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National has claimed that this election is between a centre right government and a far left government.

Since when the hell was wanting to feed hungry children in poor schools ‘far left’? ‘Far left’ sounds like everyone with glasses is going to be forced out into the fields to work at gunpoint. If you want to talk far, let’s look at the right? What’s climate denial, legalised incest, moon landing denials and chemtrails? That’s centrist is it?

30 years of neoliberalism has dragged the centre point so far to the right that anything collective gets decried as socialism. What we are seeing is not far left, it is real left, but 3 decades of free market indoctrination produces pundits and journalists who can’t comprehend the difference.

This election will be between a real left government and a  socially conservative free market casually fascist government.

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If you are going to put people in boxes, get the bloody box right.




  1. Such is the juvenile state of most of our journalists (for want of a better description) today, that most of them weren’t born 30 years ago.
    Their naivety and ignorance shines through on a daily basis.
    Putting people in boxes and then making the label stick through repetition is a gutter form of propaganda.
    Expect to see a lot more of it in the next 3 months.
    It was first developed at the School of Brainwashing circa 1935. Reinvented itself in the early 1980s where the new head office was established in Chicago U.S.A.
    There are now branches in U.K ,Australia and NZ got their 1st one around 2008. Head office:Parnell ,Auckland.
    Once the N.Z branch is closed down after Sept 20th 2014 the populace under a new progressive left government will experience a kindness and compassion they never new existed before.
    Once tasted there will be no going back!
    National are dead in the water and once Key is transfered to head lecturer of the U.S branch after the election, they are doublely dead!

  2. And anyway the far left like myself, think all the so called left parties in this country are weak as piss. Labour is right wing, greens are centre at best, and mana/internet is a social democratic party. We don’t have any far left parties.

    Man I wish I could get hold of John Keys pipe, because I’d love to know what he is smoking to be that away with the fairies.

    • I agree. Labour is actually right wing.

      I do think that the Democrats for Social Credit are reasonably left though. At least they have an understanding of how money works (created by private banks as debt) and so can comprehend how this could be changed.

      At this point in history thats pretty radical.

        • That’s scary! Milton Friedman had some pretty wacky ideas.

          What most people don’t realise is currently our money is created by private banks as interest bearing debt. Money = debt. And this is IMO a huge reason for our financial problems: boom followed by bust cycles, debt bubbles and our quest for perpetual growth in a finite space.

          There are alternatives, and they have been shown to work in the past for hundreds of years. I would favour an interest free demurrage currency. It could actually have a massive impact on NZ and NZers within one year. New money should be created only by RBNZ. We need to take control of our money creation out of the hands of private banks for their profit, and give it back to the people via RBNZ.

          Here’s a very senior economist from whom I learned a lot. He helped set up the Euro, he has decades of experience not just as an economist, but as an economist specifically in the field of money.

          Here’s a document from our RBNZ which clearly states our money is created by private banks as debt, over 80% of it anyway.

          And here’s another document outlining how an interest free demurrage currency would work.

  3. Oh, so I am not the only one who has noted that. How’s about we start using something like “this is an election between centre left and the far right”
    Oh as for Mr Craig I think there is a special corner of the spectrum reserved for the likes of him, and that is the “far out”.

  4. Sometimes I think the metric has become honest and dishonest. It would be possible to have a bearable government significantly to the right of the Key government if it were scrupulously honest and did not indulge in things like asset thefts, which under a traditional monarchial system would see them executed for treason as soon as they lost power.

    Unhappily NZ’s political culture has become debased – in part perhaps through contact with the US system. But also I think it reflects a general drift away from the personal values that my grandfathers’ generation considered important. Some of these were restrictive, and some were probably intolerant – I do not want those ones back – but it is the lack of restraining human qualities that makes me want to oust Key, and to some extent leads me to endorse David Cunliffe in spite of some real reservations about misplaced faith in failed neo-liberal dogmas.

    • I don’t think Key actually has any political position except loyalty to the banks and corporations that are deeply involved in the TPPA and TISA. Certainly no loyalty to NZ.

  5. Agreed it will be a choice between a government for the few rich boys and business cronyism, or a government that cares for all the people including our children in poverty

  6. So if Socialism is far left, what do you call it when the right wing Government bails out Banks, Finance companies and heavy industry?

  7. One only has to look back on the Muldoon Govt to see how far right NZ politics has become. Back then the National party practiced interventionism …and was considered the center right….when in actual fact what was being practiced was a form of Keynesian economics.

    The revisionist neo liberals in both major parties and their stooges in others would try to deny NZ’s recent political past , to discredit that economic system , ….while at the same time deliberately ignoring the totally destructive effects their ‘riches for the already rich’ dogma of Mont Pelerin society neo liberal economic theory is for a large portion of our society.

    Corporate fascism enforced through legislation and party cronyism….however,…what these neo liberals desperately hope for is that if they can placate the general populace with glowing reports of a rock star economy….similar to what Hitlers propaganda machine adhered to (ie: repeat a lie often enough that people will regard it as truth ) that we will fail to see or even excuse the social destruction becoming more evident year after year.

    However..what these same elements – being of fickle political substance – will hope for now is that they can continue to get away with the lie.

    In doing so they forget what a democracy is for…among which is the capacity to vote out such parasites and to reelect those people of substance who actually will overturn that legislation and actually give a damn about the country that gave them birth.

    • So true Wild Katipo.
      That is why this election is so critical for the ‘Left’ to win.
      Otherwise it’s going to get really ugly!

  8. The “far left” is the same old transNational mantra we’ve heard for years. The old strawman argument – ascribe qualities to your opponent and then attack those qualities – portray the lefties as extremists and position themselves as moderates. It’s rhetoric and politicking 101 – a little bit of hyperbole goes a long way.
    Why do they do it? Because it seems to work – so-called “middle New Zealand” is apparently allergic to the “far left”.
    Remember this – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbevFguT6NE .
    Responding by moving policies and perceptions to the right just plays into their hands – whether they win or lose the elections the policies have gone in their direction.

    Just thinking about transNational’s current messages and our media – brings this to mind.

    By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise. -Adolf Hitler

  9. Thanks for including the Herald article (really I don’t know why people buy it – we were given a copy a couple of weeks ago & apart from the seduko for the mother in law it’s only fit to light the fire!). But what really struck me was here were 3 National members refusing to front up for a presentation and the head line is “PM says you have a choice between a centre right or far left govt”. Is this leading or what Herald? There is NO centre right party – apart from perhaps NZ First. All others are neoliberals which – like nazi, fascists and communists, etc – are ideological driven political groups. This ‘centre’ is not centre but soft ie easy malable. The left vote this year is a true rainbow of the left – there is really a wonderful choice – pity the right!

    • So true Cagey.
      There has never been so much outstanding talent spanning all the parties on ‘The Left’ as we have now.
      If enough New Zealanders can see the light on September 20,then we could be in for a very exciting and different way of running the country.
      Inclusive, not exclusive!

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