BREAKING: I have just signed a statement claiming I donated $10billion to John Key for a cheap bottle of gin, where’s my front page and lead on the TV news?

I’ve just signed a statement saying that I’ve donated ten billion dollars to John Key for a bottle of cheap gin – where’s my front page and lead item on the TV news?
The woeful quality of journalism that has passed for this Donghua Liu story will demand some heavy questions behind the scenes and maybe even gain some attention surely from the Press Council?
All we have to date is a 6 week old bullshit signed statement that means nothing. If Donghua Liu was genuine he would sign an affidavit, he hasn’t. So his signed statement is about as credible as my signed statement claiming to have donated $10 Billion to John Key, yet major news outlets have run with this story as if they have clear legal protection to do so.
Unless Donghua Liu comes forward this week with an affidavit, the Labour party should take defamation action against every major news outlet for what amounts to the regurgitation minus any credible evidence of a manufactured smear. 
I’m getting this terrible feeling that the entire NZ mainstream media have run with a Government created lie and not critically evaluated their one roll in perpetrating that lie.
I think we all appreciated that the mainstream media bias against Cunliffe and the Left was pretty entrenched, but sweet Christ, just making shit up and running with it is unbelievable. Where is the evidence that any of this has happened?
Surely we as voters in a  free democracy should demand way more from our journalism than this nonsense?


  1. Well put Martyn.

    I think you have hit the nail right on the head with this one. Key is a right piece of work, working against NZ, feeding Kiwis to his great God of bullshit, the US.

    Now with this Labour/Liu/Cunliffe issue, the PM is demonstrating what most of us already knew, he is manipulating msm for his own rotten ends.

    John Key needs to come up with the evidence, or shut his filthy mouth!

  2. I’m amazed the following hasn’t happened, with the MASSIVE caveat that NZ MSM is all so clearly owned and controlled by the right wing, indirectly or otherwise:

    a) How come this Liu chap hasn’t been ‘sort out’ by the press asking for more details and for other info of politicians he’s trying to influence?
    There are SO MANY examples of the press following a person for weeks for a lesser story.

    b) How come the press aren’t doing a HUGE story about how much more Chinese (or otherwise) money is involved in ‘influencing’ NZ politics.
    Surely if it’s as bad as Liu and-or the press are making out, then this is a HUGE story, more so than DC’s inability to remember as pro-forma letter 11 +yrs ago; that WASN’T seeking to influence in ANY WAY, the outcome !!…..BIG DIFFERENCE between that and Maurice and C.C (crooked-Collins).

  3. Nice one.

    Further, as so clearly pointed out over at No Right Turn calls from the media for a police enquiry are bollocks too. The law at the time of the alleged donation was not broken. No law broken, nothing for police to be involved in.

    The tiniest bit of journalistic research should have pulled that one up. Google is their friend.

  4. You have to remember Mary-A that Key worked for Merryll Lynch and you don’t get to work for a company like that unless you have, how shall we say, certain personality traits, if you get my drift.
    We have a young , naïve, impressionable media and they have swallowed his bullshit.
    Sad but true.
    However they need to be taught a lesson as this bullshit just can’t go on.
    Otherwise NZ WILL be trashed!

    • Sorry Grant.
      I don’t believe they are young,naive or impressionable at all.
      It’s a bit more sinister than that.
      By the way Bomber..So it’s your fault JK has all that extra money for his campaign ay?
      I should sue you for that. lol.

  5. Bomber you do not get the front page unless…
    a) Tory Prime Minister
    b) Minister of all spooks including 5 Eyes arrangements
    c) Major proved links with international finance capital
    d) Crosby Textor valued customer
    c) memory loss on 1981 Springbok tour (memory loss not ok if Labour leader)
    apart from that…

  6. Yep, we should but in a high trust society no-one considers it possible – it becomes a conspiracy. And the bullshit continues. I do believe it is planned media manipulation. Keep up the fight for freedom!

  7. Hey, Martyn, how come my comment pointing out that you used one of my posts as the basis for this post has been removed? Is it because you complaining about the Herald’s shit journalism would look hypocritical if you admitted nicking other people’s work?

      • Hmmm, continually deleting my replies is bad form, Martyn. Again, if you’re going to complain about the Herald’s attacks on democracy, shouldn’t you curb your own?

        • We don’t feed trolls on TDB, we have a very clear policy on that. The Standard has endless comments that have nothing to do with anything other than mindless abuse, perhaps that’s the blog best suited for your needs Te Reo Putake? If me not wanting to engage in your Trolling is evidence of me being on par with the Herald’s attack on democracy, you’ve come to the wrong place.

          Good day.

  8. The media here in NZ is setting a very dangerous precedent, sick of reading this crap gutter journalism, can we have some constructive analytical analysis of the status of NZ and its politics rather than all this hyped up BS.

    National are appearing to be playing a particularly dirty brand of politics purely to get back into power, what about Jo Average NZer or the lower socio-economic groups they are just cannon fodder for John Key

  9. In fairness, I saw TRP’s same idea thing a day before TDB put out this bigger and better version. TRP is right, but maybe Bomber doesn’t read TS? I am inclined to think well done both of you. Pushing the point is better than fighting over it.

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