Murray McCully must go: sign the petition to demand his resignation



Sign the petition to demand Murray McCully resign and stand with Tania Billingsley and the thousands of women who have survived sexual assault in New Zealand.

Tania Billingsley, who is at the centre of the Malaysian diplomat case, has lifted her own name suppression and bravely spoken out publicly, telling her story and demanding that Murray McCully, National’s Foreign Minister, resign. On May the 9th 2014 Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail, the Malaysian diplomat in question, was arrested and charged with burglary and assault with intent to rape after allegedly following Ms Billingsley home. Both Murray McCully and John Key failed to take seriously the alleged sexual attack on Billingsley which allowed her alleged attacker to flee back to Malaysia.” In an essay written by Billingsley she speaks about the impact McCully’s poor leadership and decision making has had on her:

“Murray McCully – not only has watching and reading his response to my attack been incredibly hurtful and frustrating, I have also felt embarrassed for him. Watching a grown man try to talk his way out of responsibility at what is effectively failure at his own job is a painful thing to see. I can’t believe his incapability to admit a mistake and try to fix it rather than pointing fingers at everyone else.”

Governmental incompetency allowed for a diplomat to slip away under the guise of diplomatic immunity, this is a classic example of our state system and how it views sexual crimes. Murray McCurry’s office was actively involved in the handling of this case as such the Minister should take reasonability for this and offer his resignation. Not doing so will enforce the notion that National do not care about the survivors of rape and sexual assault,

Murray MUST go. It is time we collectively came together as New Zealanders and demand the National Government support and stand with survivors of sexual assault and violence.  1 in 5 women and 1 in 7 adolescent boys will survive sexual assault in New Zealand; rape culture is deeply entrenched in our communities. It is time we, as individuals in our communities stand against sexist and violent behaviour.


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Murray McCully must go petition

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      • He wont resign, and nor should he. It’ll take more than a couple of hundred signatures from hard left anti National party trolls to achieve that. Stop wasting your time.

  1. If the Left forces Murray McCully to resign, won’t that help National gift his electorate seat to Colin Craig, thereby ensuring the next government is a nightmare National/Conservative coalition?

    • My immediate thought too Fambo, but with the 99.9% likelihood of National standing aside for Colon regardless I would happily put pressure on National and do the right thing by supporting Tania and other women in this.

      If McCully resigns it will most likely be as minister not the electorate MP. Then there is still the matter of voters, quelle horreur!, the voters, they may not necessarily do what they are told in this particular situation.

    • McCully will win his seat anyway so Ive read.
      Conservs wont get as many votes so personally
      i think it wont matter much.the important rule to
      go by is Stand with Tania.Do the decent thing.imo

  2. McCully and John Key need to resign after failing to take rape as a serious crime.
    The old boys club needs a big investigation.
    There needs to be more compassionate women in Parliament!

    • ”McCully and John Key need to resign after failing to take rape as a serious crime”
      don’t forget that Hone bloke too , who is head of the mana party. He referred to this as a silly issue when he was some TV programme.

        • ” A lot of fuss about bugger all” is how he described it . That’s how he feels. Apologising doesn’t change that.

          • Really, Robert?

            So apologies count for nothing in your world-view and a man (or woman) can’t admit to being wrong? Ever?

            That’s a very black and white view of human behaviour. You’re in for a lot of disappointment in your life.

          • While you’re at it, Robert, why not tell us again how Hone is racist as well?

            Fair enough, he said something stupid. He later apologised. It’d be great if Key or Collins, or any of them, could learn how to do that. Anyway, this case has nothing to do with Hone, so maybe you should tell us how Helen signed a painting?

            Vai se foder, babaca.

  3. You do realise that if McCully goes it increases the chances of National gifting East Coast Bays to the Conservatives which in turn increases the chances of a national led government post Sept 20?

  4. It takes a lot of courage to go to our mainstream media at any time but especially given their attitude to David Cunliffe’s apology. Good on the people at TV3 for treating the story appropriately.

    Still on this subject did anyone see Bryce Edwards attempting to explain rape culture on the Nation recently. It was a bit of an awkward attempt (hardly surprising in the context) but what was appalling was the way Willie Jackson dismissed the whole thing by saying it was too academic for working class guys like him to understand. We need to be giving Jackson shit for that too. Whenever he pulls that sort of nonsense he comes over like a political candidate trying to appeal to the Shane Jones crowd.

