Guest Herald on Sunday column – David can still stone the National Goliath




Here is my latest guest column in the Herald on Sunday – David can still stone the National Goliath



  1. I am amazed that a fascist rag like the Herald would publish such an article. It probably explains why those on the right believe NZH is Stalin’s spawn. On the other hand it could suggest that the NZH is doing what a newspaper should do; being even handed and upsetting both sides of the political spectrum.

  2. Brilliant article!
    At last a commentator for the left having the guts to call it as he sees it.
    Nothing wishy washy. No unneccesary compromising. No cowering.
    Election 2014. Bring it on!

  3. The Herald’s attempt to try and portray itself as a balanced paper, by giving you a little space. We are not fooled. One swallow does not a summer make. Also Farrar tries to pretend that he is balanced by occasionally criticizing National because their billboards are too large or some rubbish like that. We are not fooled there either. And why were you pulled off the Radio New Zealand afternoon panel Martyn? were you making a few people in the government uncomfortable? Question: Is there one national or regional newspaper in this country that ISN’T a National Party campaign leaflet masquerading as a newspaper? If there is we should be promoting it!

  4. Is shittest a word? I’m assuming it is. I saw the shittest National blue sign behind John Key on his party political broadcast with Corin Dann on Q+A on Sunday.

    “Working for New Zealand – National”

    Now. there are a few reasons why this is the shittest sign that it will be ‘biznus as uzuill’ by Key and what he called “the kitchen cabinut”.

    Shittest because National is only working for the 10% owning 90% of wealth.
    Shittest because National is only working when “the price is right”
    Shittest because National for another 3 years will be working to widen the gap between 90% and 10% of New Zealanders.
    Shittest because National is only working for its cronies.

    Just read over what I wrote. Probably would have been better to have used the superlative, “shittiest”. Would love to see someone Photoshop. or GIMP the sign to reflect the “reality” of Nashnull. And btw, isn’t Key’s pronunciation the shittest you’ve ever heard? Is it a Hawaiian dialect of New Zild accent?

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