What are Internet MANA bottom lines and what Cunliffe’s comments minus msm hysteria actually mean


The embarrassing manner in which the mainstream media have over egged Cunliffe’s recent comments this morning is just another reminder of what is so very wrong with political journalism in NZ – that we have MMP elections covered by a First-Past-The-Post Press Gallery.

The headline from a poorly executed Nation interview this morning screamed , ‘Labour all but rules out Internet-Mana‘ but what does it actually mean? Sadly Paddy was too busy chasing his usual ‘gotcha’ moment so voters didn’t have it explained and Claire Trevett seems to be a paid up member of the John Key fan club so answers are pretty thin on the ground there as well.

So let’s turn to The Daily Blog.

As The Daily Blog has pointed out for about a year now, the relationship between Labour and Internet MANA will most likely take the form of a supply and confidence arrangement so the idea that Cunliffe is saying it’s unlikely for Laila or Hone to sit at the Cabinet table isn’t a shock or surprise to anyone with the intelligence to research this properly. It seems Paddy, the Nation and Claire Trevett have no comprehension of how supply and confidence relationships work, so seeing as the mainstream media simply won’t explain it, allow me to.

What do Internet MANA want?

Their joint platform follows 3 themes:

Manaakitanga: Sharing our wealth – Feed the kids, free tertiary education, 30 000 new state houses, financial transactions tax.

Nga Moemoea: A future of hope – Right to work, living wage, public investment into internet infrastructure, cheaper universal internet, 100% renewable energy by 2025.

Rangatiratanga: A free and independent nation – more Maori language in schools, withdraw from 5 eyes, repeal GCSB Bills and enact a Bill of Digital Rights


What are the bottom-lines for a supply and confidence arrangement likely to be? 

I think the most likely outcome if there is a Green-Labour-Internet MANA majority would be an offer post election for supply and confidence meaning Internet MANA were outside Cabinet but guaranteed stable Government with a supply and confidence arrangement with the 5 most likely bottom lines being

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1 – Feed the Kids

2 – More public investment in internet infrastructure and universal internet access

3 – 30 000 new state houses

4 – Repeal the GCSB and TICs Bill and implement a Digital Bill of Rights

5 – Could be free tertiary, cannabis decriminalisation or living wage.


Such an arrangement would keep Internet MANAs independence while delivering real and tangible change for their voters. None of that subtlety was explained by the nonsense media coverage of it.


  1. Great summary, Martyn. And who wouldn’t want those 5 points!

    As for the bias of the MSM. It’s blatant continued bias is daily swallowed up and regurgitated by a mush of right- wing trolls.

    Perhaps it’s time the internet savvy parties remedied the deluge of comments on the non-TDB pages.

    • Can’t agree more.

      In the meantime, surely it’s time for some Daily Blog-led crowdsourcing of ways to combat MSM bias. It is now abundantly clear that the playing field is massively uneven. What can be done?

      The key for mine is to reach the people who only have a passing interest in politics, i.e. they’re too busy trying to make ends meet/keeping up with the clutter of everyday life etc. to look into what the parties are actually saying and what it means for them (if they did, so many people wold surely realise that the Nats are not looking out for them, they have it in for them…)

      These are the people whose participation in whatever direction or non-participation will decide the election. But how to cut through to them? Surely there is great wisdom out there in TBD-land…

      • I was really looking forward to reading responses to your comment GM – you ask a very good question – so I will say something and sincerely hope this sparks off others’ to offer ideas as well.

        I have noticed it is quite time consuming to write a formal complaint – one has to sit down and word it in the framework the TV stations’ lawyers require it (I haven’t complained to newspapers because I don’t read the fuckers so don’t know about that complaint process). And these days it is every day or two where, in all reality, a complaint is the right thing to do.

        Perhaps it would be useful to set up a site/movement where someone has written the complaint and can send it in to the site and others’ can copy and paste and send to the biased station in question?

        Also there could be a list of sponsors of the program in question provided in which to encourage complaints to them too.

        If these creatures were flooded with complaints – perhaps there would be some shift in behaviour from them?

        As it stands it is probably too much for most people to follow the complaints procedure – being busy and all – especially seeing as the objectionable behaviour is occurring so frequently.

        May I also suggest that GM’s comment is made into an article of its own – to encourage more people to send in ideas? 🙂

        • Fantastic idea BL. I put in two complaints to the Press Council, which once finally heard were unsuccessful. It may be that there are a few of us (possibly not me) e.g. Frank Mc, who are particularly good at writing complaints. If these people could draft a template, then many of us would happily comply with copying and pasting.

          The process of complaining turned out to be time consuming and so when complaints were going into the Herald about Savages articles on Liu’s “donations” I have run out of steam to submit something. But I would have happily copied something.

  2. National, Boag, Hooton and Key are all at sea with MMP. That is plainly obvious.
    Just like Murray McCully with the Rugby World Cup opening day fiasco, they couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.
    I have a strong feeling now that David Cunliffe is becoming very dominant in the race to become Prime Minister.
    Key is looking more and more like he’s way out of his depth now that real, deeply thought through policies are starting to be announced by Labour and the Greens .
    Look no further than his childish response to David Cunliffe’s Womans’ Refuge speech. It says it all really !
    Sure the media can talk him and National up all they like, but when the rubber hits the road, the truth about his woeful lack of in depth knowledge on the serious issues will out!
    Goodbye John and good riddance!

  3. 3 themes, 5 bottom lines, explicitly stated – sheesh that’s way too simple to be comprehended by MSM journos.

  4. Thanks for all that great information Martyn.

    The political parties need to apply to buy air time for ads during the all the news programs – to counteract all the garbage that spews forth. If they are denied air time, then they can do something legal about it.

    A clever use of time might achieve something – and better than doing nothing.

    Personally I dont have tv, but those who sit glued to the tv news every night only know what they are seeing and hearing there, and the MSM brainwash them through their continual manipulation of reality.

    Maybe TDB could advertise on tv – about if you really want to know whats going on blahblah….or they could do a daily print version for those who dont do anything internet…Do their own tv news show..

    Somehow those people who only have MSM in their lives, and dont access the internet have to be reached. I know lots of people in this situation – so I talk to them and they appear to know nothing!


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