Hone Harawira’s electorate office shot at – mainstream media indifferent



When you consider all the criticism that erupted over a candle lit vigil outside Key’s house for his support of civilian deaths via drone strikes, you would expect there to be a similar outcry over someone shooting at Hone Harawira’s electorate office.

Other than this weak piece by Rebecca Quilliam, and another nothing piece at stuff.

The message is clear, peacefully protest the Prime Minister’s support of civilian deaths by drone strike – that’s a terrible abuse of protest and is unfair.

Some fascist shoots at Hone Harawira’s electorate office – people are quietly pleased.

The double standards are extraordinary.  You would think a political leader having his electorate office shot at would be massive news – apparently not if that political leader is Hone Harawira

If someone had fired shots at Key’s electorate office the media would be giving 24/7 live coverage of the bullet holes. It happens to Hone and barely a whisper.



  1. Your old employer Radio New Zealand National had Hone on for an interview this morning.

    Yes bullets through an MPs window should be front page headlines, mind you the mainstream media has been trying to dehumanise Hone for years

    • You blame ‘some fascist’ for the crime, can you please provide evidence of the political leanings of the perpetrator??

      • Oh Sam, you poor little victim. You really take offense at the description? Is it because you identify as a fascist? Or is it merely that your priorities are so twisted, you’d rather not focus on the actual issue?

  2. Huh?

    It’s story #4 on the NZ Herald website and the top political story on Stuff.

    Not bad for a political sideshow.

    • Real Matthew – you call a shooting that could have injured, maimed, or killed someone a “political sideshow”?!?!

      If this isn’t a terrorist act, your moral compass is sorely lacking.

    • If this were the national leaders office it would be the top headline, and considered a terrorist act. Instead it seems to be thought of as just “one of those things” that happens in the hood. WTF happened to our media?

    • What time was that? It’s 2:20pm and I can’t find the story on the Herald front page and had to look hard to find it on the Stuff front page.

      The thing is a story like this could make Hone look quite heroic. All he has to do now is appear in the media looking unflustered and talking about his concern for his staff and a whole bunch of people will be looking at him in a new light.

      Given the hatred that the MSM has generated against Hone Harawira would it be fair to say they are somewhat responsible for this? I mean that quite seriously. Most people think he’s a raving lunatic and all they know about him is from the media. He’s viewed as a kind of boogey monster (along with Tame Iti and a few others). He’s been de-humanised and I’m sure there are lots of people out there who genuinely think the country would be better off without him.

      It’s a mind boggling and truly appalling thought but I fear there is some truth to it.

  3. If someone hadve shot at Keys electorate office – Personally I would have been really annoyed that he hadnt been at the other end of the bullet.

    If corrupt Key was gone, and corrupt English is going, then that would leave us with corrupt Collins EEEEK!

    National are goners whether its by a bullet or the voters.

    The shooter should have found these more appropriate targets – maybe use a drone.

    Opinion and belief.

    • “Lead poisoning” is rarely an answer for political situations, informed people power solidarity is.

      Hang in there Hone.

      • Now apart from the fact that Hone and his staff now have to feel a sense of unease during their working hours , they all have to contend with there being an unbalanced character willing to do this in that region.

        It appears this was a warning , as you will remember a brick was thrown through Helen Clarke’ s office some years ago.

        But there is a world of difference between a brick and a bullet.

        That is another league entirely.

        It could have been a random target – but I doubt it , and inasmuch , it is quite a chilling thing to happen. The delay in media reporting could have been to enable forensics to do their job…unhampered.

        I agree with Tiger Mountain… WE DO NOT WANT OR NEED that sort of thing in this country. We see enough destabilizing of elections in other countries… rigged polls ,assassinations.

        From Archduke Ferndinand to JFK… No thanks…not here.

        This is New Zealand, Mate!!

  4. The shooter will no doubt be reading this . ( You got it wrong dipshit . )

    We all know by now that the MSM is being controlled by the Neo Liberals .

