I feel sorry for our future generations


I feel sorry for our future generations, what are we doing to them? I feel sick when I think of the mess that my kids will have to sort out and clean up, as they grow up and grow old.

Thirty years of purely selfish greedy politics has changed this country to a point where most of the things I once loved and stood for are all but gone. Equality, fairness, opportunity, compassion, ingenuity, that great kiwi way lies smashed to pieces. Our kids, our future generations will have to fix this. It is them that will have to find the ways to pay back an astronomical $80 billion owed by this country at the moment, as Bill English repeats surplus a thousand times trying to convince us all. Surplus in what I ask, spin and bullshit? Surplus means excess supply, quite clearly he is lying. Just because one account has money in it (or might as it is only a projection), does not wipe out the other account which is overdrawn by $80 billion. It is nothing more than a twist on words, careful selection of what he says.

So who and how will this be paid back and when? Our schools and students are already suffering, our health system is struggling, crime figures are being fudged as the police budget stays frozen for the last five years, tax on fuel has gone up again this week. John Key is whispering about raising GST, the housing market is priced out of many peoples range, poverty and low wages are rife as we are squeezed ever tighter to pay more for everything, whilst companies dodge tax and pay low wages so the Government has to subsidise hundreds of thousands of us. Our rivers are the most polluted they have ever been in 100% pure New Zealand as swimming in them is no longer an option in many towns, as farmers damage the land almost beyond repair. Our future generations are being cheated out of what was once considered paradise on earth.

If we don’t stop it now, it may well be too late. We simply can not afford another three years of this National Government, the damage will be irreparable if they are allowed to continue. I dread to think what $80 billion debt could look like in three years time if we give them a mandate to continue borrowing. For the sake of our kids and their kids, for all our future generations this National Government must go.

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Stop believing the propaganda you are being fed on a daily basis by mainstream media, do some research of your own, find out the real truth behind the spin then in September vote not for yourself, but for the future of our kids and our country.


  1. I still don’t understand why National ie Key and English keep talking about a surplus when the country is in a deficit position.

    • They’re projecting the current account will be in surplus…. soon.

      They could use that to pay down debt, or give tax cuts. They’re talking tax cuts… because.

      Its a projection, not yet reality. We’re still borrowing each week to pay government expenditure, because the tax take is less than spending.

    • They keep spouting bullshit to support the illusion that Nact foster aided by business NZ, the media and a constant flow of propaganda often sourced from overseas.

      Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes a belief.

      Our income and assets flow into the hands of overseas based banks, corporations and investors. Our equity shrinks and outgoings climb.

      Cheap overseas labour is being used in place of unemployed Kiwis.

      Trains we can make here are bought from China with no significant gain to NZ and most probably a financial loss as well as the assured loss of work skills and NZ owned facilities. This has to be deliberate.

      Since the neocons took charge in Govt and behind the public face, our compliance carefully managed by bullshit, leads us nowhere fast.

      More poverty, ill health and starvation lies ahead,

      Our kids have little chance as a group.

      In the larger picture climate change alone will be an unmanageable burden.

      But there is much more than climate awaiting.

  2. $80bn in borrowing doesn’t disappear into thin air and is certainly not divvied up equitably across the population. So where has that $80bn gone? In whose hands has it wound up in? You and I will pay the interest in one way or another.

  3. Thank you – so true. So many people are sighing about what has happened to our country – even those right leaning seems to be talking about what’s missing from the country we grew up in (I mean the ones outside the big city /$80k pay packets). The best we can do is to get out to those public meetings and listen to what our candidates and party leaders are actually saying, doing our reseach and not being afraid to say ” You don’t like this? What are you going to do about it! VOTE!”

    • The right have twinges of conscience about the state of the country only until their next dividend payment from Contact Energy arrives in their accounts.

      • I’m talking about those traditional Nats in the older age group who don’t have a lot of money. It actually really surprises me!

    • If voting made any difference the powers that be would make voting illegal.

      The general populace is offered the illusion of choice while in practice practically all political parties promote variations on exactly the same theme -creation of money out of thin air and charging of interest on it, extraction and burning of fossil fuels until none are left, consumerism and death by consumerism.

      The greater part of this planet is run by corporations for the short-term benefit of corporations. Until that is changed nothing else will change. And since corporation own the government, nothing will change.

      See y’ all at the bottom of the cliff (well those who have not killed themselves by overeating , smoking or consuming excess alcohol, or a combination of all three).


    The above post is exactly how I feel.

    It is disgusting that this country has been brought to its knee’s.

  5. ‘then in September vote not for yourself, but for the future of our kids and our country.’

    The problem is, Samantha, TPTB have total control, and whoever gets elected will either kowtow to TPTB or will get assassinated.

    NZ is now a covert fascistic police state, and is a sacrifice zone, to be fracked, polluted, overpopulated and scammed, just like everywhere else, thanks to the saboteurs in Wellington.

    The good news is fiat currencies won’t last much longer, and the whole system is destined to collapse. The bad news is, you forgot about peak oil and abrupt climate change in you summary of what is wrong.

  6. Maybe you missed this ?
    Or should I ask are you part of the the problem?
    Voting for the future generations, while futile as there aren’t going to be any, but for arguments sake lets pretend there is going to be a few more, then your vote would have to be for reducing emissions, and CO2 removal, to reduce emissions would mean reversing growth, (very anti Kiwi Saver) as we have seen even during this global economic collapse, CO2 emissions went up year on year. so yeah a vote for children’s children is a vote for a reduction in what we all have now, ie employment, imports of Chinese crap, a massive reduction in our vehicle fleet and use, limited air travel reduced to zero exporting our/your children’s land via food and dairy etc.
    Zero to negative population growth, firstly closing off immigration …..
    BUT only if you are voting for future generations, anything less is just facing the wind and getting a wet leg.
    Maybe that is why the greens want to do hold an inquiry into the loss of 40,000+ manufacturing jobs, to see if we can do better?

    Stop believing the propaganda you are being fed … fat chance people can’t handle the truth, the politicians know this, and the media know the truth doesn’t keep the illusion going.
    Humans are hard wired to avoid uncomfortable realities.
    Politicians are a product of this culture, that is why the world and those children you are voting for are screwed, this culture can’t produce good caring power hungry people )
    And in the end what are the politicians doing? Supplying as much growth as ponzie money can squeeze out of the environment, to try and satisfy the breeding screaming masses. Never in the history of forever has so many people had it so good, and it is only by taking us all back to an even subsistence existence, with an average life expectancy of about 35, that these ‘worth voting for’ kids will have a ghost of a chance.
    The above is all ignoring the 400 ppm CO2, and the short time lag between that and human habitat destroying climate change, occurring now, which will render most of earth uninhabitable inside of the generation of kids being born from about 2006.
    ‘We’ should have been voting for our kids when democracy was first introduced, but then ‘they’ would have soon screwed that idea I’m sure.

  7. Love “Big yellow taxi”, an appropriate song for a Government that care little for the environment and sustainability. eg oil exploration in the area where there are only 50 maui dolphins left in the world, opening up our coastline for oil exploration

  8. The lack of continued discussion indicates how little regard most people have for their progeny’s futures.

    We will know the answer to many things by October, like whether 2014 sees the greatest meltdown of the Arctic in all of history, whether the drought in California ‘annihilates’ the economy, how bad the developing monster El Nino will be …..

    Also, which part of NZ gets fracked next and which conservation land gets allocated to open cast mining, how many more units can be crammed into Auckland, perhaps even how soon the Chinese bubble will burst.

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