Police ghost stats? What if David Cunliffe had done the same?


So not only was Judith Collins aware of the Police ghost stats, she didn’t bother informing anyone else???

Leak about police error political says Collins
Former Police Minister and Papakura MP Judith Collins was told there might be a problem with how police handled statistics around the same time as police were wrongly recording incidents to make hundreds of burglaries disappear – but she didn’t investigate further.

What is most fascinating to me is the headline, “Leak about police error political says Collins” – ummmmm What? Why isn’t the headline screaming “Collins knew about Police ghost stats but did nothing’, why is the headline leading with Collins defence?

When the media went to town on Cunliffe for a $15 000 book that didn’t exist, a $100 000 bottle of wine that didn’t exist and $150 000 donation that never existed, they didn’t lead with Cunliffe’s position, they hammered him, yet here we have the former Minister of Police knowing about crime stat manipulation but doing nothing and getting such an easy run. What if it was Cunliffe who had known about crime stat manipulation and had done nothing? Seven Sharp and the Dominion Times would be publicising Cunliffe’s home address alongside molotov cocktail recipes.

The double standards are as stark as ever. What did Judith know, when did she know it and why didn’t she inform anyone else? The media can’t seriously let Collins get away with announcing she knew about this and then twist it into an attack on Labour?


  1. Another incontravertible case for an Opposition Bloc class action complaint to the Broadcasting Standards Authority. If they aren’t taken to task on this, the MSM will continue to distort the truth with impunity.

  2. She knew about the manipulations the instant she (as Justice and ACC minister) made them happen.

    Oh it certainly is political alright!

    National politicians once again manipulating statistics to suit their own agenda.

    It was Collins who announce that in 2013 sexually violent crimes had increased by 10% (just the reported ones mind you) – so in reality it is probably far worse than she announced – and then the new ordinary violent crime stats came out. She knew alright, as she directed her desired outcome.

    No one in their right mind would take any of the Nats stats as gospel!


    • Simon Bridges also trumpeted 2.3% rise in power prices – the lowest since 2001 and lower than the inflation rate.

      Wow (word dripping in irony). …. An early reference to the expression, which may explain Twain’s assertion is found in a speech made by Leonard H. Courtney, (1832-1918), later Lord Courtney, in New York in 1895:

      ‘After all, facts are facts, and although we may quote one to another with a chuckle the words of the Wise Statesman, “Lies – damn lies – and statistics,”

      Did I mention that every time a NACT politician speaks it is predicated with “The fact is…” OR ” The reality is…” I’m sick to the back teeth of National ACT and Tories trying to create my reality!

  3. “The media can’t seriously let Collins get away with announcing she knew about this and then twist it into an attack on Labour?”

    oh yes they can, and will!

  4. The headline -“What if David Cunliffe had done the same?”

    David Cunliffe would have been hung, drawn and quartered, then laid out in the sun to be picked over by msm vultures, at the behest of their rabid right wing masters!

    Oh hang on …. sorry, already done, after an eleven year old letter written by Cunliffe was put out there to be dissected!

    More deceit and corruption from this Key led mob of miscreants, with plenty more of the same hidden away no doubt!

    Roll on 20 September.

  5. Collins was too busy claiming credit for a drop in crime to investigate dodgy police stat’s …………….. showing a drop in crime.

    But then again maybe she was drunk on all the free booze and conspiring ( whoop’s I meant Lobbying ) with the booze industry that the Nats were engaged with at the time.

    Collins is one corrupt nasty politician …………

    • REASON – I respect your right to express a p.o.v. and the fact that you are not happy with the way Judith handled this. However, your reference to her being drunk, corrupt and nasty are degrading. I’m surprised the moderator let those comments through.

      • I have no idea about drunk – but I’ve seen enough to consider her corrupt and nasty. I’m surprised your comment was let through.

  6. She should go. Maybe she could survive had she had clean hands but she still reeks of sour milk.

  7. Look here, to quote the NZ Herald Judith has said “I’d just heard at some stage, and I don’t know when, and I can’t tell you in what capacity. But I knew that something was wrong with something to do with the statistics.”

    So vague, so very vague.

    And then “She did not pass it on to the police minister because she” “didn’t have details”. She did not seek further details “because it was very historical”.

    I mean why on earth would the new Police minister want to know about dodgy statistics, Goodness me

    And what it comes down to is like any good competent Minister or just ex Minister of Police why would one get worried over something as trivial as falsified statistics that were writing off serious criminal offences. I mean doctoring records is so minor. Even if a good competent minister wasn’t sure of the details why would they waste their time sweating the small stuff and finding out what really went on. This is nothing to do with a Police Minister now is it!

    This is totally consistent with McCully not knowing where a certain very important topical diplomat on criminal charges was!

    And furthermore if it were so historical well who cares. If it were under Labours watch no new government minister would ever exploit that now would they?

    On another day a while back and another month it was just a cup of tea on the way to the airport!

    • Collins is speaking in “Manglish” just like Key, “very historical” etc. All this ‘disremembering’ and imprecise language is getting bloody tiresome for this voter.

      Roll on September 3–20. You don’t need a special reason to cast an early vote this election. Hopefully The Daily Blog can advertise polling places.

    • She did not pass it on to the police minister because she “didn’t have details”. She did not seek further details “because it was very historical”.

      Oh dearie me… 2011 “very historical”? She and her Tory and MSM mates screamed blue murder about a proforma letter Cunliffe signed in 2003 because he didn’t remember it!

      People in glass glass houses etc…

  8. “I was really disgusted by Jacinda Ardern’s comments in the media” says Judith
    Collins in the Herald. How dare Adern let the public know that the police are fudging statistics.

  9. You did ask the question What if David Cunliffe had done the same? Hopefully, he would have enough sense (based on learning from recent experience) to say he would look into it. Which, when he did, he could/would find it was happening under the Clark-led government. Then what would he do?

  10. Spot on again Bomber, this is yet more evidence of the MSM’s inherent bias.

    The only question remaining is what the left can and should do about it…

  11. I said it before, National cooks the crime figures. Now we have proof. Unfortunately it will probably make little difference to the election campaign or the result. The stark reality in this election campaign is that it doesn’t matter how much National lie, cheat, smear or manipulate – it will just bounce off them because the MSM in this country has determined that they simply cannot envisage life without John Key and they will make sure this never happens by spinning straw into gold, ala Rumplestiltskin. I give you two comparisons – there are still people in China and Russia who think that Mao Tse Tung and Stalin were wonderful people. That is what we are up against

  12. The whole lot of them are corrupt and dangerous to NZ And NZers.
    I cant understand why they havent been charged with Treason!
    Can anyone answer why? seriously…this is insanity!

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