    Find out who has the most to lose when the truth comes out and you’ll find a pathway leading up to his / her door .

    Or it could be just some ignorant fool who thinks Hones brave attempts to champion his whanau against all odds is just a political sideshow . The contempt shown by those who suggest that is awful and embarrassing and reflects badly on us all as empathetic human beings .

    What are the cops doing about this ? Busting Maori kids for smoking dope ? Handing out parking tickets at WINZ offices ?

  5. If it had been John Key’s electorate office which had been shot at, it would be surrounded by police by now, as would Key’s home(s), family and his DPS would have been stepped up as well. And msm would have screaming headlines on the event!

    But Hone? No way. Hone only advocates for society’s outcasts, the dispossessed, the neglected, the poor, the sick and those barely surviving on the arse end of the present toxic socio-economic structure!

    Hone and his work aren’t worthy of msm’s attention!

    • @ Mary_A: “Hone only advocates for society’s outcasts, the dispossessed, the neglected, the poor, the sick and those barely surviving on the arse end of the present toxic socio-economic structure!”

      As did the man from Nazareth, so revered by Christians worldwide. I wonder if whoever shot up his office – assuming it wasn’t some local yobbos having a larf – thinks of themselves as Christian?

  6. “The double standards are extraordinary. You would think a political leader having his electorate office shot at would be massive news – apparently not if that political leader is Hone Harawira”


    What is the ‘crime’ Mr Harawira conducts that leads to such stone-walling?

    Speaking up strongly for the poor?
    Representing Maori interests?
    Speaking out about systemic racism?
    Being Maori?
    Having an opinion?
    Voicing an opinion?
    All of the above?

    Something is very, very wrong in our society when these things are sacrilege.

  7. Holy crap. I didn’t even know about it, until this article, thats how much news it is. Thats apppalling!!!

  8. I can’t see how this act is anything other than terrorist. Apparently the two main parties and ngati poaka think that a terrorist act must be undertaken by Arabs or Maori. They should have a good bloody look at the types who still support Titford and those afficionados of gun porn in the WhaleSpew army. That’s where I see terrorism coming from in this country and, as it supports the racist status quo, I don’t see much being done officially to stop it. We need to protect ourselves and uncover this poisonous shit wherever it raises its ugly head.

    • At this stage I don’t think its wise to assume any group or individual…until something more concrete is determined…otherwise..it becomes speculation …and could get quite out of hand.

  9. No facts..no story.
    We do our own policing/emergency first aid in the boonies(time/distance from services).
    Likely local kids on the piss..Hones team wont be intimidated.
    But it is a serious warning.David Gray brandished and pointed a firearm some time before he went psychopathic-so from that point of view the medias lack of attention to the actual crime would seem to be of a criminal negligence of public service. Irrespective of political,racial,gender personal or socioeconomic status of victim or perpetrator. Which is the exact reason I post on all leaders and public leader sites pointing out the harm I see comes from attaching bias or prejudice to a crime ,policy or media slant.
    Strikes me the single most important aspect of our society needing total reconstruction from corruption is the fourth estate.

  10. Cue the supportive and angry article from Bob Jones about the evils of protesting.

    Hang on, maybe not, as this gunman didn’t interrupt a tennis game in a leafy suburb though or inhibit the flow of Audi Q7’s belonging to the well heeled of Judges Bay.

  11. @ Dave Hoppy . Thanks for opening the window for a breath of fresh air . You’re quite correct I think .

  12. Its was widely suggested on talkback radio yesterday – and i agree: Its a publicity stunt.

    And thats the reason the media is ignoring it – they know that they will get their fingers burnt if they go out shouting about it. In fact most of them havent even covered it at all. And when the media ignores something that they would normally be all over – then you know that they know something. In this case they know that if they start on it – then the truth will come out and the medias favorite Bover Boy will be discredited. And then they will have no one to go to for outlandish comments from time to time.

