Ummmm, why do the Police have 7 foreign hacker servers in NZ when Australia only has 4?


Ummmmmmmm? What the hell?

The latest hate crime against our privacy that is being exposed is a corporate entity called Hacking Team that help Police use existing communications systems to hack in and spy on those the Police are hunting down. This is supposed to be for drug dealers and child rapists blah blah, but in reality of course it’s being used against activists and anyone deemed a political threat against the state.

Each client gets their own server to use internally for each country. Australia has 4 servers to spy on, but here’s the spooky thing, NZ has 7 servers for these corporate hackers.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 4.42.31 pm

Why the hell do we have almost twice as many spy servers as Australia does? How many people are the NZ Police spying on and for what purpose?

John Key has some answering to do. Why are these corporate hackers in NZ? Why do they have 7 servers here and who the bloody hell are the Police and law enforcement agencies actually spying on to justify that large a number of servers?



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  1. Wow! This is HOT news!

    We can be certain that the NZ police are using this to target much more than just drug dealers and child porn purveyors. For example, animal rights activists will certainly be targeted, as will many other kinds of “activists”.

    And, we can also be CERTAIN that the GCSB and SIS have access to this system, as well as the NSA, CIA, FBI, etc.

    Big Brother is watching us.

  2. Why is it that The Daily Blog seems to be the only place where we can find out about stuff that affects our democratic rights! Thanks Martyn. This is unreal.

    • And wasn’t C2-3PO cute in Star Wars?

      It’s the first time I have seen NZ in the top 10 of anything lately, so that’s a good thing isn’t it?

      Apart from child poverty?
      Apart from corruptible politicans?
      Apart from inequality – 10% owning 90% of wealth?
      Apart from a pussy-whipped, corrupt and sycophantic media?

      Did I miss anything?

  3. Because of our small population size and compliant government/docile population, we are the perfect place to test these technologies before releasing them globally. We are on the sharp end of the shaft. “We have met the enemy and he is US”

  4. If , as I believe , New Zealand is to become the Neo State of Israel and Israel has a huge , perhaps the largest arms manufacturing sector in the world I’d fucking want to know what was going on here too if I was them .
    However , I’m not one of them . I don’t have a pair of horns . I do not suit red . I have neither fire nor brimstone . I do not own a pitchfork . I don’t have leathery wings . I have never had sex with paula bennett . We did not begat jonky. I always tell the truth . judith collins is a good person .

    Or the alternative is that I’m paranoid . HahhHh !

  5. Perhaps they’re looking at shifting more from “Safer Communities Together” towards “To Protect and Serve.” Gonna need servers for that.

  6. Why hasn’t this been reported and questioned by msm? Or raised in Parliament by Opposition?

    The silence on this one from msm is deafening. Is this because media master controller John Key hasn’t given the OK for the release of this issue for publication? A sure indication our mainstream media is under the control of the despot PM!

    Thank goodness for TDB, being an alternative source of information.

  7. I’m free to do as I’m told.

    Nothing to fear, we know everything.

    Privacy, no, you’ve been a naughty, naughty boy.

    With 7, why do I keep thinking of that Pixies song…

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