7 falsehoods in Donghua Liu manufactured smear



I’m not sure if anyone else is counting, but the new clarifications that Mr Donghua Liu has made to the Herald from his 6 week old non-legal signed statement now suggest that there were 7  falsehoods. Let’s count them shall we?

1.       There is no $100 000 bottle of wine. None. Did not happen.

2.       There is no proof of a $15 000 book.

3.       There was never $150 000 “payments to Labour’’. Yet this amount was fixated on by the media and the PM.

4.       He admits there is no documentation of these alleged donations. So no paperwork, no proof whatsoever that his allegations are in any way true.

5.        The supposed $100 000 “donations’’ includes $50,000-$60,000 spent on a staff function in China to which Rick Barker was invited. So he’s exaggerating. Some work drinks function on a paddle boat to impress Rick Barker isn’t corruption, it’s a waste of fucking money.

6.       Some of his donations were supposedly anonymous. So how on earth are Labour supposed to know what and when he donated that money?

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7.       Included in the new total of donations “to Labour’’ is $2000 to a Hawkes Bay rowing club. Which, really, when you consider it means nothing at all.

When are the mainstream media going to admit they got played by a manufactured National Party smear?


  1. SADLY the MSM (and in particular the Herald and the TV 1 & 3 news channels) are NEVER going to admit it.
    They probably work on the logic that, If they don’t report it, the majority of swing voters (who National and Labour need) will never hear of this appalling NZ MSM ‘reporting’……….which is all too quickly becoming more like an arm/department of the National parties press release organisation.

    Well done for continuing to report this farce with REAL info and facts !!!

  2. Well of course they are never going to admit that now are they Martyn. God awful journalism continues.

  3. When will they admit ? I would like to think that the mature ones, O’Sullivan, Young perhaps even old Armstrong himself will be privately furious about this but still unable to admit that in print. I may be giving them far more credit than they deserve. The younger ones are trying to write themselves political ‘war stories’, to enhance their prospects. They want scalps. It is childish; they will either grow out of it or go and work in pr. I would like them to stop treating the election like some fuckin idol show. I would like the herald, in particular, to realise, or at least talk to people who realise that there are serious issues that need to be discussed.

  4. Unfortunately politics has no heart left in this country we are following the US and UK Model of dirty tricks and media perceptions, the facts don’t actually matter.

    Labour need to get away from Gotcha Politics of the NATS and concentrate on the facts and the truth, and where they are going to take NZ into the future.

    Very difficult to win in the MSM against Key, and an adoring media. Hopefully people will wake up to the game been played by the young physcophants in the media.

    Media in NZ are not intelligent enough to look at the facts and analyse what is really going on politically and financially.

    • I am not entirely sure when Labour have used “gotcha politics”. I would be keen to hear some examples. Do you mean the questioning of Judith Collins re Oravida in Parliament. Surely we need to Opposition to rigorously questions govt members about corruption?

      • My sentiments exactly ANKER.
        It is the media and National who are playing the ‘gotcha’ politics and then spinning it to make out Labour are the ones responsible.

  5. it really doesnt matter. This gets National off the hook because Joe Public will say “they are as bad as each other”. Beginning. Middle. End

    • Too true SDM.
      Unfortunately ‘Joe Public’ is a politically dumbed down, tame version of what they were 30 to 40 years ago,hence the lack of protests etc.
      So busy are they, trying to cope with their astronomical mortgages in between looking at their facebook pages,watching endless versions of masterchef and (non) reality tv shows ,their brains can’t detect propaganda and bullshit any more.
      This has created a perfect enviroment for the psychopaths to flourish.
      If there’s not a change of government at this election,watch out!

  6. What are the chances of David Farrar, Cameron Slater, John Armstrong, Tim Murphy, and John Key apologising?
    Yes? No?

    We could set up an iPredict bet, but no one would buy any “Yes” stocks.

  7. Key ,Slater and the Hearld are all ‘donkey deep’ and the foot needs to be jammed hard down on their throats.
    This is appalling at all levels; from Klepto Key, with his used car salesman like, ‘nudge nudge’, ‘wink wink’ innuendo, to Amatuer Armstrong from the Hearld doing no due diligence on any of his stories , choosing supposition and innuendo over fact, to Sleazy Slater and his bullshit manufacturing plant, to the Moronic media.
    Radio Dead didn’t want to talk about it today, after talking about it all week.
    Mogodon Mora reluctantly mentioned it on ‘the panel’, but quickly got off it when both panelists backed Cunliffe and Labour and rubbished the media.
    There was no sign of Brooke Sabin or Patrick Gower or Tova Obrien on TV3 news tonight, after collectively pumping the story all week with very negative connotations to it regarding Labour. They are plain gutless!
    Where’s the ‘Gaffe’ criticism of Key as they do for Cunliffe?.
    Where’s the repetitive TV clip of Key saying Labour had received 100s of thousands of dollars, and then another clip of him being asked the hard questions ?
    If anyone had any doubts about corruption before, here is clear evidence that it is rampant.
    Poor old NZ.
    GO YOU GOOD THING, DAVID. Lets wipe this scourge off the face of NZ !

  8. 7 reasons why Dong Hua Liu should be deported to China as an undesireable immigrant.


    8 reasons why Dong Hua Liu should be deported to China as an undesireable immigrant.

    Nah, yeah.

    Thinks he can throw money around willy-nilly and stay in New Zealand.

    9 reasons why Dong Hua Liu should be deported to China as an undesireable immigrant.

    Nah, yeah. 9 strikes and your out, buddy.

  9. Our Prime Minister is not only a planker, a Homer Simpson impersonator but also a liar. We deserve a lot better.

  10. It will go the same way as those “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq that Bush Snr. used as an excuse to invade a country.

    If they don’t exist then MSM don’t mention them. And think they go away.

    It actually works. Most NZers will think the money was donated if MSM don’t state otherwise.

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