Pasifika Immigration Plans for Labour- too little, too late – James Papali’i MANA Pasifika vice President


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Headline: Pasifika Immigration Plans for Labour- too little, too late – James Papali’i MANA Pasifika vice President

Posted on June 30, 2014 by admin in James Papali’i’, Press ReleasesThe Labour Party has recently announced that it has plans to speed up family reunification for Pasifika people.
“I have seen these plans and I believe that these are too timid” says MANA Pasifika vice President, James Papali’i.
“After waiting on the sidelines for so long Pacifika people want to see bold immigration policies”, says Papali’i
“Why does New Zealand persist with a racist immigration policy where we see people from Tonga and Samoa face tough and tight quotas while Australians can hop on a plane, arrive in New Zealand, get employment and stay as long as they like?”
“Pacific people have contributed far more to the growth and prosperity of this country than Australians. Australians didn’t build the industrial base of Auckland it was built by New Zealander’s, with a major contribution from the Pacific Labour community over the last 50 years.”
“My Dad and his two brothers came here in the mid fifties and worked in factories all their lives. They built churches, raised families and Labour has taken their votes for granted for too long”
“Speeding up family reunification is all very well but it’s too little, too late.”
Pacific people now have a real choice this election. MANA has three great Pasifika candidates who will be calling on Pacific people to give their party vote to Internet MANA this election.
For further information, please contact James Papali’i, (021) 033 0884

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  1. Labour needs to review its Anglo Saxon immigration policy in the Pacific. They have some great people in Labour like Jenny and Colin. Why would the immigration policies not favour their families instead of Russell Normans family.
    1) Amnesty on all Pacific Island overstayers
    2) Equal immigration for Samoa and Tonga as for Australia

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