    He just proved how he is part of the rape culture problem by trying to stifle the debate and I would say to him that understanding other points of view – which is really the issue for him – has nothing to do with intelligence or education but the ability to have an open mind – something that seems to be deserting him as he gets older, if he ever had it.

    I’m guessing the two women present were more concerned about taking the chance to mock David Cunliffe to argue with Willie. (more than happy to be corrected on that though).

    Anybody got his email address?

  5. It gives McCully a great escape plan, now he can agree to resign and not contest East Coast Bays seat (which was probably what was going to happen anyway). He can be seen to be doing the honourable thing by resigning. Wonder what they will offer him to do it – a knighthood? an overseas posting, or perhaps he could make himself up a complete new job out of thin air and copy his new mate Shane Jones by sponging off taxpayers and doing nothing at all.

  6. Shouldn’t we wait until he’s tried and found guilty first? Natural justice is a process at the heart of a democracy. Without this it’s mob justice. Isn’t there now the real possibility of an unfair trial. I don’t know if he’s guilty or innocent and neither does anyone here.

  7. No, let’s not have Muzza McCully resign.

    If he does, that means that nutcase Colin Craig gets a free pass into a coalition.

    If he doesn’t resign, we’ve got another teacup issue to polarise the community right up until the election.

    BTW, Murray and #teamkey are on holiday atm and unavailable for comment.

    Where’s the spin to get out of this one?

  8. In terms of this girl trying to get justice you lot are showing breathtaking naïveté. There is now every reason for the Maylasian Government to change their stance and not release him to come back on the basis of not getting a fair trial. There is a bigger picture at play here than just getting at the Government, and this girl, by allowing herself to be used by the media on this way, is seriously jeopardising her chances of getting due justice.

    • Oh considering our criminal justice system favours rapist and has little respect or care for survivors of rape I am sure this diplomat will get a fair trial. It is rape survivors who face an unfair atrial not those who rape.

  9. I’ve signed the petition.

    To my thinking, the alleged crimes that this man has committed is a separate issue from the incompetance shown by McCully. Not following up on the first notification he got from MFAT until it blew up in his miserable face is the reason why he is no longer fit for the job.

    I can’t see the likes of Joyce or Key having behaving like that – those two would’ve been all over the management of the issue like flies on a fresh dog-poo.

    That is why McCully should go.

    The impending charges and Court case is another matter and one that, appropriately, should be left to the Courts.

    • Frank, I seem to remember WinstonPeters getting into trouble while a Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Clark Government and did she demand his resignation, of course not!

  10. I’m standing with Tania. I think she’s a courageous young woman. I think that McCulley and Key are both craven cowards. I am ashamed that they are fronting our country, it is sad pathetic men like these that perpetuate our appalling culture of tolerance to men’s violence against women. At the end of the day, it’s all about control.

  11. This just out from the Greens:

    McCully mustn’t shirk scrutiny during inquiry

    The inquiry into Foreign Affairs’ handling of allegations of attempted rape by a Malaysian diplomat must investigate all the actions taken by Murray McCully during this fiasco, Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei said today.

    A Ministerial inquiry has been launched into the way the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) handled the case involving a Malaysian diplomat. However, the terms of reference do not extend to what actions Mr McCully took in relation to the case.

    “The terms of reference for this inquiry are very specific when it comes to investigating the actions of MFAT officials,” Mrs Turei said.

    “Unfortunately the terms of reference fail to hold the Minister of Foreign Affairs to account.

    “These terms of reference must be upgraded to cover all the actions, or more to the point inactions, taken by Mr McCully.

    “Mr McCully has been known as a micro-manager throughout his career.

    “Now, the New Zealand public is being asked to believe that Mr McCully allowed a New Zealand citizen to be denied justice and a major diplomatic fiasco to evolve, while he sat on his hands.

    “The inquiry needs to be wide enough to investigate whether or not Mr McCully was guilty of incompetence or something worse.

    “Mr McCully’s line so far has been that he did nothing wrong. If that is correct, then he should open the investigation up to include his own actions.

    “New Zealanders expect those in power to take responsibility when things go wrong.

    “The Prime Minister shouldn’t be relaxed about this inquiry. He needs to make sure his Minister’s actions are properly scrutinised,” said Mrs Turei.

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