Top 10 things we hate about talk-back radio


Top 10 things we hate about talk-back radio


  1. Great idea Tim, but mixed needed to be a bit better and via sound cloud would have been cleaner feed. Can’t quite hear what they are saying and your comments are very loud over the top of the radio in the back.

  2. I would not even bother putting up an audio to list ten or so most hated aspects about talk back radio.

    TBR is simply nothing but a cheap, convenient media vehicle to tie people to the airwaves by discussing often petty or highly emotive topics, in order to push products and services that advertisers want people to buy.

    The hosts are often self centred and opinionated “personalities” with some previous “achievements” or at least “public profile”, who are willing mercenaries to do the “product and service pushing”. Some engage in it themselves, and 1ZB is in my eyes the worst of all radio stations doing that.

    There are sometimes interesting discussions and interviews, but as they are fed in bits, continuously interrupted by the aggressive ads, there is little one gets in the way of true information.

    To many it works like a drug though, as the callers tend to be ones who have an inner urge to “share”, or to make themselves heard, no matter how trivial and idiotic some opinions and views are. Hosts will groom their favoured listeners, so biased views of hosts get reinforced by the audience, making other listeners believe, that is what the wider public think.

    Much talk results in feeding self fulfilling, re-propagating messages, what comes out of it, and “trends” may be set, similar like with twitter, being stuff of little relevance to the whole of society, but the very emotive, hitting exchanges can set the tone of political debate the media will focus on.

    IN all, a type of broadcasting to be treated with great caution. Perhaps consult your psychologist or counselor, before you increase the dosage.

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