A brief word on #TeamKey selling assets to build roads in the provinces


The real Team Key

Selling state assets to bribe regions with cheap roads is not governing in the interests of all – it’s self interested bullshit!

Privatising assets that we once all owned to those rich enough to buy shares so the Nats can blow it on irrigation for dairy farmers and roads in electorates they might lose is ugly.

If only the mainstream media would give this as much razor sharp scrutiny as they do to non-existent $100 000 wines, non-existent $15 000 books and non-existent $150 000 donations.

#TeamKey is the first cult of no personality.

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  1. And such directed tax payer spending in time of election has a clear motive of promoting own interests and influence of the vote is also unethical. But the audacity to do such a move demonstrates how the PM thinks of citizens. Idiots!

    • Tax cuts to middle and lower income groups?

      Next will be benefit increases for beneficaries, obviously a target market for swing voters.

    • Can it be labelled as it is “political advertising”.

      Therefore they will go over the advertising cap and National end up sharing a cell with Mr Banks.

  2. I must be getting brainfade….I thought the asset sales were about paying off overseas debt. Can’t recall anything being mentioned about roads. With our rockstar economy and road taxes surely we can afford any infrastructure improvements?

    • You’re not drinking the Koolaid.

      Asset sales pay for necessary infrastructure – like Roads (of Significance). Therefore, good use of money by prudent managers.

      Overseas borrowing pays for DPB, dole bludgers, sickness bennies and all those other unproductive drains on the economy. Therefore, bad use of money by prudent managers who are stuck with that legacy from those loony leftie losers whose fault all that borrowing is.

  3. Actually the asset sales pay mostly the interest on the overseas debt, very little of the principal. But you won’t hear anything about that on the MSM will you? If you have all this money lying about you are free to squander it on bribes for the provincial urban seats. As Palmerston North is currently the only provincial urban seat that Labour holds we can expect some huge bribes to come here. My pick is that John Key will visit Palmerston North and promise that if National wins, a (badly needed) new bridge across the Manawatu River will be funded by central government.

    • Gerry Brownshirt couldn’t even get off his arse and visit Palmy after the gorge had been down for months and months and months! and our MP Iain Lees Gallaway called him out several times. Yeh Shjonkey – give us a new bridge, after all we paid for the gorge repairs ourselves while you fixed up your holiday roads!

    • AND they’ve shoulder tapped our mayor so if (and a BIG if) National wins our seat we get a bloody mayoral election for xmas from ShjonKey!

    • I thought some of the asset sale money was going to partially fund dams for private irrigation schemes for more bloody dairy farms

  4. Exactly right Mr Bradbury.

    And I love the “Obama Farmer” pic – but it took me ages to spot why the wifely figure looks so goddamed ugly.

    I must be getting old. #TeamKey? ??? – – I thought it was #CreamTea.

    • Grant Wood’s original painting, “American Gothic”, shows a farmer standing beside his spinster daughter. That about sums up the Key/Obama relationship.

      • Notice that there is a “Tea” as part of the #TeamKey.

        Is this so they can access TeaParty funding from the US?

    • +1
      That picture says it all! It should be sent to the Whitehouse as expeditiously as possible. Fedex perhaps

  5. So national thinks we should be grateful for something that we we were goint to get anyway paid for with money stolen from us. I feel a tui billboard coming on.

  6. Martyn, for a moment there, I thought the picture accompanying your blog, was the Natsy’s new election hoarding 🙂 It’s an absolute gem 🙂

  7. Woohoooo ! Just cant wait for Tppa and Tisa to kick in as well , – Im busy digging my filthy dirt hovel and rummaging round for a some dirty old sacks to wear just to be in keeping with all these exciting future developments..

    Gee whiz…all this right wing neo liberal stuff is so gosh-awful exciting…just think , we get to call someone ‘Massa’ and dig sewer wells for them rich folks in the big house on the hill and all.

    Mebbe that’s what they all meant when those smart rich folks talked ’bout ‘trickle down effect’. Gee whiz them folks is so smart.

  8. Asset Sales have benefitted the upper echeleons of NZ Society especially the Merchant Bankers & Members of the BRT, we in the lower decile of society are looked at as bottom feeders unfortunately not all of us can benefit from the fruits of State Asset Sales however we contribute to increased profits for the Banks & the Power Companies.

  9. No, I don’t think any asset sales money will be spent on these new “roads and bridges” etc – it was all spent already in the Budget – However, the Government IS increasing their tax on petrol from tonight, so I imagine that will do handsomely for the Natz “roads and bridges” election bribe – Charge the many to benefit the few AKA the National Party and their mates!

  10. Big announcement about road improvements. Through the country. Big mentions of asset sales money so the minions will say the dough is being put to good use.

    A couple of days later the tax on petrol goes up so there will be more money to use on roads.

    Distractor, distraction, election year. The grand weekend road announcement is a political sham to distract from the price increases.

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