$16 per hour minimum wage, computers for all children and smaller classes – msm still call it an election bribe



So now we are seeing actual policy, the bias in the mainstream media is more perverse than ever. If you compare the claims of ‘election bribes’ which have accompanied Labour’s announcements of $16 per hour minimum wage,  computers for all children, ending voluntary school donations and smaller classes with the slow luxury hand job the mainstream media afforded Key’s conference a week earlier, it is clear once and for all that the entire mainstream media are all part of #TeamKey.

Where were the mainstream media’s calls of ‘election bribe’ when Key hinted at even more tax cuts on top of the billions he has already borrowed for tax cuts?

Labour have to battle sexism, classism and bias to get their message across, but no matter how the shrill beige brigade of Gower, Espiner, Garner, Henry, Hosking, all newspapers and TV stations get, a free computer, no school donations, $16 per hour and smaller class sizes decide elections, not mainstream media poison.




  1. Right on the money Martin. We need to stop calling it the MSM for starters, and call it what it is. The Conservative press.

  2. Gower is a drop kick, he should be put in the naughty corner he keeps interrupting grown ups when they are talking. He is not worthy of the title reporter, he is not even close.

  3. And Shane Jones employment in plum national appointed position,effectively removing him from labour position is NOT an election bribe?? as defined under definition 99 under nz crimes act 1961 and under section 103 of same act as member of parliament??

  4. Having abandoned NZ MSM long ago in favour of more informed sources which actually do have news, I’m probably not up on the petty antics of NZ politics, but aren’t election bribes peddled by all sides. What makes one side’s policy a bribe and another’s not so?

  5. But we all know that Key doesn’t keep his election promises, so how can anything he says be taken seriously anymore.

    He needs to be forced to have a bloodtest to see if he is actually of human origin.

    And we should just ignore him and anything he says and treat him as if he is already gone – because he is!


  6. As someone who these policies will actually affect – I can say this is not a bribe but actually NEEDED! The pressure on parents to pay ‘voluntary’ donations is incredible, as is the pressure to buy computers for your child -(“hey, don’t worry we’ve got a great plan for you”). My kids went to Otaki for their school trip – my girl’s friend – at a more upmarket school – when to Sydney! How can poorer schools compete with that!! We went to a public meeting that David Cunliffe held 2 weeks ago and he spoke, sincerely to my ears, of us working together as a society to give every one oppotunities,no matter where you are & to give help when it’s needed because you never know when things might go wrong. He even celebrated the sucess of 2 rather famous political state beneficiaries who sadly then pulled up the ladder behind them (and that somehow I feel wouldn’t be saying such nice things a bout back!). We’re intending to go see Mr Key when he comes our way – of course if he danes to grace us with a public meeting, it being the provinces and all…

  7. From what I understood, Cunliffe didn’t offer computers to every child. He assured that every child would have ACCESS to digital Information and Communication Technology – which means computers and internet. This isn’t a bribe – it’s an educational necessity and I don’t know why every child doesn’t already have this access.

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