Extra benefits received by many Unite members


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Headline: Extra benefits received by many Unite members

Unite Union tries to negotiate additional benefits for members that can’t be passed on to non-members. It is one of the very irritating thing about the current employment law that it is relatively easy for bosses to undermine a union by simply giving everything that the union negotiates to non-members have haven’t lifted a finger to help.

One way around this is to have additional benefits that are not included as part of the collective employment agreement. We also aim to have those benefits be roughly equivalent the the fee that is paid by the member. To facilitate this we have negotiated membership benefit package with employers covering nearly half our members. The companies companies covered are – MCK Hotels, Accor Hotels, Hoyts Cinemas, Event Cinemas, Restaurant Brands (KFC, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Carl’s Jr), and Carl’s Jr (Forsgren). These employers pay $4 a week to a special fund from which the Union buys benefits for members at those companies. The benefits include life insurance of $5,000, a discount booklet and access to a website for additional discounts, and cinema tickets or retail vouchers 3-4 times a year. Our goal is to get every employer paying into the fund.

This month we have been delivering a $30 Warehouse voucher to nearly 3000 members. Here are a few satisfied faces!

Hoyts, Hamilton

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KFC, Fairy Springs

Carl’s Jr, Frankton

Pizza Hut, Melville