Lorde smacks down Young Nats


Lorde smacks down Young Nats


  1. Not that I don’t love laughing at Young Nats, but the kid who wrote the comments is under 18. Surely you could’ve blocked his name out?

    • The same way we all feel about them. Sick and tired of their neoliberal croneyism. Nuff said.

  2. Um, this was on 19 May. Old news. Anyway, it was nice of all the people who did so to congratulate Lorde on a fantastic achievement. Celebrate success!

  3. Where does it say Lorde “smacks them down”? She just says she doesn’t identify with them. There’s probably heaps of things she doesn’t identify with, but that doesn’t mean “smack them down”.

    • The lad there from the Young Nats tried to claim Lorde was a Young Nat; she took the time to politely but firmly state that not only is she not a Young Nat, but she doesn’t identify with them.

      She is a very very clever kid. If she wanted to just say that contrary to the lad’s claims, she isn’t a Young Nat, she’d have done so. By stating that she doesn’t identify with you guys, she is clearly smacking you guys down.

      /posting in soon to be epic Young Nat trolling thread.

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