    • Barry says:
      July 3, 2014 at 1:15 pm

      Its was widely suggested on talkback radio yesterday – and i agree: Its a publicity stunt.

      Oh well, if you heard it on rant-back radio, it must be true then, Barry.

      Nothing to see here folks, the good peeps on Rantback Radio have declared it to be thus.

      Pass the corn whiskey, cousin Jethro…

  13. On the news that two 22 calibre bullet holes were put through the front window of MP Hone Harawira’s Kaitaia electoral office.

    The ho hum reaction of the mainstream authorities to this act of extremism exposed a double standard by the New Zealand police and mainstream media.

    When, a couple of Pakeha hunters complained to police that they had witnessed a Maori firing an unregistered firearm deep in the Urewa forest, it sparked a year long $multi million dollar police under cover investigation, with wide rangeing electronic surveillance of many Maori and some Pakeha groups, culminating in dawn raids and multiple arrests at addresses around the country resulting in dozens of charges laid against lots of people barely involved, most of these charges had no validity, didn’t stack up in court and had to be dropped. All this was whipped up with massive unsubstantiated media and government hysteria about “Armed Terrorists”, which resulted in two “Maori” doing 22 months in jail for the “crime” of possessing and using an unlicensed firearm, a crime for which most Pakeha convicted of a similar offence, at worst get diversion and a fine.

    In the aftermath it was found out that the police carrying out this huge investigation and these prosecutions had themselves committed illegal acts in the course of bringing these charges, but none them were charged or even disciplined.

    Compare all this to, someone probably Pakeha, firing an unregistered firearm through a Maori member of parliament’s window, in a main street. The media are not interested, it doesn’t even reach the local newspapers. The police spend no money, or time investigating it. There will be no undercover investigation of local ‘white groups’, or political parties. There will be no wide ranging “fishing” surveillance warrants taken out. No one will be arrested, no charges will be brought, no one will go to prison. And its a dead certainty that the police will not be committing any illegal acts in their desperation to get a conviction against the offenders.

    And we wonder why most of the men and women in prison are Maori.

    See more at: http://mana.net.nz/2014/07/shots-fired-at-mana-office-harawira/#sthash.DMq5EQiB.dpuf

    • I think you are a bit one – eyed here Pat.
      The son of the Maori King – the toe rag was 4 times the limit for drink driving and had broken into a house and probably other things – gets off scot free.

      Its not the fact that Hone and his mates are far north maori’s – there is something else involved here. I personally suspect some self promotion, but the mainstream media are ignoring it for some very good reason.Thats not to say its a good reason – but whatever else it is, its not because Hone is maori. I wouldnt be surprised if there is some very strong political pressure in that its a Hone versus Kelvin Davis election coming up; it maybe the Hone/dotcom thing; or it may simply be that the media are simply pissed off with Hone and have decided to ignore him. No doubt it will all come out oneday and we will all be surprised by the reason – but it wont be because he is maori.

  14. Some media did report on this, but it is not getting “headlines”, I admit. The focus is rather on “Moa birds” and other trivial topics, and of course “scandals” of various sorts, that involve the “whiter” members of society, also generally “middle class” or above, so no “doubt” arises, as to their “honesty”, sincerity and “value”.

    Hone is just another Maori up north, a cheeky one to add, that is the MSM view, I fear, so who cares, they all shoot at each other up there, many in the better parts of Auckland may think.

    Nothing surprises me anymore in this country, and gutter standards are the “home” of the new MSM, and they do not care about “fringe” politicians, who do not match the “NatACT” bullies in power.

  15. How do you know it was a ‘Pakeha?’ Plenty of Maori hold grudges against Hone, not least in his own whanau, and long-term members of the Maori Party, who blame MANA for its possible demise. Truth is we don’t know who committed the act, so why turn it into a ‘race war?’, that’s a strategy usually employed by the Right wing.

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